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34 Exquisite Chanel Theme Party

Chanel Themed Party

Updated on: Mar 03, 2024

Are you a fan of the luxury brand Chanel and planning a theme party but unsure of ideas? You are in the right place. We have gathered glamorous and chic ideas to make your party a luxurious experience.

Chanel Themed Party Decorations

1. Perfume Bottle

Use a few chic perfume bottles to decorate the center of the dinner tables. Attach some perfume printable channel labels to the bottle and complete the look with a bouquet for a surreal appearance.

2. Hat Box and Mason Jar

A hat box is a fabulous decorative piece for a dessert table or extra tables that harbor decorations. Try to uncover a black hat box at your local thrift store, or you can spray paint a hat box. Another decoration may include a black or white mason jar. Apply a printable perfume Chanel logo on the mason jar to stay on the theme.

3. Banners

Chanel themed party banners make a perfect way to decorate the party room. A themed banner can also look great positioned above a dessert table.

4. Candles

Light the room with black candelabra candle holders for a classy appeal. So that the candle holder does not look bare, incorporate white pearls.

5. Backdrop

There are glamorous backdrop ideas to choose from to complement a Chanel themed party. Creative fashionistas can easily create their Chanel backdrop if warranted. To generate the Chanel look hang up some wallpaper with a Chanel essence or white and black stripes. The designer herself or a stylish print will do.

6. Tins Jewelry Box

Paris tins that contain themed colors or a jewelry box are stylish detail to include.

7. Balloons

Inflate designer balloons that carry the channel logo. If extra balloons are needed, stick to the color scheme. So white, Gold, and black colored balloon garland are the color palette you would want to use. Glam up the balloons with an arch stand for a perfect decoration for the party room or backdrop.

8. Mannequin and Pearls

Mannequins are aesthetically pleasing for a glamorous Chanel party. Grab a small mannequin torso and accessorize it with black or white pearls.

9. Tower decor

Stack cardboard suitcase boxes that resemble luxurious designer bags. Chanel fans will understand the obsession with collecting such beautiful handbags.

10. Clock and Eiffel Tower

Channel was established in Paris, France, so why not add some Paris decorative elements to the room? An Eiffel tower and a clock represent how timeless the Chanel brand is to its fans.

Chanel Themed Party Supplies

11. Tablecloth

A black or white glittery tablecloth will add a sparkly accent to the room. Plus, the decoration will pop even more with either color. However, go with an opposite color for the tablecloth than the table decorations, so it doesn't blend in.

12. Tableware

Don't forget your tableware. Seek tableware that sticks to the color scheme or has a channel logo. Acquire a tableware set with necessities like napkins, plates, and cups. Search local thrift stores for china sets and wine glasses for a fancier table set.

13. Straws

Black and white striped party straws can pizzazz any beverage. If the straw is reusable themed straws will make a cute favor gift for guests to take home.

14. Confetti

Shimmer guests away with confetti. Drizzle confetti on a table for a radiant effect.

15. Cutlery

Purchase white or gold plastic cutlery or visit a local thrift store for fancy silverware if you plan on serving guests using china.

Chanel Themed Menu

16. Cake

Have a baker whip up a cake that embodies the theme of your party. Don't be afraid to include other glamorous elements on a cake that complement the party theme, such as lipstick, perfume bottle, pearls, etc. A tiered cake is a glitzy way to explore designer elements. For instance, you can have a fondant purse stacked on top of a round cake containing the Chanel logo. Place a unique topper on the cake and serve on a cake stand.

17. Cupcakes

Frosted cupcakes are the party's life, especially if adorned with gorgeous themed toppers. Cupcakes have self-serving capabilities and make an elegant alternative to a cake. Cupcakes are also a great idea to go with the cake, especially if you want to preserve the beautiful cake for later consumption.

18. Beverages

Quench guests' thirst by offering refreshments. Depending on the partygoers' flavor pallet, you can have a variety of non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages. Champagne may be an exquisite choice for you, or cocktails, wine, juice, and soda are also options. Serve with ease over ice in a party cup or plastic wine glass.

19. Cake Pops

Place stylish themed cake pops on a dessert table. Cake pops are a delicious addition to their desserts. This glitzy dessert may be a showstopper. Display the cake pops on a clear cake pop stand.

20. Cookies

Pick yourself up some trendy Chanel cookies. You won't regret it. So that guests do not stuff their Chanel handbags with extra cookies. Consider setting aside some delicious cookies as a favor for them to enjoy.

Chanel Themed Party Favor

21. Candy Jar

Why stop the sweets at the party? A sweet party favor can be a small jar of tasty chocolate candy.

22. Perfume

Package sample Chanel perfume in guest goodie bags. Guests will love taking home the scented aroma of their favorite brand.

23. Manicure sets and Keychains

Spoil guests by gifting them a designer charm and a manicure set. A channel fan must have their nails manicured to flaunt their channel handbag. The guest will be grateful for this thoughtful gift, as they can continue pampering themselves when they leave the party.

24. Accessories

Accessories are a top requirement for Chanel fans. Thus their party favor bags should have fabulous accessories like rings or necklaces.

25. Gift certificate

Want to spoil your guest and have extra money to blow? Gift them a gift certificate to a local salon or spa in your area.

26. Party Favor bags and Boxes

Package favor gift in a stylish carrier they would love to tote. A designer purse favor bag is a glamorous way to house treats and trinkets that you choose to gift. You can also acquire a white favor bag and stick the channel stickers to customize your favor bag. Printable channel boxes are also available if the other options do not interest you.

Games and Activities

27. Walking in High Heels

Walking in high heels is fun to include in your channel themed party. Have guests walk in heels on a runway, and the one who struts the best wins the game.

28. Fashion Show

Strike a pose and strut down the runway! A fashion show is an enjoyable activity for a Chanel themed party. Rip the runway with fashionable old hats, feather boas, and beaded necklaces. Brighten the runway using a strip lights, so guests glow as the struct. A guessing game can add a twist to this fashion show. Collect several different channel clothing pieces and display them on a mannequin. Then have guests guess which outfit goes with the proper collection.

29. Pin the perfume on the Chanel

Pin the perfume on the Chanel is an entertaining game to play. Players must correctly pin the printable Chanel perfume label on the printable bottle to win a prize. Sticky tack will be a great tool to hang up the perfume printable and stick the label on the image. Chanel cosmetics, perfume, spa, or salon gift certificate is an excellent set of rewards.

30. Custom Pinata

Pinatas are not just for children. You can have a custom Chanel pinata made. Fill the Chanel pinata with chocolate candy, lipstick, lip balm, gift cards, or nail polish. Guests will enjoy fashionable bashing through the pinata to obtain some goods. Who knows, you may bring a nostalgic feel to your party.

31. Photo Booth

A photo booth is a fantastic idea for said fashionistas to capture their glamorous look. Add props to the photo booth, such as Chanel handbags or sunglasses. Remember to pose. You're a Chanel fashionista, after all.


32. Cute Invite

This designer invite is a nifty invite to send out to match your channel themed party. The invite has an editable feature. You also can print the invites or send them out digitally.

33. Flashy Invite

Another flashy invite to consider is this black and gold invite. Its classic flare would make an excellent choice for any designer party. Send the invites online or print them out at your local print shop.

34. Black and Gold Invite

Announce your party with these black and Gold invites. There is no need to download or print this invite. This fancy design will wow any potential guest. Invites are fillable, and envelopes are included.

Chanel Themed Party: Conclusion

A Chanel themed party is a stylish way to show you are a Chanel fan. Party ideas like these can help glam up Chanel fans of all ages. If your planning a party for someone but have no idea what to gift, check out our blog on gift ideas. Although this is a designer party, remember to have fun and say stylish!

Written by: Brittany Mathis