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37 Stunning Boho Baby Shower Ideas

Boho Baby Shower

Updated on: Mar 03, 2024

It is no secret that the boho-chic style is getting more and more popular every day in home decor and fashion, so it is no surprise it is in the running to be a perfect theme for a baby shower. The boho style also makes for a gorgeous baby shower theme for your free-spirited mom-to-be! A boho baby shower can be so personalizable for a boy or girl, but is also a perfect option for a gender-neutral baby shower if you are waiting until birth to find out the gender of your baby! There are tons of ways to create the perfect boho baby shower to bring together all your friends and family and the photo-ops are just as perfect too! Below are our favorite ideas of everything you need to help bring your earthy, artistic, and free-spirited boho baby shower to life!

Boho Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

1. Natural Lighting

In order to really seal the deal on the theme of the baby shower, make sure you are also focusing on the lighting of the event. A boho theme calls for calming, yellow/natural lights. You can use string lights to decorate the room and give it an earthy, cozy vibe!

2. Baby Block Balloon Boxes

Balloons in general are a must-have for any baby shower, but have you heard of balloon boxes? These are just big, clear boxes that spell out “Baby” and they are filled with balloons! This is a unique way to have balloons and display them. Also, see about investing in balloon garland kits, and between the balloon boxes and balloon garland, there will be plenty of cute photo ops!

3. Macramé Wall Decor

Macramé is a type of art that uses a variety of knots to make a decorative pattern that can be used to hang or any other use you may find for it. Yarn and a tan-colored rope are most commonly used for this. Using a macramé will give a very unique and cute touch to your baby shower. Plus, afterward, the pieces you do use can be super cute decor for your nursery!

4. Banners and Tassels

Yarn tassels and pom poms are so stinkin’ cute! There is so much variety when it comes to boho tassels! Find a mix of yarn tassels, ones with wood beads, pom poms, and whatever else you can find. As well as these, find some banners that say “baby!” or “oh baby!”. There are of course so many other options out there that you can find to add that little touch.

5. Lace

There is just something so elegant about lace. Use it as table runners, drape it on the walls, or wrap them around chairs for a little extra something! Lace is delicate enough that it can be added to any theme, especially a boho baby shower theme!

6. Artificial Plants

A boho theme is very natural, and what is more natural than plants? Of course, you can use real plants, but depending on when you are planning your baby shower it may be hard to find a large supply of them for decoration. Artificial plants will allow you to really give a cozy but natural feel to the baby shower!

7. Gift Teepee

This is a baby shower- there are going to be gifts. So why not, instead of using a gift table, find a large teepee and have guests put their gifts for the momma-to-be in the teepee! The teepee gives a very earthy look to the whole boho baby shower theme!

8. Down to Earth

Pillow seats for guests to participate in games, gift opening, or any other group activities give for a laidback and earthy vibe to your baby shower. Creating seating on the floor with pillows will make your shower one of a kind.

9. Dream Catchers

There is no secret that dream catchers are just so dreamy! You can find large and small ones to just add around the space the baby shower is being hosted in.

10. Confetti

There are so many cute options of boho-themed confetti that can be used as a little accent on the food table(s) or the tables for guests. Something so small and simple can go a long way in decorating plus it is budget-friendly!

Party Favors for a Boho Baby

11. Hair Ties

Everyone is always losing their hair ties to throw their hair up. So why not give all the guests some of these really cute hair ties. This particular kind is also fairly decorative in the sense that when it is worn on the wrist, these do not look like your average plain hair ties. This is the perfect gift for guests of all ages!

12. Let Love Grow

This one is just so cute! Give your guests a thank you card- but not just any card- this one is made of seeds! To plant! This party favor would be most ideal for a spring boho baby shower that way guests can plant these during the perfect time and can watch their new plant grow through the spring and into the summer.

13. Succulent Candles

As we talked about earlier, plants and succulents give a very boho-vibe. Plus, who doesn’t love a new candle? These succulent candles are so cute and come in a variety of different succulents to give your guests an option of which ones they want!

14. Happy Tear Tissues

Bringing a baby into the world is a beautiful experience and can be very emotional- good emotional. There may be some happy tears that are shed during the boho baby shower, so having some happy tear tissues on hand is perfect for your guests. Plus if your baby shower is during allergy or cold season, your guests will thank you for these!

15. Shower Steamers

We all enjoy a fun bath bomb, but what about the shower? Shower steamers are the same thing just smaller and more compact. You place them on the floor of the shower and while you shower they will fizz up and release nice aromas and essential oils if that is the kind that you purchase. These are very different and unique but will for sure be a hit with your guests!

Boho Baby Shower Food Ideas

16. Succulent Cupcakes

We are back with all things succulents! These are so fun and so cute for everyone to snack on during the baby shower. When you have them all put together on the same platter or table, they look like a cute little bouquet of succulents!

17. Sweets

This surely goes without saying, but just in case you forget, sweets! There have to be sweets, it's a baby shower! Some perfect sweets foods to add to the food table are donuts, cake/cupcakes, sugar cookies, brownies, and macaroons.

18. Naked Cake

A naked cake is the perfect sweet to match the aesthetic of a boho baby shower! It looks elegant and will seamlessly match all the earth tones of the decor. It can be topped with minimal decor to make it truly one of a kind.

19. Grazing Platters

Grazing platters are simple little platters that have a variety of finger foods. Think of food like fruits, vegetables, cheese, nuts, crackers, and meats. You can purchase these platters from grocery stores or you can get creative and make your own board of these foods!

20. Sparkling Fruit Punch

A tasty, fruity drink is always a must-have for any gathering, let alone a baby shower. Grab a large punch bowl and with some pomegranate juice, strawberries, and a couple of other fruits you have yourself the best punch to serve at your baby shower! Feel free to have vodka or alcohol of your choice on the side for guests to add if they would like, just keep mommy-to-be away from it!

21. Pasta Bar

Pasta is everything. There is so much you can do with pasta to just make it amazing. Have a variety of different noodles and sauces. Have some meats and veggies on hand as well as cheese to put on top. This is perfect to have so everyone can have something that they will enjoy!

Activities for a Boho Baby Shower

22. DIY Dream Catchers

Have your guests make their own dream catcher to take home with them! This is another party favor idea that they can make themselves. You can find dream catcher kits and have them set out for your guests to work on during the baby shower. Plus, there are younger children at the baby shower, this is the perfect activity for them to work on during the baby shower!

23. Game Bundles

Games are obvious for any baby shower! You can come up with your own, or find a bundle of a bunch of baby shower games that are ready to go for you! Games that may come in these bundles are baby trivia, baby bingo, how big is mommy’s belly, and so many more!

24. Bodysuit and Bandana Bib Decorating Kits

Have your guest decorate bodysuits and bibs for you to use with your baby! This can also be an alternative to using a guest book and just make sure your guests include their names on their design. By doing this, depending on how many guests you have at your baby shower, you may not have to buy any bodysuits or bibs when this is done!

25. Don't Say "Baby"

This is a baby shower staple! Purchase some diaper pins or clothespins. You can pick how many guests start out with. The game is simple, just don’t say baby - which may be hard given this is a baby shower. If one of your guests catches someone saying “baby” they have to surrender a pin! Whoever has the most pins at the end of the baby shower wins the game!

26. Pacifier Hunt

Hide some pacifiers around the setting of the baby shower and let your guests find them throughout the whole baby shower! Whoever has the most pacifiers at the end of the baby shower wins a prize! Since this is a boho baby shower, a cute succulent or cactus would be a perfect prize.

27. Photo Booth

Having a photo booth can be so much fun! Have props around that guests can post with and get to picture taking! Photo booths allow for people to interact in a way other than conversing and it is the perfect way to bring everyone together. You can come up with a fun hashtag for guests to use when they post their pictures on social media so you can find all the cute pictures afterward.

Party Supplies for a Boho Baby Shower

28. Matching Sets

You can find sets of plates, cups, and napkins that are all the same pattern on Amazon! These matching sets are perfect to ensure that all your tableware matches each other. For a boho baby shower, sets that are plant-themed would be perfect and super cute to have.

29. Macrame Table Runners

As talked about earlier, macrame is the most beautiful addition to a boho baby shower! Use the table runners on the food tables or the tables for guests. The great thing about these is even after the baby shower you can hold on to them and use them every day!

30. Cake and Cupcake Toppers

The perfect little touch to a cake or cupcake is a topper! The toppers can be a simple design or have some words!

31. Muted Rainbow Straws

Straws are obviously not 100% necessary, but they sure are cute and would be a cute little touch for guests to be able to use throughout the baby shower!

32. Back to the Basics

If you do not want a patterned set of tableware, through Oriental Trading Company you can find plain colored plates, napkins, cutlery, and cups in a variety of colors! You can buy all of the same colors or mix and match the colors.

Invitations to a Boho Baby Shower

33. Geometric

These invitations are very trendy and so cute! They come in a pack of 25 and include envelopes! They are shipped right to you and all you have to do is fill them out with the correct information and send them out!

34. Terracottas Rainbows

These invites are so stinking cute and the best part is after they are purchased, you receive them in a digital file that is editable! Once you receive the template you can add all the details about the baby shower right there. You can print them out on any type of paper that you wish.

35. Greenery and Gold

This is another type of invitation that also includes diaper raffle tickets, and a baby shower book request card. The book request card is perfect for you to include with the invitation for your guests to bring a book with them to help build your library for the baby! These also come with envelopes for you!

36. Bow Onesie

These invitations are so unique because they are in the shape of a bodysuit with a cute little bow on top! These are handmade and are so personalized! When you order them you will input all the information that is necessary and they will be sent directly to you!

37. Floral Watercolor

These invites are bright and colorful with flowers and watercolor! This set comes with 25 cards and envelopes that you can fill out and send to your guests! You can also include whether or not to bring gifts for the soon-to-be-momma!

Boho Baby Shower Ideas: Conclusion

Having a baby shower is such an exciting part of pregnancy and should be celebrated accordingly! A boho baby shower is a perfect way to celebrate the soon-to-be mommy and her baby!

Written by Lauren Bolt; Contributors: Jena Zahdeh