60th birthday party ideas

14 Unforgettable 60th Birthday Party Ideas

There are so many parties, gifts, and decorating ideas you can do for someone’s 60th birthday. This article has a mix of simple ideas to do for the party and then decorations that fit a 60th birthday party theme. Whether the occasion is for your father’s birthday, your aunt, or a family friend, you can supplement these ideas for parties held at home or virtually anywhere. So if you’re in need of some fresh 60th birthday party ideas, then keep on reading!

Top 14 60th Birthday Party Ideas

Top 14 60th Birthday Party Ideas

1. 60 Messages From 60 Friends and Family

Like any birthday party, it is more important to celebrate the person rather than the age. However, that does not mean that you can’t play around with the age to come up with different ideas. Such as compiling 60 different messages from 60 different friends and family members, and putting them into a scrapbook.

You can put a section on the invitations for the guests to write a note for the Birthday Boy/Girl. Even if this person cannot make it to the party, this can act as a nice gesture in place of their absence. If you are planning on having a smaller party, or you do not have 60 people to invite, don’t worry, the recipient will still find this to be a very nice gesture. 

2. A Gift Every Hour or Every 60 Minutes

Instead of giving the presents to the guest of honor all at once–spread it out throughout the day. Give a smaller gift to the Birthday Boy/Girl every hour, or if you prefer to think of as, every 60 minutes.

Given the duration of the party, the number of gifts would be varied. If it is a longer party you can give smaller gifts–maybe gifts with more sentimental value–throughout the day every 60 minutes. This could also be a good time to give the 60 messages from 60 friends and family. 

3. 60 Years in Pictures 

A 60th Birthday is a major milestone–so the person celebrating it will undoubtedly have several pictures from over the years. You can find as many pictures as you can about the guest of honor and compile it into a book, or maybe a slideshow for everyone to watch at the party.

Start from the beginning, with baby pictures and pictures of their parents and grandparents. Then move on to pictures of them in high school and college. If they are married and have kids, show wedding pictures and pictures of their children’s birthdays. If you choose to make a scrapbook–take a final picture at the party to put at the end–this would also be a good place to put the 60 messages from 60 friends. 

4. Creative Guestbook

Like most weddings and special occasions, it is nice to have a guest book for everyone to sign to remember the occasion. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a notebook. It could be a picture, a poster, a wine bottle, or maybe some memorable item they enjoy. Maybe the Birthday Boy/Girl is a sports fan–you can get them a football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, boxing gloves, or a cardboard cutout of their favorite sports team–and have the guests sign. You could also have the guests sign a poster of their favorite film or the cover of their favorite album. 

5. Write Out a Bucket List

60 years old is a great milestone and is a time where many people retire and can spend time with their family and doing what they’ve wanted to do. One fun activity you can do during the party is to write out a bucket list.

However, this is not any bucket list, you can buy a personalized bucket, and have the guest write out suggestions for the Birthday Boy/Girl to do by the time they turn 65 or 70. Then you can compile the list and see how many of the things on the list the guest of honor did since their 65th Birthday party. If you plan on having speeches at the party this would also be fun to read off a few of the suggestions placed in the bucket. 

6. Cheers to 60 Years

Get personalized glasses with the guest of honor’s name or picture on them. Have a beer, wine, or whiskey tasting during the party. Depending on their preference of beer or wine, get a glass accordingly, and make a toast to them before eating. This also makes a great party favor for your guests. 

7. Get a Tattoo

One idea that is becoming increasingly popular among people on their birthdays the older they get is tattoos. If you have always thought about getting something special tattooed on you, but you’ve been too timid to do so–what better time to make an appointment than on your 60th birthday!

8. Breakfast Bar or Brunch Party

Throw a brunch party outside while the weather is nice. Serve breakfast favorites like eggs, bacon, sausages, and pancakes–accompanied by mimosas and Bloody Marys. 

60th Birthday Party Ideas: Decorations

9. Through the Years Yard Signs

Make customs signs of the Birthday Boy/Girl that have a different picture of them throughout the years. Start at the driveway with a baby picture, and then move through the years leading to where the party will take place.

10. Through the Years Banners

Instead of putting several signs in the yard, make a few banners of the guest of honor’s picture and put them up around the party. If you would prefer to make it minimalistic–or if your budget is tight–make one sign with three or four pictures and hang it on the front door. 

11. Picture Banners

If you can’t find several pictures of the Birthday Boy/Girl take whatever pictures you have and make banners out of them, and write under them: Happy 60th Birthday!

12. Life-Size Cutouts

Depending on the Birthday Boy/Girl’s sense of humor, you may consider buying a life-size cutout of them to display at the entrance. There are even cutouts that let you attach a voice recording to it to greet your guests. 

13. Welcome Signs

For a more simplistic approach to welcoming your guests, make one sign that welcomes them to the party. It may not be as creative or as whimsical as a sign with someone’s face on it, but it is a nice elegant gesture toward the guest of honor. 

14. Buffet or Dessert Table Backdrops

Instead of focusing most of the decorating on ways to greet your guests, focus on decorations that liven up the party itself. Get a customized backdrop that coincides with the theme of the party to put behind the food table. This will make a focal point to the party, so your guests will know where to gather. 


These were all the 60th Birthday Party Ideas mentioned in this article. These ideas can work well for indoor and even outdoor parties. There is a lot you can work with! Hopefully, this article provided you with unique ways to give presents and plan a party. Cheers to you and happy birthday to that special someone who is turning 60 this year.

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