Bar Mitzvah Decorations - 22 Strong Ideas To Liven Up Your Party!

Bar Mitzvah Decorations - 22 Strong Ideas To Liven Up Your Party!

Extraordinary Bar Mitzvah Decorations

A Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a unique experience and only comes along once in a lifetime for a child. Here at Easy Event Planning, we believe that decorating for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah shouldn’t break the bank. Let this list of 22 Bar Mitzvah decorations and party ideas help create an event your child and guests will remember forever.

Extraordinary Bar Mitzvah Decorations

Themed Bar Mitzvah Decoration Ideas

Themed Bar Mitzvah Decoration Ideas

1. Sugar Factory

This theme is a kid's dream come true. Set up some cotton candy centerpieces, a candy bar or ice cream display, and whimsical pastel colors to create a sweet setup. With this set of Bar Mitzvah decorations even your adult guests will feel like a kid in a candy shop!

2. Sports

Incorporate elements of your child’s favorite sport or team. If you your child wants a soccer theme, cover the walls in posters, jerseys, and silhouettes of soccer players. You can also use trophies as table centerpieces and place down a green table cloth and a turf entryway to create a soccer arena feel. There are endless sports themed party decorations and ideas to choose from for your Bar Mitzvah decorations! At the end of the night, send your guests off with some sports-themed party favors like baseball cards or a miniature football.

3. Hollywood

Roll out the red carpet for this momentous occasion (literally). Choose your child’s favorite movie, like Star Wars or James Bond, and plan the party around it. Hang movie posters throughout the venue and use a projector to play the film onto an empty wall. You could also simulate a celebrity awards night with all these Hollywood themed decorations and have your family and friends act as paparazzi at the entrance.

4. Video Games

Bring your child’s favorite hobby or specific video game to life with your Bar Mitzvah decorations. If your boy or girl is obsessed with Minecraft, stack up painted cardboard boxes across the room, and use green table mats or use some Minecraft party supplies. If your child loves anything to do with Pokémon, make Pokeball cupcakes, have them play pin the tail on the Pikachu, hang cutouts of any bat Pokémon of their choice across the ceiling or use Pokémon party supplies.

If he/she is into older games, decorate the walls to make them look like a giant PacMan game. If you don’t want to go for a specific game, you can project a gaming system screen onto a wall, which acts as a decoration and an activity to keep your guests busy and happy!

5. Neon Night

All of your guests will be glowing with excitement for these themed Bar Mitzvah decorations! Line the walls in black paper and let the colorful neon lighting do the rest. Your child and guests will feel like they've entered an electric and futuristic world. Hang neon signs above the entryways, create glow stick centerpieces, and set up glow in the dark graffiti paint stations that act as a colorful decoration and a fun activity that all guests will love. If you want to go all out, Bar/Bat Mitzvah entertainment companies like Hart to Hart provide incredible light up lounge furniture, centerpieces, and dance floors that change colors throughout the night!

6. Winter Wonderland

This Bar/Bat Mitzvah party theme works great for the winter season. Set up a projector to create the illusion of snowflakes gliding down the walls and hang white and blue balloons and streamers across the ceiling. You can also sprinkle fake snow across the floor along with shiny snowflake-shaped confetti to bring the theme to life. These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. There are endless affordable and easy decoration options that can help you bring the magical winter wonderland to life for your child's big day!

7. Tzedakah

A fall theme could center around charity.  For this party, you only need simple décor to make a lasting impression. One way to do this is to use burlap fabric as your tablecloths and create centerpieces out of bushels of apples you and your family picked together. A note attached to the table can explain the charitable theme by explaining you will be donating the apples to the local food pantry.

8. Science

Bust out your lab coats and safety goggles. Let your children live out their dream of becoming a scientist. With decorations like models of molecules, test tubes, flasks, microscopes, and an exciting mixture of "solutions", you will be sure to have a blast. 

9. Tropical 

Take your guest on a vacation to a tropical island through decorations like palm trees, exotic flowers, pineapple, and ocean decors. Spice up your drink menu with little colorful umbrellas. 

General Bar Mitzvah Decorations

General Bar Mitzvah Decorations

10. Balloon Sculptures

Balloons can be twisted into any shape imaginable, from humans to inanimate objects, and can be made to fit any theme of Bar Mitzvah decorations, from formal to festive. They can even be made into large architectural sculptures, like a canopy over the dance floor. They make for fun and exciting decorations for your Bat or Bar Mitzvah.

11. Banners

Bar Mitzvah banners are exciting ideas for decorations. Have them personalized to match the party theme have your child's name written in large letters across it. You can hang a banner over the entrance or on the walls of the party space. They give any party a nice, personal touch.

12. Star of David Lights

White light strings are a terrific way to show off your Bar or Bat Mitzvah party decoration supplies. You can line them along the walls or drape them across the ceiling. Choose Star of David lights to give a traditional element to your Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

13. Mazel Tov Confetti

Brighten up your tables and dance floor by scattering around some Mazel Tov confetti. While confetti can be a pain to clean up, it’s an affordable and effective way to make the place sparkle.

14. Candle Lights

For the Bar/Bat Mitzvah candle lighting ceremony, consider a candle display to match the party theme. This can include color matching with candle holders or having your child’s name in big letters and cutouts of athletes or video game consoles on the sides, you can create a personalized and unforgettable display.

15. Light-Up glasses

Make your tables pop with light-up glassware. You can find them in many different colors, so choose ones that fit your Bar or Bat Mitzvah colors to accent your other Bar/Bat Mitzvah décor supplies. Some glasses even project text or images to enhance your theme. These glasses are most effective in a darkened party area, but they are sure to brighten your party wherever they are. You can also include some cool light-up centerpieces that can change colors throughout the night and make your Bar Mitzvah decorations shine!

16. Lighting

Using lighting is an inexpensive way to bring party themes to life. You can use colored lighting to set the mood. Try creating a winter wonderland simply by training a blue light on a white wall. Lights themselves often make great decorations. For example, you can use a starry sky night light projector onto the ceiling for a “night under the stars” party, or you can use a projector to play a video montage of childhood photos onto the walls.

17. Sign In Book

A sign-in book is a wonderful way for your guests to write heartfelt messages to your child. It also can act as an eye-catching Bar Mitzvah decoration! Get creative and figure out ways to make your guest book unique. You can purchase a blank puzzle board and have each guest write on one of the pieces, or purchase a large wooden cutout of your child's initials for them to sign!

18. Glow Sticks 

Glow sticks are an inexpensive and efficient alternative for lights to make your party that much more festive. Depending on the color of the glow sticks, it will create a different effect. Want to have a rustic theme for your party with wooden tables/chairs and bohemian decors? Yellow and orange glow sticks is your answer. If a futuristic/ techno party is more your style, the combination of all the colors of glow sticks will make your party more memorable. 

19. Flowers

The flower is an essential part of any party. Not only does it make a great centerpiece for the table, but it also adds a pop of color to your party.

DIY Bar Mitzvah Decorations

DIY Bar Mitzvah Decorations
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20. Feather Centerpieces

Using feathers instead of flowers for a fun and colorful set of bouquet Bar Mitzvah decorations gives the party a festive twist. Simply fill a vase with colored water and arrange large faux feathers inside. You can also use a mix of feathers and flowers for an attractive and unique design. These bouquets make great table centerpieces. Whatever your theme is, allow your centerpieces to enhance the party aesthetic and grab your guests' attention.

21. Linen Art

Napkin and linen animals and sculptures can make fun decorations.  You can fold cloth napkins to look like swans or towels to look like elephants. There are many other designs to choose from and with colored napkins, you can make them any color you like. These can serve as centerpiece Bar Mitzvah decorations. Tying them into the theme works when you choose sea creatures to match a beach theme or animals native to Africa for a safari theme.

22. Backdrops

Make your Bar or Bat Mitzvah come to life by setting a scene. Use Bat Mitzvah party decor to create a large-scale backdrop. For instance, if you are having a cruise-themed party, paint the view from the deck on a large piece of paper or muslin with a blue sky and a choppy ocean with a couple of seabirds. Backdrops do not need to be intricate to achieve the desired effect. Take fun pictures, create a hashtag, and have guests post them to Instagram.

23. Wooden Table Numbers

An affordable and fun option is to buy blank wooden table numbers and paint them to match the overall party theme. All you need is a creative imagination and a few art supplies to make your tables pop. If you have a starry night theme, paint the numbers black, then go back to paint in stars in glow-in-the-dark paint. If the party has a sports theme, paint the numbers the color of your kid's favorite team. The possibilities are endless!

24. Ceiling Draping

Using colorful plastic tablecloths can create a beautiful ceiling effect for your Bat or Bar Mitzvah decorations. One way is to cut them into long strips and attach one end to the center of the room and the other farther away so that there is a drape in the middle. Repeat this process so that you have a pinwheel design. Or you can keep the tablecloths intact and just drape them in rows so that the entire ceiling is covered. 

25. Memory Wall

A memory wall can be a sentimental and interactive decoration. Pin up photos from his/her childhood that work as great talking points with your guests. You can even ask your guests to bring pictures from their Bar or Bat Mitzvahs to build a wall of stories and experiences.

26. DIY Photo Booth

While a memory wall celebrates the past, a photo booth can help document the present. Allow your child and guests to remember this night forever with fun photo mementos taken with the people they care about in front of an Instagrammable backdrop.

27. Goodies bag

It's always nice to have your guest leave with not only good memories but also something they can take home after the party. It can be candies, stickers, or a themed item with the thank you card. 


Finding the right Bar Mitzvah decorations can enhance an already special and momentous occasion. The event setup doesn't have to be expensive either. These were the top 22 decoration options that would fit nicely for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. If you would like to see more content and inspirational posts please check out the articles on easy event planning.

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Written by Jessica Bundy; Contributors: Becky Smith, Marianne Vanderbeke, Anna Ross, Ana Fabijanic and Chau Nguyen.