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102 Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Updated on: Feb 16, 2024

Bachelorette parties are all about connection, while catering to the style and personality of the bride-to-be. It can be tricky to find just the right experience, within budget, of your desired attendees. Whether you're looking to stay local or hit the road, drink till you drop or opt for a sober outing, we have some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. test

Money-Saving Bachelorette Party Ideas

1. Fondue Party

Out of all of our bachelorette party ideas, this one might melt your heart the most. You can host a fondue party at your own house or a friend’s house! Get ready for a night full of chatting, eating, chocolate, and cheese. Consider looking online for fondue pots and fondue sticks to use for your get-together. If you're looking to wow your guests, set out two pots (one for cheese and one for chocolate)! For the cheese fondue, you can cut up bread, apples, or broccoli into squares. For chocolate fondue fun, you can cut up strawberries, pound cake, marshmallows, and more.

2. Eat In

Looking for a hassle-free dinner? Hire a local caterer to serve dinner at your home. A catering service allows for all of the benefits of a delicious meal without the stress of going out to eat. Plus, the party can continue after your meal is finished!

3. DIY Dress Party

Everyone has that one clothing item that they haven't worn out in years. Invite everyone to bring an old dress to your house. At the party, fix them up with buttons, pieces of fabric, or alter the style! Afterward, everyone can wear the dress they made for the rest of the night.

4. Slumber Party

Bachelorette party ideas can be easy and simple! For a stress-free option, just break out the sleeping bags, PJs, popcorn, and pizza. Bring out the chick flicks and get ready for a good old slumber party! Set up some board games and card games for some break time entertainment.

5. Casino Night In

Create game tables in your own home by painting old card tables you may have. Painting cardboard table pieces is a cheap alternative to going to the casino (or buying a casino table). Play with your own decks of cards and chips! If you're looking to one-up your fellow bridesmaids, consider watching Youtube tutorials of how to play beforehand. Some fun and easy casino games are Blackjack, Baccarat, and many others.

Have a Local Outing

Take the girls out for a fun outing with these super fun bachelorette party ideas!

6. Local Vacation Rental

This is one of our simpler bachelorette party ideas! Stay at a local vacation rental with enough room for everyone. This can either be a place far from home or close to home. Tip: Try to get a place with a hot tub or fire pit to make it more fun.

7. Local Winery

Head to a few local wineries and Uber home together afterward. To save money, consider booking a winery tour. Sometimes, tour companies offer fantastic deals (which end up being cheaper than the cost of traveling to individual wineries alone).

8. Tea Party

Plan a tea party with finger sandwiches, scones, and lots of tea. If you want to splurge, book one at a fancy hotel and dress up for the occasion or host an elegant garden tea party decorated with gorgeous floral arrangements.

9. Hit the Town

Looking to serenade the bride? Take your girlfriends out for dancing and karaoke! Karaoke bars are becoming more and more popular, so be sure to look at the different prices beforehand to get a great deal and to ensure they have what you want. Consider booking a private karaoke room for extra fun! Who knows? Maybe it'll allow for more singing turns!

10. Shopping

What’s more fun than shopping with your closest girlfriends? Hit the mall or outlets and let your friends pick out outfits they think would look great on the bride.

11. Theater

Is a trip to the theater on your list of bachelorette party ideas? Travel to see a Broadway or Off-Broadway show that everyone wants to see.

12. Drag Club

A visit to a drag club is an amazing experience that can be a lot of fun with some music and dancing. Make sure to bring dollar bills!

13. Strip Club

Strip clubs aren’t just for men! If they’re a little much for you, try an artful burlesque club.

14. Comedy Club

Call ahead and reserve the front row at a local comedy club. They may have special deals for bachelorette parties.

15. Concert

See your favorite artist perform live! Don't have an artist in mind? Check out an artist that you and your friends loved as kids.

16. Amusement Park

Seeking a thrill? Try out a roller coaster park. You can plan an exhilarating day with awesome rides and lunch at the park. Just make sure to check if the amusement park is open for the season!

17. Play Ball

Maybe out of all these bachelorette party ideas, you will want to choose something sports-related! If the bride in your life is a sports fanatic, visit a game. Eat some hot dogs, put on your baseball caps, and see if you can get some big screen time for the bride-to-be. You are sure to have a blast with this great idea!

18. Makeover

Makeover bachelorette party ideas are perfect for the girl who enjoys being pampered. Rent out a salon or have stylists come to your home for a pampering party. Once everyone's nails, makeup, and hair are done, you can go out for the night to celebrate! Plus, everyone can bring home personalized makeup bags as party favors!

19. The Crawl

Why choose just one bar when you could do a crawl to multiple local places? If you plan the route ahead of time, try and have a loose schedule to accommodate for travel time. Also, make sure you can walk to each bar easily. Check out the perfect nightclub to fit your group's style and the idea of a perfect night out!

20. Psychic Reading

Help your bride see into her future with a fortune teller, astrologer, or palm reader. Invite all of the guests to take turns after.

21. Go to a Casino

Wedding expenses can be quite costly! Give your friends the chance to win money with a trip to the casino. Plus, you’ll get free drinks while playing.

22. Disco Inferno

Channel your inner 80s fashion sense with some leg-warmers, scrunchies, and pops of color. Go to a club that plays the oldies and get ready to rock out!

23. Country Night

Is your bride a country girl at heart? Put on your cowboy hats and get ready for a night out in the country! A classic western bar is the perfect way to keep your bride happy. Plus, plenty of western bars have a big dance floor that will suit a large party!

24. Spa Party

Though we previously mentioned a makeover as one of our bachelorette party ideas, there can never be enough pampering. Take a trip to a local spa (or see if you can get professionals to come to you) for massages, facials, and nails, to have a relaxing spa day.

25. Limo Driven

Worried about who's going to drive during your bachelorette party? Hire a limousine to hit the town and drink wherever you want and as much as you want! Want room in your vehicle to stand up and dance? Rent the ultimate party bus and have a dance party to and from each party destination. If buses and limos aren’t your style, rent out some luxury cars for you and your friends to be driven around in. No matter which mode of transportation you choose, your bachelorette party will be unforgettable.

26. Painting Party

Many art studios hold painting classes. Sign up for a painting class, such as Wine & Design, where you can enjoy a glass or two during the two-hour art session. If you want to spice it up a bit you can sign your party up for a class like the Artful Bachelorette, where the task is to draw a male model.

Weekend Trip Bachelorette Party Ideas

27. Wine Tasting

Visit Napa Valley or call local wineries to set up a wine tasting. You can even let the bride try out some potential wines for the wedding.

28. Weekend Trip

Go away for the weekend or go on a cruise. Cruises are always fun - even ones that go nowhere! Go during the offseason for great packaged deals at affordable all-inclusive resorts. Make sure to consider how much time a cruise will take though, as some guests may not be able to stay for a long one.

29. Vegas!

Dance and drink with your girlfriends. You can try cuisine from different countries by visiting the themed hotels and casinos on the Strip. See if there is a fun concert or play that you can see while you’re there.

30. Camping

If your bride is a nature lover, consider taking her out into the great outdoors! Hit the road, bring your tent, and camp out at a location with natural scenery. You can never go wrong with a waterfall or a national park. If the bride wants a bit more luxury, consider a glamping retreat. Find a picturesque spot and set up stylish tents with comfortable furniture instead of sleeping bags, decorations, and amenities.

31. Ski trip

Hit the slopes with your guests. Be sure to also think about the ski levels of the group to ensure that everyone will have someone to enjoy skiing with. Additionally, meet at the lodge for some hot chocolate after.

32. Music Festival

Hear a variety of bands while enjoying the company of your closest friends. Be sure to find out which day works best for everyone and which bands will perform.

Sober Bachelorette Party Ideas

33. Pole Dancing Class

Learn some skills and let your girls get in touch with their inner bombshell. Feel confident and have a blast.

34. Trapeze Class

Try something new and daring by taking a trapeze class. Be sure to find out if there is a class limit before arriving at the trapeze location.

35. Scavenger Hunt

Hoping to unleash your creative side? Assign everyone to groups and send them around town to complete tasks. Possible tasks include getting 5 random people’s names, finding something unique, or taking a picture in front of a certain store. The group that finishes the most tasks on the list wins.

36. Belly Dancing Class

Belly dancing is a great way to get in touch with your inner dancer. Plus, its an amazing ab workout!

37. Make Your Own Pottery

Visit a local pottery studio for artistic expression. Consider creating pottery pieces that your bride can use. If the pottery studio allows food, consider bringing along your own food for snacking. Luckily, many places offer to ship pottery to prevent transportation damages.

38. Baking Class

Learn how to decorate cakes and cupcakes with a group baking class. It’s always fun to learn how to make something new, especially when it comes with a sweet treat at the end!

39. Adventure Bachelorette

If your bride loves the outdoors, try an adventurous activity, such as water rafting or horseback riding. Both are perfect for a medium-sized group.

40. Take a Hike

Find a hiking trail nearby to see some beautiful views. Pack a lunch and hike up to a spot where you can enjoy lunch on the trail.

41. Have Some Friendly Competition

Bachelorette party ideas don't have to be proper. While your group is out in the town why not have some friendly competition. Hit up a bowling alley or learn how to throw axes and a local ax-throwing destination.

42. Spend a Day Out on the Water

Rent a speedboat and head out to the water for your bride’s “last sail before the veil.” This activity is perfect for a group that may have non-drinkers! It's also perfect for those who just want to have a fun, calm day out on the lake or the ocean. Want to take things up a notch? Take your wedding crew out onto the water by chartering a private yacht and make your bachelorette party one to remember.

43. Yoga

Book a yoga class for you and your besties! It is a great way to wind down and relax before beginning the day’s festivities. If the bride is a fan of the outdoors, you might consider a yoga retreat that takes place in a serene natural setting. Take it to the next level by adding animals to your yoga experience. Include puppies, kittens, or even goats to really bring out the nature-lover in everyone. If animals aren’t your thing, you might be interested in trying paddleboard yoga where you can practice poses while enjoying stand-up paddleboarding.

44. Volunteer

If your bride is not one for being the center of attention, shift the attention to those in need. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities out there! Consider what causes are really important to the group and spend the day lending a helping hand. Volunteer to serve meals at a soup kitchen, clean up a local park, or participate in a charity 5K together.

Luxurious Bachelorette Party Ideas

45. Glamour Photoshoot

Gather your friends and prepare to strike a pose with a glamorous bachelorette party photoshoot. With a professional photographer to help control the lighting, visuals, and styling, your party will truly be picture perfect.

46. Elegant Dining Experience

Are you craving something special for your bachelorette party? If so, try hiring a private chef to come cook for you and your friends. Not only will the food be gourmet, but you will also be able to enjoy it from the comfort of your own home! If you prefer to go out, make reservations at a Michelin-star restaurant to enjoy some of the finest culinary creations your town can offer.

47. Jewelry Making Class

Hire a professional jewelry maker and take a private class on how to design and create different jewelry styles. Unleash everyone’s creativity with this class, some of your guests may even wear these pieces to your wedding.

48. Extravagant Scenic Tours

It’s time to take to the skies! Gather some of your closest family members and friends and book a private helicopter tour. Choose any destination you desire and then sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful aerial views. If you’re not a fan of flying, rent out a car on a vintage train and take a scenic ride while enjoying comfortable seating and gourmet meals.

49. VIP Club Experience

Want to feel like a celebrity for a night? Arrange a VIP experience at your favorite club and enjoy premium perks like bottle service, priority entrance, and private seating throughout the evening.

50. Destination Spa Experience - merge with Spa Party

To further immerse yourself in relaxation, try booking a trip to a luxury spa. Whether it’s beachside or mountain view, you are sure to enjoy yourself.

51. Shopping Experience - merge with Shopping

Want to make this outing a bit more fancy? Hire a personal shopper and let them take you to exclusive boutiques for some high-end shopping.

52. Tour an Art Gallery

If you are a fan of fine arts, book a private tour of an art gallery. You will get to appreciate beautiful artwork while also having full access to your own personal guide.

53. Private Cocktail Masterclass

It’s time for everyone to raise their glass to the bride. Hire a professional mixologist to teach you and your bachelorette squad how to make signature cocktails. Cheers to a fun evening!

54. Equestrian Getaway

If you love horses and the outdoors, then this equestrian-themed escape will be perfect for you. Stay at a luxury ranch or resort that offers horseback riding lessons and tours. Everyone can learn some horseback riding skills while admiring the beauty of the landscapes around you.

55. Luxury Rooftop Party

Are you looking for a fun-filled and lively night of music, dancing, and drinks? If so, skip going to a bar and rent out a rooftop instead! You can have it decorated with different lights, a dance floor, plush seating, and a private bar. Make the night even better by hiring a private DJ or musician.

Outdoor Bachelorette Party Ideas

56. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Let your bachelorette party soar to new heights by taking a beautiful hot air balloon ride. Gather your closest friends and family to enjoy the serene ride and wonderful views with you.

57. Park Picnic

If you enjoy nature and the simple things in life, a picnic in the park is a great way to spend your bachelorette party. Gather your friends, pack some delectable snacks and drinks, and, of course, engage in conversations and laughter.

58 Trip to the Beach

Time to soak up the Sun! Enjoy a relaxing trip to the beach where you can feel the sand between your toes, take a dip in the ocean, and listen to the calming sounds of the crashing waves. It’s the perfect way to have a carefree and blissful bachelorette.

59. Stargazing

For the outdoors-loving brides who are looking for a more unique way to spend their bachelorette party, plan a stargazing retreat. You can cozy up under the night sky and gaze up at the twinkling stars. You might even want to hire an astronomer for the night to teach you about different constellations, planets, and galaxies.

60. Crystal Healing Workshop

Learn about the healing power of crystals by taking an outdoor crystal healing workshop. Take any outdoor venue and transform it by setting up a cozy lounge area. Then, hire a meditation leader to guide you through crystal rituals and meditation exercises.

61. Henna Party

Enjoy the creativity that comes with henna tattoos at your bachelorette party. Set up an outdoor seating area, turn some music on, and hire a henna artist to come and create intricate designs for everyone. To boost relaxation, you might even consider burning some incense.

Adventure Bachelorette Party Ideas

62. Go Skydiving

Take your celebration to new heights by going skydiving. Any thrill-seeking bride-to-be will love this outing where you get to experience breathtaking views and a rush of adrenaline.

63. Ziplining

If you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure, try ziplining. You and your friends could take a zipline tour through lush forests and stunning landscapes, forming memories that will last a lifetime. If you are looking for even more excitement, you might consider finding a tree-top adventure park where you can zipline in addition to conquering aerial obstacle courses.

64. Rock Climbing or Cave Exploring

If the bride prefers a more physical outing, embark on a rock-climbing or cave exploration expedition. You can hire a professional guide to lead you on a fun and exhilarating tour of different rock formations, rugged terrain, and hidden rock chambers.

65. Paragliding

Kick off your bachelorette party by taking a paragliding adventure with your friends. Experience gorgeous views while you glide through air, securely harness to a parachute.

66. Zorbing or Flyboarding

If your bride is looking for a more unique way to seek adventure, try zorbing or flyboarding. With zorbing, you enjoy the sensation of tumbling by rolling down a hill or slope inside a large transparent ball. On the other hand, flyboarding involves using a water jetpack to propel you into the air.

67. Sandboarding

Create unforgettable memories during your bachelorette party by going sandboarding. Find a desert or some sand dunes, and then have a blast gliding down the slopes on special-made sandboards.

68. Bungee Jumping

Take a leap of faith during your celebration and go bungee jumping. Whether you do it on a trampoline or jump from a high platform, you are sure to have a blast!

69. ATV Excursion

Looking to get down and dirty during your bachelorette party? If so, go on an ATV or off-road buggy excursion where you can drive through mud, dirt, and sand while taking in beautiful sites of the landscapes around you.

Food and Drink Bachelorette Party Ideas

70. Craft Beer Tour

Indulge in a beer tour where you explore different craft breweries and taste a variety of beers. Gather your closest friends and family members, and raise your glasses to a delightful bachelorette party.

71. Cooking Class

If you’re looking for a hands-on experience that also helps you learn a new skill, try taking a cooking class during your bachelorette party. Under the guidance of a skilled chef, your party goers can learn how to properly prepare gourmet foods. For example, you could all learn how to bake homemade, fresh bread. Or, you could take a class on the art of pickling and preserving where you can pickle different vegetables and prepare tasty jams.

72. DIY Food Night

Add a dash of creativity and tastiness to your bachelorette party by hosting a dinner party where you make your own food. Try a DIY pizza night where guests can use various toppings and ingredients to make personalized pizza. Or, you might want to try a sushi-rolling dinner party where guests can learn how to make their own sushi rolls.

73. Outdoor Sweets

Satisfy your sweet tooth at your bachelorette party by treating everyone to a lovely selection of sweets in the outdoors. For a more modern twist, try finding a food truck to cater to your event and serve different desserts like cupcakes, crepes, and donuts. Or, for a classic touch, set up an ice cream sundae bar outside. For a healthier selection, find a farmer’s market and have everyone expand their palate by tasting different exotic fruits.

74. Coffee Workshop

If the bride is a coffee-lover, then a coffee cupping workshop is a great way to spend part of a bachelorette party. Hire a coffee connoisseur to teach you about different coffee beans while you enjoy different aromas and appreciate nuanced flavors.

Cultural Bachelorette Party Ideas

75. Film Festival

For the movie-loving bride, attending a film festival is a fantastic way to spend a bachelorette party. Gather some friends, enjoy some popcorn, and embrace the thrill of the big-screen.

76. A Night at the Opera

To elevate feelings of elegance and culture, spend your bachelorette party at the opera. You and your friends can get dressed up and then head to the opera house to enjoy enchanting music.

77. Attend a TED Talk or Lecture

If you are curious about learning new things, try attending a lecture or TED Talk for a unique bachelorette party experience. Gather your bridal group and get ready to be exposed to interesting ideas and thought-provoking discussions.

78. Make a Music Video

If you are in the mood to get creative during a bachelorette party, make a music video to the bride’s favorite song. You can hire a videographer to handle all the filming and then have a blast with your friends while making memories that will last a lifetime.

79. Cultural Workshop

Immerse yourself in a cross-cultural experience by taking different workshops with your friends and, or family. You can learn about different crafts, music, dances, or traditions from other cultures. Or, you could learn different conversational skills and basic phrases in a foreign language.

80. Visual Arts Class

Unleash an artistic flair by spending part of your bachelorette party at an art class. You could practice decorative handwriting by learning how to write in calligraphy, or, explore different brush techniques by learning how to properly paint.

Relaxing Bachelorette Party Ideas

81. Movie Marathon

Select some of the bride’s favorite movies and cozy-up for a movie night at home. Set up seating with comfy pillows and blankets, make tasty snacks, grab the remote, and then enjoy your night.

82. Book Club

If your bride is a book-lover, set up a mini book club meeting for a relaxing twist on a bachelorette party. Pick one of the bride’s favorite books, or a book she wants to read, and then have family and friends gather to discuss it.

83. Aromatherapy

For a really calming bachelorette party, attend an aromatherapy class. You can learn about essential oils and then make your own blend to boost therapeutic benefits and an overall sense of well-being.

84. Relaxing Workshops

Embark on a journey of relaxation during your bachelorette party by taking different relaxation workshops. You could attend a journaling workshop where you get to focus on yourself and reflect on your emotions, thoughts, and aspirations. Or, you might be interested in a laughter seminar where you release stress by engaging in laughter yoga and playful exercises.

85. Soothing Therapy

Enjoy your bachelorette party by immersing yourself in a series of blissful experiences. Start by exploring flotation therapy where you float weightlessly in a water tank to help relieve stress and anxiety. Continue your day of relaxation by attending an animal-assisted therapy session where you interact with gentle animals to generate feelings of comfort. Wrap up your day by taking a peaceful hike to an outdoor hot spring. Feel free to pack a swimsuit so you can fully enjoy the mineral-rich waters.

Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

86. Ghost Tour

For brides seeking a spooky thrill on their bachelorette party, embark on a local ghost tour. Explore haunted sites, scary stories, and local legends on a night out with your friends for an unforgettable adventure.

87. Salsa Dancing

Get groovy at your bachelorette party by taking an energetic salsa dancing lesson. Learn new dance moves, appreciate the music, and enjoy a lively celebration with your family and friends.

88. Escape Room

For the bride who enjoys riddles and clues, book an escape room challenge for a fun activity to do during a bachelorette party. Gather a group of friends and then collaborate with them to solve intricate mysteries that will help you escape the room.

89. Improv Workshop

Explore the worlds of theater and comedy by taking an improv workshop during your bachelorette party. You can learn improv acting techniques, play fun games, and develop hilarious scenes with your friends.

90. Glassblowing

For a really unique and artistic take on a bachelorette party, participate in a glassblowing class. Ignite your creativity by learning how to make beautiful glass pieces molded into captivating shapes.

91. Paintball or Laser Tag

If you are looking for an exhilarating activity to do during your bachelorette party, consider playing paintball or laser tag with your friends. These action-packed games will require teamwork, strategy, and a little bit of friendly competition, and they will surely result in an enjoyable time.

Themed Bachelorette Party Ideas

92. Murder Mystery Night

Step into a world of suspense by throwing an intriguing murder mystery party. Assign your guests different roles, hand out props, and unravel clues in this thrilling whodunit experience.

93. Enchanted Garden Party

If you are looking to create a whimsical atmosphere, consider throwing an enchanted garden party themed bachelorette party. Create delicate floral arrangements, set up twinkling lights, and have your guests dress in pastel-colored flowy outfits or costumes. For an extra magical touch, consider decorating food and cocktails with flavorful edible flowers.

94. Sci-Fi Space Theme

Shoot for the stars during your bachelorette party by throwing a space-themed party. Decorate your venue with futuristic decor and have your guests dress as different sci-fi characters to really make your party be “out of this world.”

95. Tropical Paradise Party

If you want a tropical bachelorette party but are nowhere near a beach, fear not! Consider throwing a paradise-themed bachelorette party with vibrant floral decor and tiki-inspired drinks. Embrace the island-spirit by having guests dress in tropical clothing, and hand out floral leis as party favors.

96. Fantasy Masquerade Ball

Create a night of enchantment by throwing a masquerade ball-themed bachelorette party. Have guests wear intricate masks and costumes, and set up elegant decor to match the theme. You might even consider playing some classical music for everyone to dance to.

97. Under the Sea Theme

If your bride is a fan of the sea, throw an underwater-themed bachelorette party. Decorate the venue with shiny seashells, colorful coral, and cute sea creature cutouts. To add a drop of fantasy, add some mermaid decorations and have your guests dress in shades of blue and green to match the ocean.

98. SuperHero Party

If the bride is a fan of superheroes, have all the guests dress up as their favorite superhero or as characters from the bride’s favorite superhero movie. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of playfulness to any bachelorette party.

Wholesome Bachelorette Party Ideas

99. Random Acts of Kindness

If you are looking for an uplifting way to spend your bachelorette party, try dedicating a day or two to committing random acts of kindness in your neighborhood. You can volunteer at a local animal shelter, hand out positive notes to strangers, create care packages for those in need, or even gather your friends to plant some trees. No matter the kind gesture you choose, it will definitely be appreciated!

100. Time Capsule

Gather the bride and a group of her friends to create a time capsule filled with heartfelt memories. Have everyone bring something that reminds them of the bride, close the capsule, and then open it in a couple years on the anniversary of the bride’s bachelorette party. For an added bit of affection, have everyone make video messages dedicated to the bride with bits of advice, warm wishes, and heartwarming stories. These videos can be saved on a flashdrive and stored in the time capsule.

101. Fashion Swap

If you are a fan of sustainability, host a fashion swap at your bachelorette party. Guests can bring gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories, and then trade with each other while trying out new styles in an eco-friendly way.

102. Friendship Bracelets

Finally, for a simple and wholesome way to connect with your guests, host a friendship bracelet exchange at your bachelorette party. Have guests use different colored strings, beads, and bands to create unique bracelets and then have guests swap with each other. This event is such a heartfelt way to represent the bond between friends and it will be remembered for years to come.

Bachelorette Party Ideas: Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed this adventurous list of bachelorette party ideas. There are many ideas perfect for any type of bride and we hope you find the one that best fits the group. If you enjoyed this blog, you may enjoy our others at!

Once you have figured out the perfect bachelorette party theme and idea, feel free to check out more information on the ideal bachelorette party decorations, gifts, budget, renting supplies, etc. EasyEventPlanning even has an amazing bachelorette party checklist for you to help plan your party and be certain you have everything you need to make your party a complete success!

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