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Baby Shower Themes

Baby Shower Themes

Updated on: Mar 03, 2024

It must be baby shower time in your world! Every momma-to-be anxiously awaits bringing their little bundle of joy into the world whether this is her first time or 5th time, or any time in between and beyond. If the soon-to-be mom is planning the baby shower or a close family member, friends, or group, we make planning a baby shower enjoyable and easy! See all of our helpful ideas for baby shower themes below! We also have some helpful tips, tricks, and baby shower planning tools for you to use!

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

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21 Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Themes Sure to Wow a Mom-To-Be

Are you wanting to keep the gender of your baby secrete until the day of birth but you are still wanting to have a big and fun baby shower? Do not stress, we have loads of gender-neutral baby shower themes for you to pull some inspiration from. A good start is to look at popular movies and books like Disney movies and Dr. Seuss. You can plan around the seasons and different colors. The list of ideas can go on and on from there!

25 Exciting Ready To Pop Baby Shower Ideas

ready to pop baby shower feature image

The mommy-to-be surely is just about to ready to pop! So let's just plan the baby shower around her being ready to pop! We have 25 fun ideas including popcorn boxes, balloons, popcorn balls as party favors, cake pops, soda pops, and the list goes on. Really anything "pop" related is perfect for this baby shower theme. If you are wanting to do a gender reveal, get some gender reveal poppers to really put the pop in ready to pop!

36 Fun Rainbow Baby Shower Ideas

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Color theme parties are always the perfect quick and easy theme out there! If you cannot choose just one color for your baby shower, why not use all of them? A rainbow baby shower is much easier to throw than you may think. Since you can use all the colors, if the party store, Amazon, or wherever you do your party shopping is out of one certain color, you can just grab a different one and no one will know the difference. When it comes to a rainbow theme baby shower, it can be safe to say that food coloring and tye-dye will be your best friend!

15 Creative Mustache Baby Shower Ideas

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I mustache you a question, but I will shave it for later. The question here is why would you not plan a mustache-themed baby shower? Of all our baby shower themes we have for you to pull inspiration to use, this one is so unique and much easier to plan than you may think! For drinks, anything like milk or fruit punch that will give you a mustache after you drink. Or for decorations, cut out lots of mustaches for garland. Party favors could be those fun false stick-on mustaches for everyone to wear, especially for the party for fun photo-ops!

39 Unique Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Ideas

hot air balloon baby shower feature image

Hot air balloons are so magical and will make for such a creative and fun baby shower! Using this baby shower theme is the perfect way to keep the baby shower neutral but also colorful. A perfect decoration idea would be a cute basket with balloons tied to it to look like a hot air balloon. This can be used for gifts or cards by guests. You can give out bubbles or personalized candy bars as party favors. For the food grab some fun toppers for cake and cupcakes!

47 Fun Luau Baby Shower Party Ideas


When planning for the little coconut to make an appearance, give the momma-to-be a relaxing, tropical baby shower! A luau baby shower is great for a spring or summer party, it will be perfect for the mother to be to get outside and get some sunshine. Grab some tiki torches, pineapples, coconuts, inflatable palm trees, leis, some shaved ice, and the list can go on for the perfect luau baby shower!

27 Exciting Adventure Awaits Baby Shower Ideas


The journey to motherhood is an adventure in itself, but so is raising the little one! Give the momma a heads up to the adventure she has coming her way with a fun adventure awaits baby shower. We have all sorts of ideas from decorations, to party favors, to fun food ideas. We complied 27 exciting ideas for you to plan your baby shower around!

24 Fun Music Themed Baby Shower Ideas


Music is something that people from all walks of life can relate to in some way. Right off the bat, one of the most important things you need for this baby shower is music! See about finding some speakers that you play a wide variety of music from for guests to enjoy. Use concert posters and sheet music as wall decorations and you can turn that into a cute backdrop for photos! The ideas are really endless when it comes to a music baby shower.

30 Unique Book Themed Baby Shower Ideas

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If the mommy-to-be is a book lover, then this a book theme baby shower is totally the way to go for her! For starters, instead of guests bringing gifts, ask them to bring books so you can begin to fill up the baby's library before they are even here. Take old book pages and turn them into flowers to use as decorations. You can send your guests home with cute book sugar cookies also.

Girl Baby Shower Themes

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20 Adorable Baby Girl Baby Shower Themes

It's a girl! So exciting! The number of ideas is endless when it comes to planning a baby shower for a sweet baby girl. We have ideas for animals such as ladybugs and bumblebees. Fun characters like princesses, superheroes, fairies, and Baby Yoda. You can even just keep it simple with bright colors and call it something like Little Miss Sunshine for the color yellow or Little Cutie for the color orange.

44 Rustic Baby Shower Ideas


Rustic events give a calm and relaxing, laid-back theme, so it is no surprise it is one of our favorite baby shower themes. The great thing about rustic baby showers is it can be fairly easy to do this on a budget. Thrifting items such as mason jars, lace, finding some reclaimed wood will help you be able to do-it-yourself and it will so cute! Lots of flowers and pastel colors are critical for a rustic baby shower to be thrown!

34 Perfect Paris Baby Shower Ideas

Paris baby shower feature iamge

Ooh, La La, Paris, a place of love and good food. Pink and black will be the best color scheme to use for this baby shower theme. The Eiffel Tower will make for beautiful centerpieces along with some poodles and flowers! As for food, the most important part, of course, croissant sandwiches, scones, macaroons, and sliced baguettes will be the perfect food choices for a Paris baby shower as well as many other Paris food options!

30 Attractive Garden Baby Shower Ideas

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Think cottage core, flowers, greenery, and light pastels. This is a very aesthetic theme that will be one of the most popular baby shower themes! Starting strong with decorations, a beautiful flower wall can be used as a perfect photo op for guests. Succulents and plants of all kinds are necessary and can be used as decoration or even party favors. For food, fruit bowls, hummus, leaf cookies, and edible flowers are perfect additions!

50 Fun Mermaid Baby Shower Ideas

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Mermaids are so magical and are perfect for a soon-to-be little girl's baby shower! Who knows, she may grow up to her favorite princess being Ariel from The Little Mermaid! We have tons of ideas such as a Mermosa bar being a play on words for a mimosa bar, seashells, mermaid hair ties, bath bombs, and honestly the list goes on from there! Specifically, we have 50 fun mermaid baby shower ideas to inspire you and your baby shower!

35 Creative Baby Shower Tea Party Ideas

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Having some tea while talking about happy things such as a baby on the way sure does make for the perfect baby shower! Flowers will be a perfect addition to all the tea decorations and can be used as centerpieces with teapots and teacups. You can really go all vintage with this theme also, meaning you could save some money and thrift some items for the baby shower!

34 Stunning Boho Baby Shower Ideas


Boho-chic is becoming more and more popular every day, and with the pastel color schemes that come with boho, this can be one of the most perfect baby shower themes out there! Decorations from big balloon boxes to a fun gift tee-pee will add that special little touch to the baby shower. See about getting succulent decorated cupcakes for guests to snack on and for activities, DIY dream catchers!

32 Beautiful French Theme Baby Shower Ideas

French theme baby shower feature image

Bring France to wherever you are by throwing a beautiful French-themed baby shower! Roses are so beautiful and you can get them in all sorts of different colors to use as decorations. You can get some mini-champagne bottles and tie a little tag to them that says "Pop it when she pops!" This way your guests can even celebrate alongside the mom when she gives birth! We have tons of ideas, 32 to be specific, to help you out with this baby shower!

Baby Shower Themes for Boys

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36 Cute and Unique Boy Baby Shower Themes

We have all sorts of creative baby boy baby shower themes that you can use to pull inspiration from! As soon as the baby is born, odds are, as soon he is able to walk, he will be out in nature right away, so a nature baby shower! Use some ideas for a wild safari, or sweet as a bee, or a locally grown farmers market theme. Tie some adventure in there for the little man like something nautical or a hot air balloon. The ideas for the little man can go on and on.

15 Impressive Sports Baby Shower Ideas

sports theme baby shower image

For those couples out there that love sports, you can really go to town with this baby shower theme for a little boy. You can decorate the space for the baby shower like a locker room, and you can get the parents matching sports jerseys to show off at the baby shower. Grab some nachos, hot dogs, corn dogs, all the sporting event foods that are perfect to serve at this baby shower!

28 Royal Prince Baby Shower Ideas

royal prince baby shower image

A royal prince baby shower will be the perfect way to celebrate the little boy coming soon! The mother and father can dress like the king and queen, and guests can wear crowns during the party. There are some fun different photo backdrops out there for cute photo ops that guests can have fun with. Think blue and gold for the color scheme and go from there!

30 Interesting Safari Baby Shower Ideas

safari baby shower image

Using fun decorations such as ivy, balloons, blow-up trees, leaves and ferns are the best simple ways to bring the jungle to life for your safari baby shower! Animal balloons and figurines would be so cute for centerpieces and simple decorations. There are lots of cute and exciting safari baby shower ideas that we have put together for you to pull inspiration from!

24 Creative Lumberjack Baby Shower Ideas

lumberjack baby shower image

Trail mix and flannels are the basics you need to throw this cute and creative lumberjack baby shower! Some greenery would also be great to add a little touch of the forest to the party. See about finding some reclaimed wood that you can also use as additional decorations. Have a trail mix station as well so everyone can make their own trail mix with all their favorites!

Top 39 Unique Jungle Theme Baby Shower Ideas

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Think green, gold, and white to really let your guests know they are at a jungle theme baby shower. You can also use fun tapestries and plants to make a cute and creative backdrop to take photos with your guests. To add to the photo op, there are some giant blow-up monkeys you can have to make your guests feel like they really are in the jungle for your baby shower!

Character Baby Shower Themes


24 Easy Fun with Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Ideas

The odds of the mommy-to-be reading some classic Dr. Seuss books to her baby are very high. Cat and the Hat with Thing 1 and Thing 2, those alone can really make the whole baby shower, have those characters on the invitations so guests can know beforehand what the theme is going to be. There are also lots of fun balloons, banners, and table cloths you can use to bring this baby shower all together!

36 Memorable Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Ideas

mickey mouse baby shower image

Yellow, red, black, and white. Those are the colors of the one and only Mickey Mouse, and it can be safe to say those will be the best colors for the color scheme of the baby shower! There are so many creative decorations for a Mickey Mouse baby shower like a Mickey ears lollipop tree, or purchase some fun Mickey Mouse balloons. We also have cake ideas and the most adorable cookie ideas!

22 Magical Harry Potter Baby Shower Ideas


If the soon-to-be parents are big Harry Potter fans then this is the baby shower theme for you! We have ideas all the way from simple balloons to Harry Potter game bundles to play at the baby shower. Finding Harry Potter invitations and party supplies are a lot easier than you may think and we have ideas for all of those!

Animal Baby Shower Themes


25 Magnificent Ladybug Baby Shower Ideas

Ladybugs are a symbol of prosperity and luck, so it is no surprise that a ladybug-themed baby shower is a perfect theme for spring or summer! For decorations, think lots of flowers, red and black balloons, polka dots everywhere, and even mason jars. Have fun with the foods and make flower-shaped cookies, or decorate cookies to look like ladybugs. We even have fun ideas for some of the basics such as cute ladybug plates and table cloths.

36 Creative Bee Baby Shower Ideas

bee baby shower image

For a fun bumble bee baby shower, think of the color scheme of black, yellow, and white. We have tons of fun ideas for a bee baby shower like cute balloon garland, sunflowers, and honeycomb everything! There are fun food ideas also such as honey lollypops, yellow fruit plates, lemon loaves, and so much more. Don't worry, we also have loads of ideas for games and the necessary party supplies as well!

41 Adorable Baby Shower Ducky Theme Ideas

ducky theme for baby shower image

We have all sorts of cost-effective ideas for the cutest ducky theme baby shower for you to pull inspiration from! For decorations, we have centerpieces, bubble balloons, and a fun water station. Grab some cute duck cake and cupcake toppers for a little extra something at the food table. We also have ideas for the necessities such as party supplies and invitations for your guests!

37 Magical Unicorn Baby Shower Ideas

unicorn baby shower image

Using unicorns as your inspiration for a baby shower will make for a beautiful and magical event for the mommy-to-be! We have absolutely stunning backdrops for the perfect photo ops for guests along with fun twinkle lights and balloons as well. For party favors, don't be afraid to send guests home with fun foods or even a candle or hand sanitizer. The ideas for a unicorn baby shower theme are endless and the results are just magical!

Baby Shower Tools, Tips, and Gift Ideas

Easy Baby Shower Budget Worksheet

baby shower budget worksheet image

Baby shower planning is so fun! But you need to be careful you don't spend an arm and a leg on this event. We have a FREE budget sheet that you can download and make your own. There are also tips and tricks on how to use our budget sheet as well as six reasons why you should use it! Let us help you throw the best-themed baby shower while on a budget!

Baby Shower Checklist

baby shower checklist image

Along with our budget sheet, we also have a FREE downloadable checklist for you to use as well. We don't want you to forget anything about this event, we have it all right there for you! Our checklists include a complete timeline of the event, visuals, it is specific to the event, and we even include some helpful links for you as well. Plus, did I mention it is FREE!

16 Adorable Baby Shower Favors


Handing out baby shower favors is one of the best ways to thank your guests for coming and celebrating with you! But on the flip side, as fun as favors are, it can be hard to decide just want to give. Lucky for you, we have all sorts of ideas all the way from candies and food to more practical things like candles and jewelry. You can make all of these your own and personalize them to match any of the possible baby shower themes out there!


Baby showers are so fun and are so exciting for soon-to-be parents. Especially, if this is their first one! We have tons of baby shower themes to help with inspiration as well as other tips and tricks! Don't forget to check out our FREE tools as well to help make planning a breeze! Don’t see an idea or theme here that works for you? No worries! We update our website home page frequently to keep up with all the latest trends that are out there!

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