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35 Fun Beach Theme Bridal Shower Ideas

Updated on: Apr 12, 2023

35 Fun Beach Theme Bridal Shower Ideas

Planning the perfect bridal shower can be very overwhelming and feel like an impossible task. This blog includes fun beach theme bridal shower ideas, from games to drinks, party supplies, decorations, and desserts. We can also help with etiquette and refinery while maintaining your style. We are here to help make the planning process as easy as possible. By adding some of these beach theme bridal shower decorations to your event, you will have the most beautiful and memorable bridal shower ever.

Creating a budget is one of the first steps to throwing an amazing Bridal Shower. You want to make sure you don't break the bank when trying to have a good time. A budget means that you need to establish a thorough checklist of items you want to include in your party. It's also important to determine the type of theme you want for your party, which in this case, is beach-themed. Once everything is sorted out, it's time to start planning!

Beach Theme Bridal Shower Preparations

1. Getting the Bridal Shower Crew Ready 

Get the bridal crew together and bring them out to the spa the day before the bridal shower for full mani/pedis and massages. This is a fun way to get the bride's bridal shower crew ready for a big day on the beach and also keep the bride relaxed, as planning events like these can be stressful. 

2. Location 

The ideal location for this bridal shower would be right on the beach! Of course, if you don't have access to the beach, any outdoor area would work just fine. Even if you must hold the event indoors, there are many ways to make that location feel beachy. The indoor locations could also go for an "under the sea" theme and have unique blue lights and streamers to give an under the water feel. 

3. Color Scheme 

The color scheme is essential for all events and especially important for the perfect beach-theme bridal shower. For your beach theme shower, you can use the colors white, yellow, and blue. Of course, you can use other colors and get the same effect. Here are a few color scheme examples: 1.) hues of sea glass green, 2.) shades of cream and white, 3.) teal, turquoise, and blue, 4.) peach, light blue, and pink.

Beach Theme Bridal Shower Decorations

When thinking of decorations for your bridal shower, there are many things you need to consider. Since you are planning a beach-themed shower, consider the type of setting you are going for. Whether it's boho, chic, or elegant, your decorations can reflect the vibe you're going for. Pick a color scheme, then go from there. Once you have the logistics figured out, decorating will be a breeze!

4. Pampas Grass

When decorating for a beach-themed party, pampas grass is the perfect addition. Fill your space with this boho decoration and watch your venue transform. You can place the grass in a clear vase filled with turquoise marbles or a simple white vase.

5. Starfish and Seashells

Nothing says the ocean like a table full of starfish and seashells. Place these pieces in the center of the table or around the centerpieces. You can also add succulents to the mix or corals! Make sure to include sand as well.

6. Flowers and Centerpieces

Stunning floral arrangements are perfect for your bridal shower. Depending on your color scheme, they can add a pop of color and complete the table decor. If you choose not to use flowers, tall candles and greenery are perfect! Another piece of beach decor could be driftwood!

7. Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands are classic decorations for any and every party. You can stick to the beach theme with a mermaid-inspired arch or a simple ocean-style arch. You can also place fishnet around the balloons or throughout the rest of the party.

8. Candles

Placing candles throughout the space gives the party a beautiful ambiance. You can place tea lights on the table and candle holders for the larger candles. You can also wrap the candles in twine!

9. Wedding Date Banner

What's a party without a banner? Customize a wedding date banner for the perfect bridal shower. You can even DIY a banner if you're feeling creative. Simply purchase a sand-colored banner and paint the wedding date yourself! You can use seashells, starfish, and mermaid stencils or try freehand. You can also use a nautical-themed banner in place of the wedding date.

Beach Theme Bridal Shower Favors

Party favors are an essential part of the planning process. Make sure to include favors your guests will love. Whether it's a personalized wine glass or sunglasses, your guests will be delighted!

10. Engraved Champagne Flutes

The girls will love this cute customized party gift! Make it personal by adding their names or simply write "bridesmaids." You can then drink from the glasses at the party!

11. Bridal Shower Champagne Bottle Labels

Print these customized champagne labels and wrap them around the mini champagne bottles. This party gift will go wonderfully with the champagne flutes we mentioned above.

12. Mini Succulents

Everyone loves getting themselves a new plant to take care of. That being said, not everyone can keep their plants alive. That's why a mini succulent is perfect! They're easy to take care of and super cute!

13. Flip Flop Bottle Opener

To stick to the beach theme, get your guests these cute flip-flop-shaped bottle openers. If you want to make them more personal, engrave them with their names or the date of the shower! You can also get bottle openers that are of all different shapes and sizes.

14. Sand Dollar Soap

Sand dollars are beautiful creations of the sea and a really neat shape for soap party favors. Place the sand dollar soap in these cute party boxes and tie it closed with a ribbon.

15. Bridesmaid Beach Tote Bags 

A great party favor could be custom beach tote bags with either the bride and groom's names on them or their guest names. The tote bag can be filled with beach-themed items like mini sunscreens, sunglasses, beach scented candles, and sun hats. This will give guests something they can cherish and use for years to come, rather than just a standard thank you card that would get thrown away. 

Beach Theme Bridal Shower Food/Drink Ideas

When planning your bridal shower, you'll want to consider the type of food you want to serve to your guests. Because this shower is beach-themed, you should serve seafood and themed drinks. Also, you should include foods for those individuals who are unable to eat shellfish.

16. Raw Bar

Nothing says the beach like a full-blown raw bar. Your guests will love the selection of seafood and rave about the deliciousness. Serve the food on a tray or platter. You can also purchase labels for the different foods!

17. Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Now, if you're like everyone else in the world, bacon-wrapped anything sounds delicious. Serve bacon-wrapped shrimp to your guests as an appetizer. You can use white serving trays to hand out the shrimp.

18. Caprese Skewers

You can never go wrong with tomato, basil, mozzarella, and balsamic glaze. Use these small wooden skewers to thread the food through. Then, pass the finished product out to your guests upon arrival, and listen to your guests rave about the freshness.

19. Beach Drinks

Be sure to have an endless supply of Pina Coladas and Mai Tais! These beach-themed drinks will make your guests feel like they're on a tropical vacation! Also, Corona Light buckets can be served at each table. Corona always says, "Find your Beach!" Another fun beach-themed idea could be drinking from a coconut or serving coconut drinks! Not only do they taste great, but sipping out of an actual coconut with a funky-looking straw looks great on camera! 

20. One Tier Beach-Themed Cake

A beach-themed cake with edible shells, starfish, and sand is the perfect cake for the event. You can also use a shell-shaped cookie cutter to make fun beach cookies to go along with the cake. 

Beach Theme Bridal Shower Games and Activities

What's the best way to break the ice? Below, we've listed a few fun games and activities you and your guests can play during the shower. This is an amazing opportunity to take cute pictures and create memories that'll last a lifetime.

21. A Message In a Bottle

What are your wishes and advice for the bride-to-be? Have the guests write their wishes and advice to the couple on a piece of paper. Then place the pieces in a glass bottle with a cork. You can wrap the bottles in twine for decoration. This gives the guests another opportunity to spread their love to the bride and groom. 

22. Would She Rather

Give each guest a card to write their answers on. The host will read the two options out loud then the guests will try to guess which choice the bride would choose. She will then reveal her answer, and whoever gets the most answers right wins! Make sure to have a few prizes on hand to give to the winners. There are also pre-made "would she rather" game sheets available for purchase!

23. Photo Booth

The photo booth would be a fun event for the guests and an excellent way for everyone to leave with a photo memory. It would help if you had fun props like snorkels, surfboards, funny sunglasses, coconuts, and other beach props for the photo booth. If your photo booth is outdoors on the beach, you can have even more fun items like pool floats and sandcastles. 

24. Let's Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Friends and family will love this activity. All guests are given a notecard to write down their favorite memory of the bride. The host will then read each one out loud to the group. The bride will then try to guess who the memory is from. If the bride guesses incorrectly, that person wins a prize!

25. Bridal Bingo

Give each guest a bridal bingo card. The guests will then fill in each space with gifts they think the bride will receive. They will then mark the squares as the bride opens her gifts. The person to get five in a row wins! Instead of the card reading "Bingo" across the top, it can say "Beach," and guests can play for fun beach-theme prizes!

Beach Theme Bridal Shower Party Supplies

All bridal showers need similar supplies; however, you can also do your best to match the supplies to the beach theme. Anything from silverware to water dispensers to dessert trays, you can never have enough!

26. Bridal Shower Signs

Let your guests know where everything is! Customize the signs to match the theme, or be creative and use a chalkboard! Have someone write their wedding date on the chalkboard and surround it with cute drawings of fish, seashells, and mermaids.

27. Dessert Toppers

Whether you're serving cupcakes or cookies, top your desserts off with cute beach-themed toppers. An example might be a seashell or mermaid.

28. Tablecloth

Use a cloth table cover or table runner on all of the tables. Make sure your cloth matches the color scheme and add cute additions such as netting or confetti.

29. Ocean Style Plates

The guests cannot wait to eat, so why not give them beautiful plates to eat on! Choose plates that match the color scheme and watch the party come together. You can also use bamboo plates for appetizers and hand food.

30. Wine Glasses

Nothing says bridal shower like wine! You can use stemless wine glasses or regular glasses. Make sure to purchase a selection of wine for your guests to choose from and get the party started!

Beach Theme Bridal Shower Invitations

31. Sea Turtle Bridal Shower Invitation

Creating a beach theme bridal shower means you're also celebrating the ocean. If the bride-to-be is a sea turtle fan, this invitation is perfect. It is also perfect for a blue a white color scheme! Seal the envelope with these cute bridal shower stickers!

32. Starfish Bridal Shower Invitation

If you use starfish as one of your decorations, use an invitation like the one below. Customize the invitation and seal them in a beige envelope.

teal invitation with a starfish and white lights

33. Wedding Dress Bridal Shower Invitation

This invitation is beautifully unique. The wedding dress is adorable, and the seashells at the bottom make it the perfect invitation for a beach-themed bridal shower! You can even seal the envelope with customized stickers!

teal invitation with a white wedding dress and seashells

34. Boho Beach Bridal Shower Online Invitation

If the bride has a bohemian style, these invitations are perfect. This invitation will translate to the party decorations and create the most wonderful memories. It also makes it easier to use an online invitation like the one below!

invitation with a beach and table with drinks

35. Sandy Toes Bridal Shower Invitation

These invitations are a little cheesy, but they're perfect for this beach theme bridal shower. You could also include signs and favors that coordinate with the invitation!

wood planks and palm tree invitation


Hopefully, after reading this article, you feel better prepared for your special day. We hope you found these ideas for a beach theme bridal shower helpful! The beach is calling your name. Enjoy the sun and get ready to throw the perfect beach-themed bridal shower!


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