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45 Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette parties can be so fun and yet so expensive. If you’re looking to plan a bachelorette party that’s both exciting and affordable, check out our bachelorette party ideas to help you save money, utilize local places, or have a weekend getaway. Through this blog article, we believe you will find the type of party that you want and get ideas about the activities out there for you and your friends to do.

Money-Saving Bachelorette Party Ideas

Money Saving Bachelorette Party Ideas
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1. Fondue Party

This idea is a really fun one out of all our bachelorette party ideas. You can host a fondue party at your own house or a friend’s house for a night full of chatting while eating everything dipped in chocolate and cheese. Beforehand, look online for fondue pots* or see if any of the guests have one you can borrow. You’ll also need fondue sticks*, but oftentimes those come with the fondue pots. If you can, have two pots, one for cheese and one for chocolate. Cut up bread, apples, or broccoli into squares for the cheese fondue. For the chocolate fondue, cut up strawberries, pound cake, or marshmallows.

2. Eat-In

Hire a local caterer to serve dinner at your home. This allows for a nice dinner without having to leave the house and lets the party continue after your meal is finished. 

3. DIY Dress Party

Have everyone bring a dress that they have but don’t wear anymore to your house. At the party, fix them up with buttons, pieces of fabric, or alter the style! Afterward, everyone can wear the dress they made for the rest of the night. 

4. Slumber Party

Bachelorette party ideas can be easy and simple! For a stress-free option, that doesn’t involve much planning, just break out the sleeping bags, PJs, popcorn, pizza, and chick flicks for a good old slumber party. Don’t forget to also include board games or card games to play as a break from the movies and allows everyone a chance to catch up.

5. Casino Night In

Create game tables in your own home by painting old card tables you may have or by painting cardboard pieces and placing them on the tables. This allows for a cheap alternative to going to or buying real casino tables. Play with your own deck of cards and watch Youtube tutorials of how to play beforehand. Some fun and easy casino games are Blackjack, Baccarat, and many others. 

Places to Go – Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette Party Ideas: Local Places to Go
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Take the girls out for a fun outing with these super fun bachelorette party ideas!

6. Vacation Rental

This is one of our simpler bachelorette party ideas! Stay at a local vacation rental with enough room for everyone. This can be a place that is close enough to easily drive to but feels out of town. Try to get a place with a hot tub or fire pit to make it more fun.

7. Local Winery

Head to a few local wineries and Uber home together afterward. Additionally, look for companies that offer multiple winery tours, sometimes there are good deals and are cheaper than going to an individual winery.

8. Tea Party

Plan a tea party with finger sandwiches, scones, and lots of tea. If you want to splurge, plan one at a fancy hotel and dress up for the occasion. 

9. Hit the Town

Take your girlfriends out for dancing and karaoke with this fun bachelorette party idea. Karaoke bars are becoming more and more popular, so be sure to look at the different prices beforehand to get a great deal and to ensure they have what you want. Many times karaoke bars offer private rooms for groups, which can create even more fun and foster even more singing turns. 

10. Shopping

What’s more fun than shopping with your closest girlfriends? Hit the mall or outlets and let your friends pick out outfits they think would look great on the bride. 

11. Theater

Go see a Broadway or Off-Broadway show in your area that everyone wants to see. 

12. Drag Clubs

An amazing experience that can be a lot of fun with some music and dancing. Make sure to bring dollar bills!

13. Strip Club

Strip clubs aren’t just for men! If they’re a little much for you, try an artful burlesque club. 

14. Comedy Club

Call ahead and reserve the front row at a local comedy club. They may have special deals for people celebrating their bachelorette party.

15. Concert

See your favorite artist perform live or check out an artist that you and your friends loved as kids. 

16. Amusement Park

Have fun and thrills on roller coasters. Many amusement parks are seasonal so be sure to check if they’re open beforehand. Plan to have lunch there and try the fun food they offer.

17. Play Ball

Maybe out of all these bachelorette party ideas, you will want to choose something sports-related! The bride in your life may be a sports fanatic! If she is indeed a sports fanatic, visit a game and buy all of the cliché foods. Additionally, see if you can get the bride to be on the big screen! You are sure to have a blast with this great idea!

18. Makeover

Makeover bachelorette party ideas are perfect for the girl who enjoyed being pampered. Pamper all of the girls by getting a makeover. Rent out a salon or have stylists come to your home. Have everyone’s nails done, makeup, and hair, and go out for the night to celebrate!

19. The Crawl

Why choose just one bar when you could do a crawl to multiple local places? Be sure to plan the route and try and have a loose schedule for when you leave one bar to head to the next. Also, make sure you can walk to each bar easily. Check out the perfect nightclub to fit your group’s style and the idea of a perfect night out!

20. Psychic Reading

Help your bride see into her future with a fortune teller, astrologer, or palm reader. Have all the guests take turns after. 

21. Go to a Casino

Give your friends the chance to win money so that they can pay for wedding-related expenses. Plus, you’ll get free drinks while playing. 

22. Disco Inferno

Dress up how you used to in the 80s and go to a club that plays oldies music. 

23. Country Night

Check out a classic Western bar with boots and a cowboy hat if your bride is a country girl at heart. Plenty of bars will have a big dance floor that will be perfect for your party! 

24. Spa Party

Like we mentioned above as one of our bachelorette party ideas, a makeover, another idea is to go to a local spa or see if you can get professionals to come to you for massages, facials, and nails, to have a relaxing spa day.  

25. Limo Driven

Hire a limousine to hit the town and drink wherever you want and as much as you want without having to worry about who’s going to drive. Want more room to stand up and dance? Try an ultimate party bus, fit all your guest,s and have a dance party to and from each destination of your party!

Weekend Trip Bachelorette Party Ideas

Weekend Trip Bachelorette Party Ideas
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26. Wine Tasting

Visit Napa Valley or call local wineries to set up a wine tasting. You can even choose which wines you want to serve at your wedding. 

27. Weekend Trip

Go away for the weekend or go on a cruise. Cruises are always fun, even ones that go nowhere. Go during the offseason for great packaged deals at affordable all-inclusive resorts. Make sure to consider how much time a cruise will take though, as some guests may not be able to stay for a long one. 

28. Vegas!

Dance and drink with your girlfriends. You can try cuisine from different countries by visiting the themed hotels and casinos on the Strip. See if there is a fun concert or play that you can see while you’re there.

29. Music Festival

Hear a variety of bands while enjoying the company of your closest friends. Be sure to find out which day works best for everyone and which bands will perform. 

30. Camping

For a nature lover, hit the road and camp out at a beautiful location that is near natural scenery, such as a waterfall or national park that you can visit. 

31. Spa Resort

Treat your friends to multiple treatments, such as massages, facials, and manicures.

32. Ski trip

Hit the slopes with your guests. Be sure to also think about the ski levels of the group to ensure that everyone will have someone to enjoy skiing with. Additionally, meet at the lodge for some hot chocolate after. 

Sober Bachelorette Party Ideas

Sober Bachelorette Party ideas
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33. Pole Dancing Class

Learn some skills and let your girls get in touch with their inner bombshell. They’ll feel confident and have a blast.

34. Trapeze Class

Try something new and daring by taking a trapeze class. Be sure to find out if there is a limit on the number of people who can attend. 

35. Scavenger Hunt

For a creative party, have your bride get points for things around town, such as getting 5 random people’s names, finding something unique, or taking a picture in front of a certain store. The group that finishes the most items on the list wins. 

36. Baking Class

Take a baking class as a group and learn how to decorate cakes and cupcakes. It’s always fun to learn how to make something new, especially when it comes with a sweet treat at the end!

37. Belly Dancing Class

This is a great way to get in touch with your inner dancer and get an amazing ab workout.

38. Make Your Own Pottery

Create pieces that your bride can use and ask if you can bring your own food to snack on while creating pieces. Many places offer to ship pottery made afterward so you don’t have to worry about transporting them home afterward.

39. Adventure Bachelorette

If your bride loves the outdoors, try an adventurous activity like water rafting or horseback riding. Both are perfect for a medium-sized group.

40. Take a Hike

Find a hiking trail nearby to see some beautiful views. Pack a lunch and hike up to a spot where you can all enjoy some lunch on the trail. 

41. Yoga

Book a yoga class for you and your besties! It is a great way to wind down and relax before beginning the day’s festivities!

42. Volunteer

If your bride is not one for being the center of attention, shift the attention to those in need. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities out there! Consider what causes are really important to the group and spend the day lending a helping hand. Volunteer to serve meals at a soup kitchen, cleaning up a local park, or even participating in a charity 5K together.

43. Painting Party

Many art studios hold painting classes. Sign up for a painting class such as Wine & Design where you can enjoy a glass or two during the two-hour art session. If you want to spice it up a bit you can sign your party up for a class like the Artful Bachelorette, where the task is to draw a male model.

44. Have Some Friendly Competition

While your group is out in the town why not have some friendly competition. Hit up a bowling alley or learn how to throw axes and a local ax-throwing destination.

45. Spend a Day Out on the Water

Rent a speedboat and head out to the water for your bride’s “last sail before the veil.” This is a great activity for a group that may have non-drinkers or if you just want to have a fun, calm day out on the lake or the ocean.


We hope you enjoyed this adventurous list of bachelorette party ideas. There are many ideas perfect for any type of bride and we hope you find the one that best fits the group. If you enjoyed this blog, you may enjoy our others at!

Once you have figured out the perfect bachelorette party theme and idea, feel free to check out more information on the ideal bachelorette party decorations, gifts, budget, renting supplies, etc. EasyEventPlanning even has an amazing bachelorette party checklist for you to help plan your party and be certain you have everything you need to make your party a complete success!

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