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30 Easy Dinosaur Baby Shower Party Ideas

Posted on: 30-Nov-2021

Updated on: 04-Mar-2023

30 Easy Dinosaur Baby Shower Party Ideas

Theme parties are so popular these days. We see the extreme lengths people go through to have the perfect gender reveal and leave guests astonished. Why should we not act the same way for our baby showers? There are so many fun ideas out there to follow, but it can be difficult to piece all the components together of a great baby shower. That's what we're here for. If you want to have the perfect, easy, dinosaur baby shower, you came to the right place! Here are some easy dinosaur baby shower ideas.  

Dinosaur Baby Shower Decorations

Decorations are what truly set a party apart. One cannot have a perfect dinosaur baby shower without matching decorations. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate into your baby shower party.

1. Dinosaur Centerpieces

Decorations can be as simple or outgoing as you want them to be. Having dinosaur centerpieces is a super cute way to elevate your baby shower and make it as cute as can be!

2. Rezipo Dinosaur Packs

Rezipo has many fun products directed to making a fun party experience. Although this pack is geared towards a birthday party theme, you will have all the simple decorations to prepare for your party. For the baby shower, this pack includes balloons, dinosaur party stick crafts, garland, dinosaur tattoos, and green confetti. Since birthday and baby showers use many of the same decorations, it is useful to look at birthday-themed decor to use for your baby shower. 

3. Balloon Signs

Balloons are a super cute addition to any baby shower party. They are typically pretty cheap and very simple to use. You can find balloons that are in the shapes of dinosaurs or even spell out cute things related to your baby shower.

4. Dinosaur Party Streamers

Normal crepe paper garland is such a thing of the past. In today’s graphically eccentric culture, one needs to be more creative in their party designs. The Delphinus Dinosaur Party Streamers break out of the normal garland as it includes all different kinds of dinosaurs hanging across the ceiling. Additionally, this pack includes a few plastic dinosaur cake toppers to knock out another dinosaur-themed product. 

5. Dinosaur Cake Topper 

The cake has become the crown jewel of any party. Baby showers are no exclusion. Using a cake topper allows you to buy any cake and make it match your theme. Dinosaur cake toppers come in all different designs and colors so there is sure to be one that fits your theme and colors perfectly.

Dinosaur Baby Shower Favors

Party favors are a super great way to show your guests that you appreciate their appearance at your baby shower. They provide your guests with something to remember your party by and provide them with a fun little something to take home.

6. Plastic Dinosaurs Toys

This is a super quick and cheap idea if you're on a budget. The kids will love a cute little dinosaur toy that they can take home, and you'll love that you saved money using this idea.

7. Dinosaur Candy

You can get a little creative with this idea by putting chocolate Cadbury eggs into some type of container or dinosaur-related favor bag.

8. Goodie Bags

Goodie bags are a great way to show your guests that you appreciate their coming to the baby shower. It's a great idea to get a bag full of little things like candy, pens, toys, etc.

9. Dinosaur Soap

This party favor is a little more on the practical side but still a really cute idea for any occasion. Dinosaur shaped soap is a cute way to relate to your baby shower theme but is also very useful for everyone to take home.

10. Hand Sanitizer

Similar to the dinosaur soap, hand sanitizer is also a very practical party favor idea. It's great for taking on-the-go and particularly useful during the cold season. Simply add some dinosaur sticks to any travel-sized hand sanitizer and you've saved some money as well!

Dinosaur Baby Shower Food Ideas

Now it's time to talk about the real reason everyone is at your baby shower, the food! Here are some fun and easy snacks that will leave your party guests quenched.

11. Cake

Although the cake is obviously the most important theme of the day, it is also the easiest to find for your dinosaur theme. Most bakeries in your area should be able to appeal to your wishes. If you do not want to break the bank, you can also reach out to your local grocery store, as many of them customize cakes to fit party themes or even make your own.

12. Dinosaur Cookies

Another fun dessert idea is to create dinosaur cookies. All one needs to do is buy or make their favorite sugar cookie dough. Roll out the dough and then create small balls of dough and bake at 350 degrees for ten minutes. Directly after taking the cookies out of the oven, let the cookies cool then decorate to look like dinosaurs.

13. Sandwiches

With all of the effort going into the rest of the party, it can be better to take the pressure of making an extravagant meal that takes a lot of time. Sandwiches are an easy idea that can fill all of your guests up and fuel them up for games! You can make PB&J sandwiches using a dinosaur cut-out or different variations like ham and cheese or turkey.

14. Veggie Tray

Since this is a dinosaur theme, and some dinosaurs are vegetarians, why not include a loaded veggie tray? It's a great idea for providing healthy snack options that everyone will thank you for later. Who doesn't love veggies?

15. Dinosaur Cake Pops

Making cake pops into little dinosaur heads will make your guests so much more impressed with the time and detail you put into your party. All you need to do is make cake pops then decorate them using colored icing to resemble the heads of dinosaurs. Super cute and super delicious!

Dinosaur Baby Shower Games

Games are a great way to get everyone at the party involved and into the festivities of bringing a new life into the world. There are a few really cool games that have the capacity to follow your idea of a dinosaur-themed baby shower.

16. Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur

Pin the tail on the donkey is a game as old as we can remember; this fun twist matches your theme by pinning the tail on the dinosaur. Although this game will be geared to the younger kids at the party, it will be a fun way to get everyone to stand up and poke fun at each other.

17. Dinosaur Painting

A fun and easy activity that everyone can participate in is painting dinosaurs. This is an easy way for people to create their own party favor. All you need to do is purchase some coloring pages of dinosaurs and have your guests paint/color their own. This is a really creative idea for keeping the kids involved and occupied.

18. Dinosaur Bingo

Another activity that everyone loves to play is Bingo. This dinosaur-themed set includes a purchasable PDF file so you can print as many copies of dinosaur bingo as you need!

19. Guess How Many Dinosaurs

Guess How Many is a really classic game. You just need to get a bunch of little, plastic dinosaur toys and put them in a jar and have your guests make guesses on how many dinosaurs there are. Whoever's guess was the closest gets a prize!

20. Baby Trivia

Baby trivia is a super fun game you can play with your guests to test their knowledge on babies. You can make this game more exciting by offering a super cool prize for whoever wins the game! Another way you can apply this to your theme is by doing dinosaur trivia and test your guests on their knowledge about dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Baby Shower Party Supplies

Every party needs supplies, and it's an easy way to add more details to your party theme. Supplies can be as cheap and simple as you want or as extravagant and a super great way to wow your guests.

21. Tablecloths

Tablecloths are a great way to keep your tables protected from any spills or messes. They are also a great way to add a little more detail to your themed party.

22. Cups/straws

Every party needs cups for your guests to enjoy throughout your party. To match with the dinosaur theme, get some dinosaur-themed party cups and some themed straws.

23. Utensils

Utensils are essential if you plan on providing food options for your guests. They can be super simple plastic forks, spoons, and knives or you can go above and beyond with some dinosaur utensils that all of your guests will love.

24. Cake Topper

If you plan on having a cake at your baby shower, you could save some money by purchasing a simple, plain cake and adding a dinosaur-themed cake topper.

25. Confetti

Every baby shower needs a little confetti in order to have a super fun and memorable celebration. You can always keep it simple or you can purchase some dinosaur-shaped confetti.

Dinosaur Baby Shower Invitations

A great way to entice your guests to join your special day is through well-crafted invitations. There are many great and affordable options out there. Here are some of our choices for the best invitation cards.

26. Gender Neutral Invitation

In case you're keeping the gender of your baby a secret from your guests, you could appeal to the suspense by using a gender-neutral invitation to keep your guests guessing! It's also a great way to add some mystery and further excitement to your baby shower party.

27. Big Dot of Happiness

Perhaps the easiest invitation idea comes from the Big Dot of Happiness dinosaur baby shower invitation. This product conveniently comes from Amazon and is included with many fun and useful baby shower decorations to include in your party. Specifically looking at the invitations, the pack includes eight invitations each. The size of these cards is 5.5-3.75. The interior of each invitation includes pertinent information to the party date and specifics. 

28. Dinosaur Shaped Invitations

To truly capture the dinosaur-themed baby shower, you could surprise your guests with a dinosaur shaped invite! It's super cute and a very clever way of creating an invitation to send out for your party.

29. DIY Invitations

If you're on a tight budget, DIY invitations are always a really affordable option that can be applied to any budget. DIY invitations are also a really great idea to get the kids involved with a project that'll keep them occupied and excited for the baby shower! All you need are some supplies like construction paper, markers, scissors, and etc.

30. Polka Dot Invitations

Polka dot invitations are super cute and simple for a dinosaur-themed party. It's also a really great idea to keep it gender-neutral in case you haven't revealed what the gender of the baby will be yet.


Overall, dinosaur baby showers can be very fun and easy to plan without breaking the bank. What truly matters is giving everyone the best experience possible and having fun with family and friends over food and games. 

Written by Noah Russo; Contributors: Deesha Mohan and Amber Phipps