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Best Gift for New Moms: 24 Ideas for Mom and Baby

Updated on: Apr 29, 2023

Best Gift for New Moms: 24 Ideas for Mom and Baby

Do you know someone who has recently become a new mother and are wondering what type of gift to get for them? This article has some of the best gift ideas for new mothers ranging from self-care items for mom to cute cuddly items for the baby. Let us help ease your shopping stress by providing you with great ideas for the best gift for new moms.

Best Gifts for New Moms: Self-Care

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1. Keep Her Glowing with Face Serum 

Becoming a new mother comes with lots of new responsibilities, but did you know it comes with dry skin too (especially if breastfeeding)? Send the new mothers in your life a moisturizing facial serum that will help keep their skin soft and bright. This serum is Amazon’s Choice and it uses coconut oil to provide daily moisture.

2. Help Her Catch Some Z’s with a Sleep Mask

It can be exhausting having a newborn! That's why the best gift for new moms is a sleeping mask. This memory foam mask will be comfortable on the face while also blocking out all light, providing mom with a nice nap or restful nights sleep.

6. Give Her a Mom Journal

A mother shares countless moments with her child. The best gift for new moms is a Mom Journal. Give her a place to record the milestones and the memories they share together. You could give her a journal that is blank and let the new mother choose how to fill the pages, or you could get a journal with questions and prompts to help mom get all the details, even the ones she may not think to write down. 

7. A Postpartum Recovery Kit is What Every New Mom Needs

This self-care gift is probably the most practical of them all. Help the new mom you are shopping for recover a little easier. This Postpartum Recovery Kit has a bundle of things for both mom and baby in it. 

Best Gifts for New Moms: Most Useful

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8. Get Her a Slow Cooker For Fast and Easy Meals

A new mom has no time to spend standing over a hot stove cooking dinner every day. Buy that woman a slow cooker so she can set it and forget it! By getting the new mom in your life a slow cooker you are giving her an easy, but delicious dinner while she tends to her other tasks of her never ending day.

10. A Book About Motherhood

Any mother can tell you that motherhood is not all sunshine and rainbows. The best gift for a new mom is a book on motherhood that has all the best tips and useful information. This particular book shares practical tricks and tips in a humorous way that keep mothers laughing even on the hard days.

12. Baby Carrier for Hands-Free Moments

She was busy before the new baby, so she is definitely going to be busy after the baby’s arrival. Get the new mother in your life a good baby carrier so she can hold her baby close while still getting things accomplished throughout her day.

Best Gifts for New Moms: Comfy and Cozy

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16. Get Her Yoga Pants for Optimal Comfort

The first couple weeks with a newborn are tough. Give the gift of yoga pants to the new mom you are shopping for. They are a comfy yet stylish alternative to other pants, plus they stretch!

17. Get Her a Fluffy Bathrobe

Every new mom should have their very own bathrobe to stay comfortable in. It’s perfect for after a hot bath, or even just to lounge around the house in. Buy this great gift for the new mom you are shopping for!

18. New Pj’s for the New Mom

Get her a new soft and cozy pajama set in her favorite color or pattern! Find something that provides her with the freedom to move whether she’s catching some sleep or feeding the new baby on the couch.

19. Grab Her a Cardigan

Not only is this the perfect gift to keep both mother and baby cozy at home or out and about, it can also double as a cover while breastfeeding if the mother would like to use it as one. Plus, cardigans can be quite the fashion statement!

Best Gifts for New Moms: For the Baby

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20. Get a Portable Play Pack for the Baby

Give the new mother in your life the ability to travel and be on the go with a portable play pack as a gift. This will provide her with a place to put the baby down for a nap or to keep them confined to one area while she makes dinner or does some work.

21. The “Art for Baby” Book

This specific book is a great gift for the new mother to show her baby because their vision is limited to black and white at first. This book is packed full of attractive art by some of the best modern artists.

24. A Soothie Snuggle Pacifier Holder


All of these ideas could be the best gift for the new mom that you are shopping for! Think about the mother you are looking for and choose the best gift based off of who she is. Would she rather be pampered? Or would she like more items for the baby? Maybe she would rather have something that both her and the baby could use. You can even try to personalize a gift for her to really show how excited you are for the new mom. If you are looking for more than a baby shower present, let's say an expense sheet, or a baby shower checklist, or fun favors and games to have at a baby shower Easy Event Planning has you covered. We even have some great baby shower ideas including themes, venues, and affordable options.

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