Birthday Party Entertainers

Fun Birthday Party Entertainment

Throwing a kid’s party can be stressful at times, but the end goal is to make sure that your kid is the happiest person in the world. When throwing a party, especially during 2020, it is crucial to realize the outside world. The COVID-19 outbreak is still occurring as you are reading this article, but that does not mean your kid cannot celebrate their birthday. With social distancing and masks on, the party can still go on. There are even find safe ways to invite birthday party entertainers during the pandemic. Below are 10 social distancing friendly ideas that will allow you to host a fun party with entertainers.

Fun Birthday Party Entertainment

Birthday Party Entertainers

Birthday Party Entertainers

1. Magicians

Magicians make great entertainers for children’s parties. But before you sit down to hire one, ask them a few questions about the tricks they perform, then you can decide if they’re the right tricks to be performed in front of your children or a larger audience that is 6 feet apart from each other. You can also consider live-streaming a magician for the kids to watch.

2. Clowns

Clowns are also something to look into for a child’s birthday. Many of them can create balloon animals, tell funny jokes, and bring smiles to everyone’s faces. However, if you know that your child is afraid of clowns, then it might be best to look into other forms of entertainment. Just make sure this clown stays 6 feet away from everybody, not because some might be scared of it, but because of social distancing. During the pandemic, it will be a different experience but with small groups and safety precautions, it can be doable.

3. Face Painting

Face painting is something that most children love (and some adults too). You can purchase a bundle of non-toxic face and body crayons so that you can separate the crayons for each kid. It is crucial to make sure each kid does not share crayons with each other to ensure no germs are being passed since the COVID-19 pandemic is still happening. The best part about these crayon bunds is that they are easy to wash off and there is plenty to divide for the party. You can ensure safety by asking the artist to clean after each client and wear gloves.

4. Characters

Characters include princesses, superheroes, and cartoon characters that can be found on children’s television shows. They generally stay for an hour or two, signing autographs, taking pictures, and doing small acts of entertainment. But since social distancing rules still apply, it would be best to avoid the autographs. Instead, just have the kids enjoy their presence because just seeing the characters would light up the party on a whim. 

5. Balloon Artists

Balloon artists or balloon twisters create balloon art that the children can take home with them. This entertainer fills the spot for both entertainment and party favors. Since it would not be in the best interest to have these artists hand out their balloons to their audience, you could have them throw a mini tutorial for making these fun shaped balloons. This is so that nobody is taking items from anyone else. 

6. Wonderful Dancers

Kidville is a company that specializes in entertainment for kids’ birthday parties all around the world. They let you choose a theme, then turn your party into a music-filled event that is fun for everyone. Kidville has performers who will act according to the theme you choose for your event. If you decide to hire them then you can address social distancing policies with the company and ways to make it a safe yet fun event.

7. Glam Squad

Hiring a couple of beauty salons may be the answer to your child’s dreams. Who didn’t dream of dressing up and pampering yourself when they were younger? You can range on how glamorous you want your guests to get: from kid-friendly makeup all the way to just doing a manicure or pedicure. Being pampered also teaches kids that it is okay to take time for yourself and feel pretty. It’s age-appropriate and can easily be used for kids of all ages.

8. Scientist

Why not teach your kids about science? Hire a scientist who can execute simple science experiments (baking soda and vinegar?, at home lava lamps with just oil and water?). Get an advanced, certified scientist for certified dry-ice usage to show the effects of dry-ice. This will keep the kids engaged, learning, and entertained. Definitely memorable!


9. Animal Zoo/Petting Zoo

Who doesn’t love seeing animals that they have not yet seen in person? Getting an animal zoo or petting zoo will teach the little ones about new animals and how to pet. This can keep them engaged while teaching them something that is useful. Maybe this will create a future zoologist or animal caregiver? Who knows?

10. Arts and Crafts Do-It-Yourself Ideas

You can search online for birthday ideas that you can bring into your own home without having to find someone to create fun things for you. Websites like Pinterest and YouTube have a variety of ideas and tutorials. They can teach you how to do different types of arts and activities with the kids and even cool face painting ideas. You can stream videos during the party for the kids to follow along.

11. Netflix Party

Take things virtually and move the party to Netflix where there are thousands of kids movies to enjoy. Netflix’s party allows safe social distancing, enables people from far locations to connect, and can watch at the comfort of your home. If you want your kid to be able to talk to their friends while watching the movie, you can also set up a giant zoom meeting call which is completely free. 

12. Drive By

Drive-bys have been very popular ever since COVID-19 quarantining started for celebrations such as birthdays or graduations. If your family is in strict quarantine but is really missing that face-to-face interaction, this would be a good idea. Gather your friends and family and have them line up their cars with creative signs and let the drive-by begin. 

13. Scavenger Hunt

If you want the party to get competitive, you can have a scavenger hunt for your kids’ birthday party. You can purchase inflatable 5-inch beach balls and hide them throughout your backyard. Give the kids some gloves so they can pick up the beach balls they find safely to avoid any germs being spread around. 

14. Karaoke

Got a future performer on your hands? Surprise them with a karaoke party. Pick a playlist of age appropriate songs and what the stars be born. Provide costumes and accessories to create a more theatrical experience. This can be done from the comfort of your home or actually to a karaoke bar. Perfect for any age group, and for sure very entertaining.


Whichever activity you may choose, the most important part is that the children are happy and have fun. Make sure that the birthday party entertainers you decide on are something that your child is interested in and will enjoy. Remember to follow social distancing practices and safety measures to ensure a safe environment for everyone at your party.

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