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Am I Ready to Get Married: 10 Signs That You Are Ready

Am I Ready To Get Married

Updated on: Feb 16, 2024

If you’ve been in a steady, long-term relationship for a while now, you might be asking yourself: “Am I ready to get married?” You love your partner and they love you, but is now the right time to take this huge step toward your future together?

We put together the 10 biggest signs that should help you decide whether or not your current partner is the right one for you. Now sit down, grab a nice cup of coffee (or tea!), and carefully read these 10 signs. Remember to think about the relationship you have with your partner in an honest way: not how you wish it was, or how it used to be. Keep your current relationship and see if these steps apply to it. That should be a strong indication you’re ready to marry each other!

10 Signs That You’re Ready for Marriage

1. You Love Yourself

It’s arguably impossible to be completely happy with someone until you’re happy with yourself. Of course, it’s okay to rely on your partner during tough times, but consider these words from marriage coach Lesli Doares: “Being married is about joining two lives together, not giving up one.” Your partner needs to complement your life, not just be someone who fills an empty void. By loving yourself, you will know how to be in love with your partner.

2. Your Values are Similar

Similar values help sustain the relationship over the years and bring couples closer together. It’s okay, however, if you don’t have the exact same values, as long as you can both respect and support what the other considers important. Let’s say your partner enjoys exercising every day but you don’t share the same passion: that is okay! You don’t have to force yourself to get involved, just admire their commitment and support them.

3. Caring for Yourself is a Skill You’ve Mastered

Being able to support yourself is one of the most crucial signs you’re ready to marry your partner. While marriage should be a reliable source, neither of you should fully rely on the other without the ability to care for your own self. You should be able to support yourself emotionally, spiritually, and financially. That way, if things go bad, you can still take care of yourself and keep things going.

4. Your Loved Ones Will Support You On The Special Day

Eventually, you will encounter a relative or friend who disapproves of your relationship for no good reason. However, friends and family you’re close to and have your best interest in mind may be able to spot red flags you’re blind to.

Before marriage, you may want to ask your close circle their thoughts on the relationship and hear what they have to say. Do they agree that your partner is the person you should marry? Do they support the relationship? Answers to these questions shouldn’t dictate your decision, but they should be thoughtfully considered before marriage!

5. Conflict Resolution is Something You Are Prepared to Handle

The initial thing to consider when in a fight is to take a step back and reflect on yourself. How do you handle confrontation and disappointment? Do you attack your partner, or do you tend to avoid the fight? Another important thing to ask yourself is: is your relationship already filled with fights and drama? Remember: that won’t get better after you marry, the stress of marriage will likely increase the frequency of those fights.

That is why it’s important to realize how you handle conflict before tying the knot. Conflict is necessary in any relationship, and when handled right, it can be extremely constructive. Your goal is to dialogue to find a mutual understanding and make it that you both feel heard and understood. Avoid criticism and defensiveness, and approach the situation in a mature way.

6. Marriage is Forever, Not Just One Day

Everyone loves weddings: they’re fun parties where you see all your friends and family. But is that the main reason why you’re getting married: to throw a big celebration and have all eyes on you? Do not just plan for that one special day: plan your entire life!

Visualize your future with your partner, even when you’re not the center of attention. If that still interests you just as much, that’s a big sign you’re ready for marriage!

7. Finances are Talked About Openly With Your Partner

Financials can be a no-no topic in the beginning of the relationship, but eventually, you will both have to discuss it. Just like topics such as a prenuptial agreement, joint or separate bank accounts, and how to handle savings, choosing a new bank also deserves thoughtful consideration before tying the knot. It's crucial to have open and thorough discussions about your banking preferences and needs. If you're both already honest with each other about your financial outlook, that’s a good sign that you can trust each other to make informed decisions, not only about your relationship but also about practical matters like how to choose a new bank that aligns with your shared financial goals.

8. You Know What You Want in a Dream Partner

Back when you were a teenager, you had this dreamy-like idea of what your future husband would be like. Now you’re an adult and you’re able to list all the qualities, values, and traits that matter the most. Your partner doesn’t have to be perfect, but they need to possess the majority of the items on that list!

9. You are Authentically Yourself When You Are With Your Partner

You’re going to be ready for a long-term commitment when you can confidently say: “that human brings out my best!” Think about how you act when you’re with your partner, what you do, and the things you say: is it someone you like? If the answer is yes, that’s a strong sign you’re the one for each other, and marriage is a good idea!

10. Your Partner Relates to These Signs Too

Marriage is a partnership: both of you need to feel the same way while also committing to work through the problems. Go through this list with your partner, and ask them if they relate to the signs like you do. If you’re both on the same page, it might be time to marry each other!


We compiled a list of the best 10 signs that will help you answer your question: “Am I ready to get married?” Remember, these 10 signs should not be your main indicator that you’re ready to marry your partner, but if you can apply most (or even all!) of these signs to your partner, then that should be a pretty good start!

Written by Graziella Monteiro; Contributors: Deesha Mohan and Lauren Bolt

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