5 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

5 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Planning a birthday party for a 5-year-old can be simple and easy. The benefit of these parties is that 5-year-old children are at the age where they don’t need excessive entertainment. Simple things like candy or cake can make them happy. But that doesn’t mean you can't host a super fun party! A theme or events party with games and sweets can make your little one super excited about their big day. There are so many 5-year-old birthday party ideas. In fact, I’ve listed 24 unique ideas you can try today! 

24 Party Ideas for a 5th Birthday

1. Princess-Frozen Theme Party

Little girls love to dress up as princesses and pretend to have their own fairytale. The Disney movie Frozen is popular among kids today and would be a great theme for a princess-type of the party. Having a frozen theme party can include boys and girls into the mix if they both are invited to the party as well.

Everyone can come as their own character. You can set up princess or frozen theme decorations like balloons, napkins, plates, cups, and princess cupcakes to make the theme party complete. To really make it a frozen theme party you can play the frozen movies for everyone to watch.

Frozen movie-themed happy birthday sign

2. Crafts Party

Making crafts can keep kids entertained. A lot of parents may shy away from craft parties because it does seem to be the messiest, but simply investing in some messy mats or moving the party outside can make it seem like less of a hassle.

All you have to do is set up a few tables, each with a variety of art materials and then the kids can move from one table to the next, wherever they find the most interesting things to make. One table could be for finger painting, one could be for making paper chain snakes, one for clay modeling, and another one for sticker decorating. The list goes on forever!

3. Cupcake Decorating

This is a theme for a child that loves anything food-related. Combining food with decorating can be a huge plus for a birthday party.

An easy way to get ready for a party like this is to buy pre-baked cupcakes so you don’t have to worry about baking cupcakes from scratch. This can help save a lot of time. If you go with this idea, then all you have to worry about is buying fun cake toppers, pre-made icing sugar, and of course plenty and plenty of sprinkles! You can set a table with all of these supplies.

Another idea you can add is to give little aprons for each kid so that they can feel like a real baker!

4. Superhero Party 

Many kids love superheroes right? So why not throw an epic superhero theme party! A superhero party is great because there are endless options for costumes a child can choose from. When they dress up they can feel like they have magical powers and also wear a super cool costume for the day.

A great idea to go along with this kind of party is to have each kid make their own mask for their costume. This can be an activity during the birthday event. You can find many superhero theme party decorations as well - from balloons, plates, banners, etc.

superhero themed balloons

5. Water Game Party

If you want a party that is going to keep everyone cool in the hot summer heat, then a water game party is the perfect solution! You can ask each kid to bring their own swimsuit and towel. You can set up the backyard to host many fun games and activities.

A slip and slide are classic to have. Each child can take turns sliding on the waterslide. Setting up a sprinkler to let the kids run around in is a winner every time as well. Then there are water balloon fights! This one gets a little messy but it will be a great game to let the kids run around outside.

6. Sports Day Party 

On your marks, get set, GO! A sports day party is definitely a go when your son and all his friends seem to be the most energetic kids in the class. This way they can let off some steam and have some friendly competition. You could have them play actual sports like a baseball match or go a little more old school by doing relay races, obstacle courses, and bean bag throwing.

Then, you can have an award ceremony at the end of who won what game and what place. You can buy mini trophies or awesome prizes for the winners. Sending the kids home with goodie bags is a nice idea as well.

7. Bounce Castle Party 

A bounce castle is great because it is an effortless way to keep the kids entertained. They can bounce in the castle until they are completely worn out and all you have to do is set the castle up. The important part of this party is to make sure that the kids are playing safe and nobody gets hurt.

The best way to limit any injuries is to only let the maximum number of kids on at a time. A bounce castle is a great addition to the party because it can be something that the kids can play while they wait for another game or activity.

8. Baby Shark Party 

What 5-year-old doesn't know the Baby Shark Song? Every kid loves to hear it, sing it, and do the motions, so why not make it the theme of the party? You can use the shark theme to apply it to games like pass the shark or musical shark statues.

You could even give little stuffed sharks as prizes. You can also add a bubble machine to the party to make the kids feel the underwater vibe of being a shark!

shark themed balloons

9. Pizza Party 

Pizza parties are the best because they are easy and a kid-pleaser! There's the option of either preparing some homemade pizza bases or buying them premade. You can set up a table in the house or outside and then let the kids add their favorite topping.

You don't have to go all out with toppings but just a few will be plenty: mozzarella, bacon, pepperoni, and some vegetables are good choices. While they make their own pizzas, you can play a movie or music in the background.

10. Camp Out Birthday

A camp-out birthday party can work well with sleepovers and summer birthdays. You could either have all the kids sleep over in a tent in the backyard or a giant sleepover in the basement with sleeping bags. If you live nearby a lake you can take them fishing or go on a mini hike.

Just make sure that it is a safe environment for five-year-olds. After a day's activity, you can kick off the night in the backyard with a bonfire where they roast hotdogs and smores on sticks. It will be a great birthday where your son can spend time with his friends.

11. Trampoline Park Party 

A trampoline park is perfect for a five-year-old birthday party. It’s a day filled with endless fun. You can invite your boy’s friends and their families to the trampoline park. They can spend the whole day at the park and it will be one giant, bouncing, extravagant, fun party! Your son and his friends can learn new trampoline tricks and have a fun time playing outside. After the park, you could end the day with a delicious birthday cake and present opening. 

12. Firefighter

Now we look at some of the best 13 five-year-old birthday party themes. Look out, there's a fire! Lucky for you, you got a firefighter since you threw a firefighter party and watched your kid put on a fake fire and feel like a true hero like you know they are from the bottom of your heart. From the sirens to the hats, you cannot go wrong with this kid-friendly type of party for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Do you remember back in your childhood you had a firefighter event at your local fire station? The kid would put out a fake fire well, you could do that and much more at your very own firefighter party. Having a fire truck type of cake would be very crucial to have for this theme. Having a firefighter party, you can make your kid the hero that everyone loves. Putting them in a small fire suit with a red helmet would be very adorable for anyone not to love.

13. Pirate

Aye matey, are you looking for the party too? Then throwing your very own pirate kid party is where we can find the treasure. You can do so much with this one with your family and of course the birthday boy. From putting on an eye patch to wearing a hat all the way to playing pirate music, this will definitely be one to remember. Putting on a fake beard will bring all good times and good laughs together.

The sky's the limit; you can even get custom DIY types of treasure boxes and do your own scavenger hunt as well to keep all the kids busy as well as yourselves. Go on and invite ye crew members and make it a good one or jump the plank with the sharks below. You can even go based on the Disney film Pirates of the Caribbean and have some fun giving the movie a good rating from the party using hats to even the wooden leg.

14. Mario

It's me, Mario and we are going to have a party no? Mario is an excellent choice for a five-year birthday as most kids know who he is by this age. There are lots of games and decorations you can do for this type of party. You can base it on a specific game of his or even character. It could be even Yoshi, another fan favorite. Making your own stars, they earn for fun to give it a real feel to it would be such a blast.

Do you have twins or siblings that share the same birthday month, then this is a perfect one to use as Mario has a brother, and you can share the theme together and save a hassle. No one will ever turn down Mario if they do, they probably like Bowser. A classic one to base the party off of is Mario Kart and create your own small race in your backyard or even create a Mario Party and do a bunch of mini-games just like the game to get the party really fun.

mario themed cookies

15. Minions

Do you like the color yellow, made-up language, and animations? If you said yes, then you need to have a Minions party. These little fellas have taken over the world, but they have taken our hearts as we have fallen in love with how silly these guys truly are. This is a beautiful idea for a birthday party for a 5-year-old. All yellow themes and even playing the films during the party will keep the kids entertained for a long time and keep you on the chill side, knowing they are having fun and being silly with this theme.

You can get a Minions costume and cake and have the adults have some fun in the mix. With the new movie coming out soon, The Rise of Gru, it is a must to have a Minions party as you will fall in love more with these little creatures and join their adventures.

16. Superhero

Forever a classic type of birthday party, and who would not want to have a party theme of superheroes. These kids look up to and want to be like it even for Halloween, so it's no wonder they would choose it even for their birthday party. The birthday kid, as well as their guests, can dress up again as their favorite hero or villain, of course, and have a great time telling stories of why they are their favorite hero or villain.

The party can have games that involve their powers or do team-based and good vs. evil, depending on the amount. Making a course to showcase what their abilities can do is a good idea, and playing their theme song with a hero walk instead of a catwalk. A superhero deserves a well-made cake to tailor their behavior. It should be chocolate or vanilla only you can decide and make your own fate.

17. Harry Potter

No doubt an excellent choice for a birthday theme because who wouldn't want to cast spells and be devoted to a house from Harry Potter. This is perfect for those who are born near Halloween as you can follow what the movie does in the first movie during Halloween, and adding both together is such a great combination. Black cats, owls, and much more.

Dress up in robes of your favorite house or if you are a real dedicated fan and use the official Harry Potter website and take the quiz and find out what house you are in and get that robe and show your house pride during the party. You can have multiple different wands, and each kid that shows up gets their own wand, gets sorted into their houses and plays games, etc. You can be very creative with the Harry Potter world for a birthday party.

18. Dr. Seuss

Every kid knows Dr. Seuss, and every parent will approve of this party before it even begins. You can go with any book you want for this theme. For Dr. Seuss, such as the classics like The Cat in the Hat or even One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, these are full of beautiful drawings and can be used for a lovely birthday party to make the birthday kid's day that much brighter. Picking your own theme within Dr. Seuss is a lot easier if you are new to picking themes for parties. You can even try your own rhymer for the party or even do a few book readings for the kids that attend.

19. How to Train your Dragon

If you had a dragon at a birthday party, do you think it rocked? We think so and no better choice than Disney’s own How to Train your Dragon series. Who does not love Toothless? He is just adorable, and it is an excellent pick for a 5-year-old kid's birthday party. You could also do a dragon/ Viking type of party for the party as this is what the film was. Get fake swords and shields, helmets, and a fake dragon costume would be cute for the birthday.

Having a dragon party would be a lot of fun, and having the different dragons from the movie would be really neat and have each kid have a dragon when they get there.

20. Mickey Mouse

“Oh, boy” in the voice of Mickey Mouse is something we all can hear in our heads. How about using that voice for even the theme of Mickey Mouse for a birthday party for a five-year-old child as this is the perfect theme. You can throw in the cute ears, and don’t forget about the classic red, white, and black color theme. Having someone who can even speak like Mickey Mouse will make some good memories for the party, whether the kids enjoy it or the parents.

Having balloons, cake, etc., all Mickey Mouse will be one to remember. Using the ears for every aspect of the party will be huge, including using them for the plates, sandwiches, and anything else that could be changed into ears.

mickey mouse themed cupcake toppers

21. SpongeBob

Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs? Spongebob is a classic cartoon that every parent nowadays with 5-year-old kids will remember and even quote the show itself. Having a Spongebob party is a golden ticket to bring back memories for you but even better, creating new Spongebob moments with your 5-year-old child. No better feeling than having a Spongebob party with his friends, but even better with the adult friends who all grew up together and had kids and bond over Spongebob.

You can have Spongebob plates, cakes, food as well. You could even be creative about your food and even bring in your Krabby Patty and if you're a true fan, show the different colors. If you feel brave enough even to wear the hash-slinging slasher costume to make Krabby Patties, it would be a very creative idea to try.

22. Lego

Lego this Lego that it is everywhere you go, and now you can’t escape it at a party. Lego is one of the most beloved toys that kids love growing up and playing with. Now you can even throw your own party for your child. You can have lots of Legos for a building party for a birthday and see how creative these kids can get. Just like any other party idea, if you choose this theme, you will need to be on the lookout for some Legos to buy and as well as party favors of Legos. A cake that is all Lego in the yellow bricks would be elegant to see.

23. Star Wars

May the Force be with you, young padawan for your birthday. Star wars is forever classic, and everyone knows it, and it is still an excellent choice for a 5-year-old kid's party. There is a lot you can do with this theme. You can do the party in a couple of ways, but there is no such thing as a cap limit. You can pick a Jedi theme, if you want to into the history, you can even do Republic vs. CIS, the droid army. You can get Star Wars cake based on their favorite Jedi, faction, animal, or whatever you choose it to be.

Make sure to include at least a theme song to the music as everyone loves the music. Having Star Wars theme cake and having Light Sabers is very important to this kind of party and having the robes for the chosen one of the Jedi.

24. Construction/Bob the Builder

Can we fix this party? Yes, we can with Bob the Builder at our party. You can get very creative about this kind of party. You can use the colors based on the show for the color theme, which is Blue, Yellow, and Orange as the main. Making the party a construction zone with the tape and orange cones would make this feel real and really cool to see in person.

Possibly getting a bulldozer to show up would be really neat to see. If you want to have some fun put all the friends of Bob the Builder on seats or drinks and have the kids pick who they want, you can always have duplicates if the kids get picky. Cookies and other types of desserts could be made into the face of Bob the builder, or even the friends of theirs. You can make cupcakes, suckers, and have balloons of his face to make the party really stick out.


These were all the unique 5-year-old birthday party ideas included in this article. Most, if not all, ideas are accessible for everyone. Many of these ideas are easy and cheap to plan. So, what do you say? Will you be trying one of these ideas this year?

Written by Helena Jones; Contributors: Deesha Mohan, Keren Godwin and Jack Leduc