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Graduation Party Checklist

Graduation Party Checklist

Updated on: Feb 24, 2024

A person’s graduation is not only a testament to their hard work but their accomplishments. To show how proud of them you are, a graduation party is a great way to help convey that message. Our graduation party checklist can help you stay on track and plan a momentous party to honor the graduate's achievements. Our guide will help you get some suggestions on how to plan a graduation party. It could then be used to create your own specialized checklist with the template provided in this article. You might also find yourself needing graduation party ideas as well - whether it be ideas for virtual graduation, kindergarten, or high school, we're here to help with graduation parties of any kind!

We also create helpful budget sheets for events of all kinds that work well to keep you within your budget at hand. Helpful to you, we specifically have a graduation party budget sheet, perfect for you to utilize alongside this checklist.

5 Reasons to Love Our Graduation Party Planning Checklist

1. Automatic Timeline

One question that is always on everyone's mind when planning an event is “How much time do I have to plan?”. We believe that everyone's circumstances are different which makes it difficult to come up with a fixed time frame that works as a one size fits all type of deal. First, you have to find the graduation ceremony's date. You can find the information for the graduation ceremony from the school event calendar.

Another method would be to contact the school through the number they list on their websites. Then all you have to do is add the start day for planning the event and the day you will be holding the graduation party. Then each task in the worksheet will get an assigned due date! With this feature, we wanted to help reduce your stress and make sure that you have everything taken care of in time for the event.

2. Visuals

Our template is formatted to help you easily see what tasks need to get done, and which should have higher priority.

  • Find the perfect venue for the graduation party? Check the box in the row for choosing a venue, and it will turn green. This helps you visually spot which tasks are still outstanding.
  • Did you get caught up with your busy schedule? If you start to approach a due date, it will turn yellow. If it passes without completion, it will turn red. This will help you prioritize tasks.

3. Shareable!

Planning any type of event has its difficulty, and anything that can go wrong will happen. To help minimize planning difficulties, try to recruit people who can help you. Even when you do find help with the planning it isn’t always easy to coordinate your task completion. However, with our checklist template you can share with whomever you wish via Google Drive. Everyone will be on the same page, in real-time! Multiple people can edit at the same time which will make it effortless to track task completion on your graduation party checklist.

4. Helpful Links

The template doesn’t just help you plan your time, it connects you with great resources in a single click.

  • Want to survey your friends to find the best time to hold your party? Links to useful websites and apps are included.
  • Want to find the best florist? Easily find every service - from venues and caterers to DJs and decorators - you need in one place.
  • Budgeting is a huge part of party planning. It doesn’t need to be difficult, though! Just use our budget worksheet, created for planning a graduation party! A link to this sheet will be included in the checklist.
  • Need to order supplies? We’ve got you covered. Just click!
  • Want to get the creative juices flowing with some fun party tips and ideas? We’ll link right to the articles you need.

5. Customizable

Easily add, change and delete tasks.

How to Use Our Graduation Party Checklist

Simply click the download button below to get started. We have created a step-by-step guide to take you through using our checklists: how to share your checklists with fellow planners, how to add/edit/delete tasks, how to sort/filter/reorder tasks, and more. After following all of the steps you will finally have your own personalized graduation party checklist. Need a checklist for another event? No problem. We have a variety of checklists.

Graduation Party Checklist: Conclusion

Easy Event Planning believes that planning a graduation party for someone should be fun and, well, easy! Our customizable template will help you make your own graduation party checklist which will ensure all your plans are in order before the event. If you enjoy using this checklist, you’ll love our planning tools for other events, too!

Written by Bryk Li