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Bridal Party Ideas

Posted on: 24-Nov-2021

Updated on: 23-Sep-2022

Bridal Party Ideas

We have the best bridal party ideas. The bridal party is an important aspect of every wedding and one you definitely want to be perfect on the big day! Easy Event Planning specializes in helping you with every step of any event you may plan, especially one as important as your wedding. This includes providing you with bridal party ideas that will really spice up your wedding. We have articles spanning clothing ideas, speech ideas, and more! Read on to find out how we make party planning fast and easy!

Bridal Party Ideas for Attire

Fun and Stylish Groomsmen Socks

Source: Groomsmen Socks

Planning a groomsmen's outfit usually revolves around finding the perfect tux, the right accessories, and a clean pair of shoes. Socks can often be shoved into the back of your mind and written off. This is completely understandable, as groomsmen's socks aren't going to be taking the main stage. If you would like to get a little creative, we have several fun ideas for this article of clothing! Ranging from nice, neutral socks to wacky shapes and colors to personalized socks, there are many ways to brighten your bridal party's attire on the big day!

20 of the Best Idea for Bridesmaid Robes

Source: 20 of the Best Ideas for Bridesmaid Robes

Choosing to gift your bridesmaid's robes is a really special detail they will appreciate for years to come. Matching robes is a cute, practical way to bring the bridal party together before the big event. If you are looking for inspiration on what kind of robes you want, check out this article for some memorable ideas! Robes aren't your thing? That's fine, this article includes some fun alternatives for robes that will keep the gift-giving tradition alive!

How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses

Source: How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses

We all know whose dress is the most important on a wedding day. Coming in at a close second are the bridesmaid dresses! Learn the tips and questions you need to know before purchasing your bridesmaid dresses. Tips on style, budget, and what to ask a dress shop will all come in handy during this exciting time. Remember, bridesmaids are a vital part of your bridal party and their dresses will project the style and class of your wedding. Make sure the dresses are perfect with our 14 helpful tips!

Bridal Party Ideas for Roles and Responsibilities

Best Man Responsibilities and Duties

Source: Best Man Responsibilities and Duties

The job of the best man is not a simple or easy one. A best man is expected to do many things as a part of the bridal party, and it can often be overwhelming. This comprehensive guide states a best man's responsibilities and duties throughout the entire wedding process. Learn what is expected of you before, during, and after the big day!

Maid of Honor Duties

Source: Maid of Honor Duties

The list of maid of honor duties can feel endless. This article helps you understand the maid of honor duties that will be expected of you before and during the wedding. As an integral part of the bridal party, you will need to be up-to-date on the responsibilites expected of you to help make this special day great! 

How to Write a Maid-of-Honor Speech

Source: How to Write a Maid-of-Honor Speech

The maid of honor speech is a big deal! You want the perfect message that will convey your hopes and wishes for the happy couple. This doesn't have to be a daunting task if you know what you want to write about... unless you have stage fright. This article doesn't have many tips for that! What it does have are 18 great tips on the do's and don'ts of heartfelt speech writing. 

Writing a Best Man Speech

Source: Writing a Best Man Speech

Not only does this article include several tips on writing a heartfelt speech, what to include and what not to include, but it also has several speech templates! Writing the best man speech or toast can turn into an easy process if you know what to write about. Our article has several ideas for writing an original speech that will leave the wedding guests with warm hearts and smiles. Bridal party ideas for some of the most important speeches in a wedding can be hard to come by. That's why Easy Event Planning provides informative articles like these.

Miscellaneous Bridal Party Ideas

Wedding Readings

Source: Wedding Readings

Including a special reading in your ceremony can help elevate the sentimentality present in the wedding. Choosing the right reading can be hard. It has to relate to the couple's relationship as well as fit the vibe. This article has 42 memorable ideas for readings that will make your guests swoon.

Wedding Checklist

Source: Wedding Checklist

This wedding checklist is a great way to organize your planning. Using our wedding checklist will give you the opportunity to manage wedding planning in one comprehensive list. You can easily involve your bridal party in helping check off items. This is a great way to take some of the pressure off your shoulders! That sounds like a pretty great bridal party idea to us.

Best Bridesmaid Gifts

Source: Best Bridesmaid Gifts

It is customary to get everyone in your bridal party a special gift for participating in your wedding. You may need some help forming ideas for your bridesmaids' gifts. Spark your creativity by looking through our 48 gift ideas spanning different categories from health & beauty to practical gifts. Impress your bridesmaids with our bridal party ideas for gits!

Wedding Ideas

Source: Wedding Ideas

Bridal party ideas are enveloped in wedding ideas. Having a great wedding will partly be the responsibility of a great bridal party. Reading through this collection of blog articles on wedding ideas can spur bridal party ideas and vice versa. Through these articles we provide a huge variety of wedding ideas, so you don't have to stress out about it!


We hope this compilation of articles helped you discover some great bridal party ideas! Wedding planning is as stressful as it is joyful, so when it comes to planning and finding bridal party ideas we have you covered. Don't worry, we also have you covered with wedding ideas, birthday ideas, and many more events. Just check out our blog for more inspiration!

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