Baby Shower Checklist

Planning a baby shower? You have come to the right place! We created an online checklist that is like no other on the internet! Our completely interactive and customizable baby shower checklist will help make planning your baby shower fast and easy. Use our baby shower checklist as guidance to begin creating your own. You are able to input any add-ons to your special day that we may not have included. Your list is completely your own! Use our template as a guideline to make your baby shower planning fast and easy. Also, check out our baby shower ideas for inspiration. We also have affordable baby shower ideas. Read further as we go through planning your baby shower checklist. 

5 Reasons to Choose Our Baby Shower Checklist! 

5 Reasons to Choose Our Baby Shower Checklist!

1. Complete Timeline

Planning a baby shower can be very time consuming and anxiety inducing. This can also be a stressful event to plan. That’s why we’ve added a customizable timeline to make the process easier. Here are a few tips on how to use the timeline. First, start with the date you begin planning your baby shower and then assign your baby shower date. All of the due dates for the activities will be assigned automatically. It is that easy! One more tip to keep in mind is to not plan your baby shower too close to your delivery due date so that you can comfortably celebrate your pregnancy with no worries. 

2. Specified to your Event

This is not just a generic template for any kind of party. Our baby shower checklist is completely made for this specific kind of event! Filled with all of the necessary planning such as picking a venue, hiring entertainment, and planning shower games! Check out our baby shower game guide. This baby shower checklist is catered to your exact need.

3. Visual 

Our baby shower checklist is completely formatted to be easy to use and read. Your baby shower checklist is formatted to help you see the most important tasks at the top such as getting gifts and color coded for any pressing dates. Did you find the perfect venue for your baby shower? Check it off on the list and it will turn green! Any due dates coming up will turn yellow to help you keep everything on track. All formatting is made to be easy to read and recognize important due dates! 

4. Share your Checklist

Would you like to plan your own baby shower or would you like to have your future child’s godmother plan the baby shower? Both options will be a great idea! You can share your baby shower checklist with your co-host to help you both plan the event easily and delegate tasks such as buying baby shower decorations or favors. No emails back and forth as the checklist can be updated in real-time on Google Drive! And we have holiday and wedding checklists as well!

5. Useful Links 

Not only does the baby shower checklist help plan out due dates, it is also a source of many resources you can use to help plan your baby shower. Your baby shower checklist can link to a baby shower budget sheet to help you plan out all of your expenses for your event. This will help keep everything organized and save you a lot of time and stress. 

How to Use the Baby Shower Checklist

Simply click the download button to download the checklist straight to your computer. Use our helpful step-by-step guide for more in-depth information on how to use the checklist and share it with friends and family. 


Use our personalized baby shower checklist to create your own checklist for your specific event. If you get confused, consult this guide. You will be able to create a complete timeline and work with your budget. We are sure that this will make planning your baby shower fast, organized, and easy! Be sure to also check out our gift ideas for new moms and their babies.

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Written by Tatum; Contributor: Asia Ladson