15th Birthday Party Ideas

Fun 15th Birthday Party Ideas

Turning 15 can be a huge turning point in a teenager’s life. Now regarded as young adults, teenagers no longer identify with child-like activities, therefore their preferences in parties will change. Birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese or the local bowling alley may not peak your 15-year old’s interest. Instead, just spending time with friends and listening to music could make your teenager’s 15th birthday party extra special. In this article, we’ve outlined some awesome 15th birthday party ideas. We will show you how to create an age-appropriate party that celebrates your 15-year-olds transition into young adulthood.

Top 15th Birthday Party Ideas

Top 15th Birthday Party Ideas

1. Slumber Party

Location: Home

What you need: Fairy Lights, Throw Pillows, Matching Robes, Snacks, Drinks

No matter what age you are, slumber parties are always a great way to have fun and keep the party going all night! But, you can take your party to the next level by decorating the bedroom with fairy lights, elegant throw pillows, and an abundance of blankets. This setup will make the room feel more inviting, warm, and stylish—something your teen will greatly appreciate. Also, buying each party-goer a matching robe is a fun touch that can double as a party favor!

2. Photo Booths

Location: Home or Venue

What You Need: Large Area For Booth, Photo Booth Props, Printer 

Photo booths are possibly the best part of every birthday party. Cramming yourself into this little box to take photos with your closest friends is always a memorable experience. Teenage boys and girls deeply cherish those photos, hanging them around their rooms and picking a particular prop. Adding a photo booth to any party will bring your event to the next level and every party-goer will be excited to bring home a visual memento from your birthday party. 

3. Party Bus

Location: City or Venue

What You Need: Props, Drinks, Guests!

If your teen appreciates a party away from home, a party bus can be a great option! Party buses combine music, dancing, and socializing into one perfect little package. Your teen will enjoy having the freedom to do different things and talk to different people. Here’s a tip: ask your teen to create a music playlist beforehand. 

4. Outdoor Movie 

Location: Home

What You Need: Projector, Screen, Blankets, Throw Pillows, Snacks, and Slushies

Going to a movie theater and watching a movie is fun but not unique. Instead, set up a projector and decorate the lawn with blankets and throw pillows. You can hang fairy lights around the perimeters of the lawn or stick tiki torches into the ground. Serve popcorn from a popcorn machine and make slushies to enhance the movie-going experience. 

5. Karaoke Party

Location: Home or Venue

What You Need: Karaoke Machine, Microphones, TV To View Lyrics

Music is an extremely important aspect of a teenager’s life. If your teen loves to sing or listen to music, a karaoke party can be a great party option. Even those who do not want to sing will enjoy listening to some good music and spending time with friends. Make some cool microphone themed cake pops and set out a drink table. 

6. BackYard Beach Party

Location: Home

What You Need: Beach Decorations (Blow-Up Palm Trees, Towels, Mini Umbrellas, Drinks, Cake)

Beach parties are perfect for any teen who likes the sun, sand, and bright colors. Amazon has a plethora of blow-up palm trees, mini umbrellas, and unique beach towels. Here’s a tip if you want an awesome underwater-themed drink: mix Sprite and Hawaiian Punch Polar Blast, and place Swedish fish at the bottom of a beverage dispenser. If you are interested in making your cake, crushing graham crackers can serve as fake sand for your beach-themed cake!

7. Spa Themed Birthday Party

Location: Home

What You Need: Face Masks, Face Steamer, Nail Polish, Head Bands, Cucumbers 

Everyone needs some pampering once in a while. Most 15-year-olds are receiving an abundance of homework and stress on every basis. Self-care and relaxation may not be their number one priority. Creating a serene oasis for your teen may be exactly what they need! Play some quiet spa music and layout a variety of face masks for a truly relaxing experience. 

8. Travel! 

Location: Anywhere

What You Need: Transportation, Passports, Luggage 

While traveling is not for everyone, a trip is always an amazing experience for the entire family. Whether it is renting a hotel in a nearby city or traveling out of the country, making birthday memories away from home is always fun. Do not forget to bring your passport if you are traveling out of the country. If you need gift ideas, a new passport cover and luggage set is a great and practical gift for your son or daughter. 

9. Pool Party

Location: Home or YMCA/Venue

What You Need: Pool Floaties/Noodles, Towels, Beach Balls

If you have access to a pool, a pool party can be a great idea. If you do not have a pool, most YMCA’s allow people to rent their pool spaces for personal parties. All you need is towels, beach balls, and some pool floaties to make this party a success. 

10. Fondue Party

Location: Anywhere

What You Need: Fondue Machine, Chocolates, Fondue Sticks, Things To Dip (Strawberries, Marshmallows, Graham Crackers, Pound Cake)

Warm chocolate, fresh strawberries, and soft marshmallows are always fun and delicious. A fondue party is a great idea for those who want to have a party later in the evening. It would be smart to accompany fondue night with a movie or game. Also, if your teen doesn’t like cake this is a sweet alternative!

11. Chill Hangout 

Location: Home

What You Need: Food, Drink, Cake

Some teens do not want or need anything particularly spectacular to have a great birthday party. Some teens just want some good food, time with their close friends, and a birthday cake. Instead of curating an elaborate get-together, set out some food and let your teen enjoy the night. 

12. Restaurant 

Location: Home

What You Need: Transportation, Reservation, Head-Count

Going out to your teen’s favorite restaurant can be a perfect way to spend their birthday. Make sure to book your reservation and get a semi-accurate headcount beforehand—this will make the whole activity a lot easier and stress-free. 

13. Activities 

Location: Anywhere

What You Need: Transportation

Going to places with friends, such as an amusement park, bowling alley, concert, movie theater, or ice-skating rink, are great options for those who do not want a party at home. These experiences can be memorable and exciting if you prepare well. For example, buy three tickets to see your teen’s favorite artist and reach out to their best friend beforehand. P.S. keeping these activities a secret can add to the excitement. 

14. Mocktails and Ice-Cream Bar

Location: Home

What You Need: Ice Cream, Toppings, Drink Glasses, Mini Umbrellas

Serving mocktails with mini umbrellas can make any teen feel more grown-up. But, if you do not want to serve these non-alcoholic beverages, an ice-cream or milkshake bar could serve as a great alternative. Make sure to check if anyone has any specific allergies—specifically nut allergies—before buying your ice cream toppings. 


These are a few ideas on how to turn your 15-year-old’s birthday party into something memorable and exciting. Whether your son or daughter likes a more personal get together or an extravagant party with lots of decorations and activities, this article gives you options on both ends of the spectrum. Creating a space that makes your teen feel comfortable in their skin is the most important aspect of any party! 

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