16 Adorable Baby Shower Favors

16 Adorable Baby Shower Favors

Baby Showers are a time of happiness for the mother-to-be and for her guests. Baby shower favors are just another way you can make your baby shower fun, memorable, and a great time for all. Whether you’re searching online or in-store, there are plenty of quick and inexpensive ways to find the perfect favors for your baby shower. Easy Event Planning can help you find your party favor and gift needs! We’ve put together some recommendations for trendy baby shower favors that you can buy for your guests so that they not only check something off on your list of things to do but it also falls within your desired budget.

Top 16 Adorable Baby Shower Favors

1. Candles

Who doesn’t love a good candle? You can shop for small candle favors to hand out to your guests, and if you’d like to decorate for the gender of your baby, giving out small pink or blue scented candles would be cute gifts for your guests.


2. Daily Survival Kits

Get creative with your favors by putting together miniature “survival kits” filled with affordable but useful items for your guests. Some general ideas for what items to include are aromatherapy candles, sleep masks for women, sheet masks, nail polish sets, nail files, nail separators, or foot masks. Put these items in gift bags for women or in baby shower bags. 

3. Candies and Baked Goods

Guests always enjoy taking leftover treats home. Make this easier for them by handing out goodie bags with sweets inside. Find a local place that makes edible favors or a local bakery to make cookies, brownies, or other to-go treats that are decorated with baby shower designs. Pacifier candies for baby showers, Baby Ruth mini candy bars, or Sugar Babies candy are creative candy options that will go along with the baby theme. Assemble your sweets in baby shower goodie bags. If the bags don’t already come with it, wrap each bag with decorative ribbons and thank you tags for a personal touch that will leave a smile on your guests’ faces. 


4. Popcorn

Popcorn is a better option for your more health-conscious guests but is still equally as delicious as any baked good. You can create a small popcorn bar at your baby shower with various toppings and seasonings so each guest can personalize their popcorn to their liking. You can also customize their popcorn bags to match the theme of your baby shower for some extra flair, or add a fun note saying, "ready to pop!"

5. Coffee/Tea Mugs

Coffee and tea mugs make for classic favors! From the avid coffee drinker who needs that pick-me-up to those who just enjoy a nice breakfast tea, this gift suits all. Pick out some cute mugs and place packets of coffee or tea inside them. Either baby-themed mugs or pastel-colored mugs would be great for all of your guests.

6. Bath Items

Help your guests relax with creative bath-themed favors. Fill gift bags for women or baby shower bags with travel size shampoo and conditioner sets, travel size body soap, and travel size bath oil. This self-care package can also serve as a great gift for the expecting mother too!

7. Mini Body Butter

Everybody needs to moisturize from time to time. Why not give your guests some personalized mini body butter to carry with them wherever they go? You can fill small jars with coconut oil and lavender extract for a calming effect, or cocoa butter and vanilla extract for a soothing effect.

8. Picture This!

Picture frames are great favors that all of your guests can use. Not only will it help them remember your shower, but they can put memories of their own in the frame, too. You could pick up packs of blue picture frames, packs of pink picture frames, or packs of colored picture frames to match the colors of your shower. Pick up magnetized picture frames for refrigerators, too, for a cute and small favor. You can throw in a picture of you with your guests for each frame to add even more personalization.

9. Cute Ceramics

Give your guests some wonderful keepsakes by passing out small ceramics. Some options you could find for your guests are ceramic baby carriages, ceramic baby shoes, or ceramic baby animals


10. Rubber Duckies

While you might think of these as decor for your kid’s bathroom, they can also make adorable favors! Go with the traditional yellow rubber ducks or choose colorful rubber ducks. This favor is sure to make for a quacking good time. 

11. Cotton Candy Treats

For another sweet treat that your guests can take home, goodie bags filled with cotton candy make for delicious favors. You can choose between blue and pink cotton candy or just get both! These baby shower cotton candy treats will normally come in plastic goodie bags that you can customize with messages or pictures, so feel free to add your own personal touch. 

12. Shot glasses and Wine glasses

Don’t let your inability to drink stop you from going for this awesome idea! Getting baby shower shot glasses or baby shower wine glasses will leave your guests with a favor they are sure to use again and again. Fill these up with jelly beans that match the colors of your baby shower for a perfect display before they take them home.


13. Dainty Jewelry

Party favors are a great way to remember a day or an event, especially for a new human coming into the family. Having dainty jewelry is a great way to accessorize the guests. You can customize the jewelry with the name of the baby or the colors of the gender. You can go to different routes for their price range of them, or even support smaller businesses. Got a favorite small or local business that does jewelry? Go ahead and support them.

14. Succulents

Succulents are the new trend. They are super low maintenance and beautiful. Why not go a greener way for party favors? Such a great way to decorate a room and add a little bit of something to their house, apartment, or room. You could also get a bit crafty and decorate the pot of each Succulent with the names of your guests, or a cute phrase like, "Watch me grow."


15. Personalized Story Books

You can send your baby-to-be on their own little adventure by creating personalized storybook favors for your guests. These storybooks could be a creative way to thank your guests for their support and could be especially useful to any guests that have children of their own who they enjoy reading to.

16. A Donation

While this is not your typical party favor, it is one that will go a long way. You can thank your guests and help a child less fortunate than your future little one by donating to a children's hospital or charity in each guest's name. This is a favor that both you and your guests can feel good about and enjoy.


Throwing the perfect baby shower requires plenty of planning and preparation because you have to consider your venue options, themes, decorations and other ideas that will aid you in bringing your baby shower to life. We hope these ideas helped you find some baby shower favors you love while also saving you some money! For decorations, games, DIY ideas, and all other things baby shower, check out more blogs by Easy Event Planning!

Written by Jessica Bundy, Hayden Corbell, Brittany Schmidt and Natalie Davidson; Contributors: Amy Chiang and Julia Batista

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