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42 Colorful Alice in Wonderland Theme Party Ideas

Growing up, there’s always that one Disney character that you would’ve wished your parents threw you a party for. But now that you’re in the position to do this for your kids, why not throw your child an Alice in Wonderland theme party that is exciting for everyone! This theme party is not only colorful, but it will be a fun and exciting time for all of your guests to come together and celebrate. If you’re worried about what things you’ll need to put together the most enchanting Alice in Wonderland party, we’ve got you covered. Here is our comprehensive guide and list of ideas that you can consider for your own Alice in Wonderland theme party while it’s still in the planning phase. 

Alice in Wonderland Theme Party Ideas: Decorations

Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas: Decorations
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The decorations of a party are really what makes an impression amongst your guests. If you really want your kids’ party to be one that is memorable, fun and immersive, then you will have to get the best decorations. Here is our list of Alice in Wonderland decorations that you cannot pass up on! 

1. Cupcake stand

Structured to look like a climbing tree with checkerboard platforms, this cupcake stand is perfect as a table centerpiece or for what it was intended for: to hold up cupcakes for the grabbing! Decorated with “eat me” and “drink me” hanging signs and covered in Alice in Wonderland symbols, this cupcake stand is perfect to place anywhere in your party. 

2. Arrow signs party props 

A reminder of how confused Alice was during the forest scene, these Alice in Wonderland arrow signs will be a nice touch to put around your venue so that your guests feel like they’re actually lost somewhere in Wonderland. 

3. Welcome party sign 

Designed to incorporate the different traits of the Alice in Wonderland characters, this welcome sign is a must-have if you plan on making a first good impression amongst your guests! 

4. Alice in Wonderland photo booth backdrop 

This will be a fun addition to your party as your guests will be able to take photos against a wall of Wonderland, as it can be decorated with mushrooms, the Queen of Heart’s hedge, flowers and many other designs that will make your photos much more memorable. 

5. Alice in Wonderland photo booth props

Along with the backdrop, you’ll always need some pops to go along with it so that you can make taking photos much more fun and inclusive for everyone. Many of the Alice in Wonderland photo booth props include flamingos, the arrows from the forest, Alice’s hair, the Queen of Hearts’ hair, the Mad Hatter and much more. 

6. Garden of Wonders cutouts 

Propped up around your venue to make it seem like all of your guests are in Wonderland, you can include large cutouts that include objects and items that are from the movie itself. 

7. Flamingo lawn ornaments 

Reminiscent of the croquet scene in the book/movie, these flamingo lawn ornaments will not only add extra color to your venue but they can also contribute to a croquet obstacle course for everyone to participate in. 

8. Teapot vase

In the form of a cardboard cutout that folds, there is a space to place floral decor in the middle so that it looks like they’re coming out of the teapot. This would be a perfect table centerpiece to go along with the cupcake stand. 

Alice in Wonderland Theme Party Ideas: Party Favors 

Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas: Party Favors 
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After the party is over, it’s always great to bring something home with you that will remind you of the party and all the memories associated with it. Especially for kids, it’s great to give them something that is memorable enough for them to grow into or something that they can use and enjoy at home. Here is our list of some great Alice in Wonderland party favors that will be loved by all of your guests, older and younger! 

9. Teapot party favor box

These cyan colored teapot boxes are perfect for putting small knick-knacks inside so that you can hand them off to your guests when they are ready to leave. Inside you can include fun things such as tea bags, candy, keychains, pins and more! 

10. Alice in Wonderland playing cards 

Although it’s not something that all kids will find the use of immediately, it will be cool to have as they grow older and learn to play some fun card games with their family and friends. There are a few Alice in Wonderland-themed playing cards that you can buy depending on whether you want them to match your party theme or not. 

11. Paint your own tea set 

A cool activity that your guests can bring home is a paint their own teapot set! This is reminiscent of the Mad Hatter and tea time and all of the other fun that the guests might’ve experienced while at the party! 

12. Disney Alice in Wonderland tea bag sampler

Another party favor that will be enjoyed by everyone of all ages is a tea bag sample pack that is directly inspired by the Alice in Wonderland movie. In this pack, the types of teas included are: mad tea party blend, blueberry, lemon honey chamomile, early grey, pomegranate, and mango. 

13. Enamel pins 

These pins are for both younger and older adults as they can be added to bookbags and lanyards as extra decoration and a reminder of the party. There are different kinds of pins that you can choose from, including teacups, Alice’s dress, the white rabbit and the Cheshire Cat. 

Alice in Wonderland Theme Party Ideas: Menu 

Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas: Menu 
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Food makes up a big part of events, especially during parties that are for kids. An Alice in Wonderland themed party is a great way to incorporate sweet treats for all of your guests so that they are sure to have tons of energy the whole day. Here is our list of tasty treats and snacks that everyone can enjoy with their tea during your Wonderland party! 

14. Red velvet cupcakes 

The classic red velvet cupcakes are not only widely enjoyed, but they are also reminiscent of the Queen of Hearts. To make them fun you can add red velvet cake crumbs on the tops of the cupcakes and then stick in some Alice in Wonderland food picks. 

15. Cinnamon tea cookies 

Specifically made for dipping in your tea, these cinnamon cookies are not only sweet but they can also be cut out into the Alice in Wonderland shapes and characters! All you’ll have to do is find your preferred recipe for these cinnamon tea cookies and then make them! 

16. Alice in Wonderland cake pops 

A great substitute for a huge cake, cake pops are great because they are bite sized and can be individually decorated to match your party theme! Some can be decorated to look like Alice’s dress, playing card suits, the white rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, and the Mad Hatter’s hat! 

17. Queen of Hearts jam tarts/linzer cookie

Cut out into heart shapes, you can create strawberry jam tarts or linzer cookies that are topped with powdered sugar. 

18. Checkerboard sandwiches 

This requires some assembling as you’ll have to make two different sandwiches with two different kinds of bread, white and whole wheat, to create a checkerboard pattern. You can cut the edges off of the bread and then cut the sandwiches into even smaller pieces so that they are bite-sized. On the tops, you can put olives and baby tomatoes and then finish them off with playing card suit toothpicks

19. Edible tea cups 

You’ll need a few things for this. You’ll have to cut the bottom off of an edible mini ice cream cup so that it looks like the shape of a teacup. Then you’ll place a plain cookie underneath so that it looks like the tea cup is resting on a saucer. Inside of the “teacup” you can add little treats such as jelly beans and Starbursts of the same color. You can also put scoops of ice cream inside of the cup if you’re not convinced that it’ll melt through the bottom! 

20. Playing card suits fruit sticks 

With slices of your choice of fruit, such as watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew, you will cut out pieces of them by using playing card suit cutters and putting them on Alice in Wonderland skewers.

Alice in Wonderland Theme Party Ideas: Activities 

Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas: Activities 
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At kid’s parties, it’s important to keep everyone occupied and doing something to make sure that they are content and entertained. For an Alice in Wonderland-themed party, not only is it great to have activities, but if they adhere to the book and/or the movies, then it will be much more fun for everyone to get a taste of that fictional world! 

21. Teacup stacking 

Whether a competitive game or a team effort, the purpose of this activity is to stack as many teacups as you can until it all comes tumbling down.

22. Clean cup 

This activity consists of several steps. After assembling all of your guests around a table, they will add some food to their plates and their beverage of choice for a period of time of your choice. After that time is up, you will have to say “Clean cup, clean cup. Move down, move down” where all of the guests will move around to the next plate and put food on that plate and change the beverage to how they’d like. This goes on until everyone is in their original spots where they will have to eat and drink whatever everyone else has placed on their plates! 

23. Put the grin on the Cheshire Cat

Like the classic pin the donkey game, putting the grin on the Cheshire Cat will have the same rules! Whether you want to spin the kids before they attempt to pin the cat or not, this game will be enjoyed by all of your younger guests! 

24. Teacup relay race 

A perfect activity for the summertime, this requires two teapots, teacups and small buckets. Split into teams, the participants will have to fill their teacups with tea from the pot and run to the bucket to empty their cups while carrying the saucers as well. The participants will then have to run back as fast they can to hand off the cup to the next team member to repeat. The team who fills the bucket up with tea first wins! 

25. Mad hat creation 

What kinds of kids don’t love arts and crafts? For this activity, you’ll have all of the kids use whatever supplies you’ll provide so that they can decorate their black top hats the way they prefer it to be. You can include supplies such as paint, gemstones, feathers, ribbons and other materials that you see fit. The participant with the maddest hat can win a prize! 

26. Paint the red roses red 

After purchasing fake white roses, you will need to buy red paint or markers. You can either have guests in teams or as individuals who will do their best to paint their roses red the fastest. You can include time penalties if someone paints their rose sloppily or if the paint is spilled to make it more fun. 

27. “I’m late!” potato sack race 

Inspired by the “I’m late!” white rabbit scene from the movie, participants will race to the finish line to see who or which team wins! 

28. What time is it Mr. Mad Hatter

Played like the classic What time is it Mr. Wolf, someone will be the Mad Hatter who turns their back against the line of participants behind them. Everyone is allowed to run in an attempt to tag the Mad Matter until they turn around, which is when everyone has to freeze, otherwise they’re out! 

Alice in Wonderland Theme Party Ideas: Supplies

Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas: Supplies
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29. Alice in Wonderland cups 

A major part of the plot, cups are essential to any party but especially for an Alice in Wonderland theme party. Decorated on the outside with flowers and scenes from Alice’s own tea party, these paper cups are fun and ideal for cleanup. Some Alice in Wonderland cups come with or without the saucer, but either way, it can be used to prevent beverage spills or to pile on some food items. 

30. Alice in Wonderland food picks 

If you’re including food that will be particularly chewy, then you can include some fun Alice in Wonderland decorated food picks. At the end of each one, there is a character from the book and a flag that states “eat me”. This is perfect for sticking out of cupcakes or other foods. 

31. Alice in Wonderland plates 

Depending on the kind of Alice in Wonderland theme that you’re going for, there are several types of Alice in Wonderland paper plates to choose from. There are ones that are made to look like teacup saucers, some with the characters illustrated on them, and others that have flowers and clocks on them. 

32. Alice in Wonderland napkins 

Any kids’ party is in need of napkins because of all of the inevitable spills and messes that occur. These Alice in Wonderland napkins will be the solution to your needs in addition to contributing to your theme. 

33. “Drink me” set 

If you’d prefer something other than paper cups that you’ll have to throw out, there is an alternative to this that includes small plastic bottles that come with paper straws and a “drink me” tag attached. You can pre-fill these with beverages or the guests will be able to fill it on their own while they are at the party. 

34. Alice in Wonderland tablecloth

There is also a wide variety to choose from when you’re looking for Alice in Wonderland tablecloths, including black and white checkerboard cloths, ones with teacups and pots, some with flowers and others that feature an image of Alice herself. You can’t go wrong with the classic checkerboard tablecloth however! 

Alice in Wonderland Theme Party Ideas: Invitations 

Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas: Invitations
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For an enchanting and wondrous theme party, you’ll have to incorporate invitations that match the kind of aesthetic that you’re going to achieve at the party itself. With an Alice in Wonderland theme party, you can come up with any colorful and cooky invitation idea and it would work perfectly. Not only can you use the traditional paper card, but you can also incorporate objects into your invitations that will get people excited for your party!

35. Blue and pink decorated invitation 

If you don’t plan on customizing the typography on your invitations and just filling in the information yourself, here is the perfect invitation for you and your party. This invitation has a bright pink and blue decoration with the classic Alice in Wonderland characters decorated around its edges. 

36. Key invitations 

Alice needed a key to enter Wonderland, so why wouldn’t your guests? The keys can either be plastic or antique keys that come in different shapes and designs so that everyone can enjoy their unique invitation. Attached to each key you can add a mailer to the end of them that states the date, place and time for the party. 

37. Book invitations 

Especially since this is a theme party for kids, why not include the classic book that the Alice in Wonderland story originated from as your invitation? Wrapped with a ribbon and your invitation handwritten inside the cover or inserted inside of the book, this could be a great way to have the kids read the story before they attend your party! 

38. Mad tea party invitation

A more classic paper invitation, this one invites your guests to be a part of a mad tea party invited by the white rabbit himself. With a light blue and white diamond background and some pink accents, this invitation will be fun for all of your guests. 

39. Drink me invitations 

Another idea inspired by the book are drink me invitations, which are small round glass bottles that can be filled with colorful juice with a ribbon and note tied around the neck of the bottle. The note will say “Drink me” on one side while the party’s invitation details are inscribed on the back. 

40. Playing cards invitation 

Another item that you can incorporate into your invitation ideas are Alice in Wonderland designed playing cards. With a note on the playing card’s box or on one large playing card, you can inform your guests of the details of the party while also offering them a uniquely designed deck of cards that they can use in the future. 

41. Red and blue illustration invitation

This beautifully decorated invitation with blue and red accents can be perfect for your kid’s party. With roses, playing cards, ribbons and Alice’s dress, this card is the perfect indicator of an Alice in Wonderland theme party while offering some elegance to it. 

42. Pocket watch invitations 

You’ll make a big impression with this invitation, as it includes a real or a toy pocket watch that you’ll be handing out to your potential guests. All you’ll have to do is attach a mailer to the watch with the details of your party.


Now that you’ve assembled all of the ideas that you’ll need to put together an enchanting Alice in Wonderland theme party for your kids, you’ll have to jump down the rabbit hole and begin preparing for the funnest tea party that your guests will ever experience! 

Written by Julia Batista 

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