Alphabet Party

19 Adorable Alphabet Party Ideas

What better theme for a party than something we all use every day but give little recognition to? How about an alphabet party! If you want to celebrate our awesome alphabet, here are some ways to make your party full of all the letters we use every day!

This theme can be used for kids’ birthday parties, elementary school parties, and baby showers. To help you get started we have gathered alphabet party ideas, which include some letter party favors and alphabet-themed menus and prizes. 

Alphabet Party Décor 

Alphabet Party Décor

Decorations are so important to every party, especially kid’s parties. They create the whole atmosphere at the party. Here are a few ideas for alphabet decorations:

1. A-Z Runway

Start your alphabet party before your guests come through the door by creating an alphabet runway. You will need craft foam to cut out all 26 of the alphabet letters and then paint them. Place your alphabet letters along your walkway to lead guests to your door.

2. Use the Rainbow 

An alphabet party needs to have many different and vibrant colors. For example, you can use primary colors to liven up your party with red party plates, yellow balloons, and blue streamers.

3. Floating Letters

A fun way to use the alphabet letters is by taping a different letter to each balloon that you have. You can tape the same letter to all balloons if you choose one letter as the theme of your party.

4. Letters in Balloons

Try putting small ¼ to ½ inch letter cutouts inside of clear balloons to put a fun twist on balloon decorations! You will be able to see the letters inside and when kids start popping the balloons the letters inside will scatter like alphabet confetti.

5. Letters Everywhere 

You can use colored construction paper to cut out all the letters of the alphabet. These can be taped to the walls, the ceiling, or wherever you want. You can also attach all the letters to a fishing line and have them hang like a banner.

6. Alphabet Blocks

A staple of every kid’s childhood, having alphabet blocks will surely grab the attention of the kids at your alphabet party!

7. Cups, Plates, and Tablecloth

Using party necessities as decorations as well is a really smart move. Get your cups, plates, napkins, and tablecloth to have the ABC’s litter around them. This will really set the theme for the party. 

Alphabet Party Favors

Alphabet Party Favors

8. Letter Magnets

Magnetic letters are unique and can be purchased at any local party supply store. Guests can take these home and use them to hang memorable pictures of the party on their refrigerators.

9. Alphabet Goodie Bags

Try customizing your goodie bags by stuffing them with one or two items that start with the first letter of the name of the person who will be receiving it. The rest of the goodies can be the same for everyone!

10. Coloring Book

You can reward your guests with an alphabet-theme coloring book. Also, provide some crayons or markers in their party favor bag when you hand out prizes.

11. F is for Food

To follow the alphabet theme, you could try to have one type of food for each letter of the alphabet. Or you could choose one letter to be the theme of your party and make food that only starts with that letter.

Alphabet Party Food

Alphabet Party Food

Party food is one of the most important aspects of every party. If you’re having a hard time thinking of food, think of the kinds of people you’ll be having at your party. Children love sweets, so make sure to have lots of fun treats and sweets at your party. If your party is during a meal, then try to provide food that will satisfy and pertain to the theme somehow. Here are a few examples: 

12. Letters In My Soup

If your party is during the lunch hour, try serving alphabet soup. You could also try alphabet-shaped pasta for any pasta dish such as pasta and meatballs or alfredo. This is the most direct way to incorporate the ABC’s in your food.

13. Alphabet Cupcakes

Buy or make your cupcakes with colorful frostings. Personalize them by putting the first letter of the name of each guest. You can also purchase cupcake liners and draw different letters on them! Or you can give them an extra pop with alphabet cupcake toppers as extra decoration!

14. Alphabet Cookies

Try making your favorite type of cookie into the shape of letters using different alphabet cookie cutters! If you don’t want the shape of the cookie to be a letter, simply apply frosting on top of the cookies in the shapes of letters.

15. Alphabet Ice Cubes

Your guest will definitely want refreshments so try making alphabet ice cubes to put in them. All you need is a silicone alphabet mold and time to freeze them. Put these in fresh lemonade or fruit punch. 

16. Punch Bowl

If you’re making a punch, cut your fruit into various letters! Plop the fruit into the punch bowl for a nice touch to your alphabet theme. 

17. Alphabet Potluck

Before you send out invitations to your party, ask your party guests if they would be willing to sign up to make a food or snack with a certain letter from the alphabet. This will get the creativity flowing especially for people who end up getting funky letters!

18. Alphabet Cake 

If you are throwing a birthday party, order or make an alphabet cake that is covered with the first letter of the birthday boy or girl’s name! In addition to number shaped candles, you can also put in alphabet birthday candles for an extra bit of fun.

19. A-B-C’s of Food

Think animal crackers, but in the shape of letters. This will allow your party guests to match their different letters of the alphabet to different foods at the party. The creative juices will be flowing, and they get to enjoy some yummy snacks!


We hope these ideas will help with your endeavor to make the best alphabet party. There are tons of fun ideas out there and we hope this list has sparked more creativity out of you!

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