Best Vase for Flower Arrangements

Best Vase for Flower Arrangements: 8 Steps to Help Guide You Through

When you visit the best florists in your area, there is no doubt that they will provide you with beautiful flower arrangements, boutonnieres, and wedding bouquets. However, flower shops may not provide the best vases for your flowers. One of the most important aspects of floral design is the container that it comes in. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best vase for flower arrangements that your wedding florists at the floral shops may not tell you.

8 Important Steps When Choosing the Best Vase for Flower Arrangements

8 Important Steps When Choosing the Best Vase for Flower Arrangements

1. Measure the Width

You need to find out the appropriate width of the vase. A wide arrangement will need a wide vase. Knowing this will help prevent your flowers from sliding around in your arrangement or you having to abandon some flowers to make room in the vase.

2. How Tall is It?

The next step is to find out the needed height of the vase. A typical rule is that the highest flower should not be more than one and a half times higher than the vase. If you are making tabletop arrangements for your reception, then keep in mind that guests will want to be able to speak to one another while they are seated.

3. What Color?

Now you need to choose the color of the vase. You should pick a colored vase that complements the colors of the flowers. For example, pick a clear vase for your white wedding flowers. 

4. Make Some Room

You must make sure that your flowers are not too crowded in their vase. Put the right number of flowers in the vase so that they are full but not squished.

5. Popping Out

Use bud vases for smaller flowers. Buy them in bright colors to give a pop of color to any room. If it’s for your big day, consider choosing flowers that will complement your color scheme or match the bridesmaid dresses. 

Taking the Next Steps for the Best Vase for Flower Arrangements

Taking the Next Steps for the Best Vase for Flower Arrangements

There’s only so much you can do to your flowers to make your arrangements pop. A flower is a flower. But a vase doesn’t have to be just a vase. Liven up your vases with these fun tips that will add creativity and sparkle to your next brunch.

6. Go Green

Embrace your recycling bin! Turn empty coffee cans, paint cans, and soup cans into modern, earth-friendly stylish vases. Peel the labels off the cans more easily by soaking the cans in warm water. Then, paint your cans to match your décor. Begin with a metal paint primer, so that your paint has something to stick to, and paint away! You can leave the cans a solid color or paint a fun design onto them after the initial coat is dry. Or, if you love the organic feel of the bare tin cans, don’t paint them at all! Fill the finished cans with simple flower arrangements that match the simplicity of your recycled vases.

7. Picture Perfect

Add a personal touch to the best vase for flower arrangements by decorating your vases with photos. Your guests will love admiring the pictures you choose. Simply paste your chosen photos onto sheets of paper, then fasten the paper to your vase with clothespins. You can use one sheet per vase or you can surround your vase with photos.

Use family photos if your brunch is a family gathering or use photos of you and your friends for a social occasion. If your brunch has assigned seating, decorate the vases of each centerpiece with pictures of the members of each particular table.

Is your brunch a wedding brunch? Decorate your vases with pictures of the bride and groom. You can even use pictures cut from a magazine to match the theme of your brunch. For instance, if you want to give your brunch a tropical flair, use pictures of beaches and tropical locations. The possibilities are endless!

8. Elegant Bud Vases

Turn your ordinary bud vases into things of beauty for your next brunch. All you need are a few candlestick collars, the kind with holes drilled around the edges, and some crystals. You can hang a single crystal from each of the holes or thread strings of crystals around the edges. You can even experiment with your favorite beads. Add a single flower as the finishing touch. Go for flowers like roses and tulips that can stand on their own.


Whatever arrangement style you use, make sure that it fits your own unique personality. Flowers can definitely enhance the aesthetic of any event. Use some of these tips and ideas on choosing the best vase for flower arrangements to make yours reflect your and your event.

Written by Jessica Bundy and Rachel Brannon; Edited by Chris Legere

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