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Easter Party Checklist

Easter Party Checklist

Updated on: Feb 18, 2024

Everyone has their special memory of searching for eggs filled with candy on Easter day! Wouldn’t you want to give your child the same special memory about Easter day? Don’t worry we got you covered with our Easter party checklist that will help you plan the best Easter party! You can even check out EEP's Holiday Party Idea list that will help you make planning your party so much easier.

Our guide on how to plan an Easter day party will go over some ideas to resources for the party. The Easter party checklist will help you count down each day till the party so you can budget your time effectively. The template will help you organize all of your tasks so you don’t have to worry about doing things last minute!

5 Reasons to Love our Easter Party Planning Checklist

1. Automatic Timeline

How much time does it take to plan an Easter party? We believe that there shouldn’t be any fixed time frame for planning an Easter party! Since everybody’s life is different, we created a checklist that works with your time frame so you don’t have to worry about being behind on planning. All you have to do is add the day you started to plan your party, along with what day you’ll be holding it which is Easter day, and each task included in the worksheet will get an assigned due date! The automatic timeline feature should help you get all of your tasks sorted and done on time.

2. Customizable Easter Party Tasks

Since there is no generic guide that can help everyone plan an amazing Easter party. We provided some ideas to consider to create the most memorable Easter party. These ideas should help you customize the Easter party Checklist template that we have provided in this article.

Food & Drinks

For the food, at an Easter party, you should consider if you will be preparing it yourself or not. If you are preparing it all by yourself, you should consider preparing foods that can be made a few days in advance. Some great examples are dumplings, croissants, dinner rolls, curry, and pasta salad. Food items that you can prepare on the day of the party are marinated meats, fried rice, macaroni and cheese, and pasta. Preparing all the food yourself is quite difficult so you should ask some of your guests to bring some dishes of their own!

Another option is to order food from a local restaurant or hire a catering service to deal with the food for the Easter party. For a local restaurant, you should consider putting an order for your food a week in advance. While for a catering service you should find one a month in advance so you can find the best one for your situation. If you are struggling to find a catering service, we have some resources that can help you out in the article.

For the drinks, you should consider making something refreshing and vibrant because easter is in the spring months. Some ideas are strawberry lemonade, fruit punch, and sweet tea. Besides making drinks you should also consider purchasing drinks in case the ones you make run out.

Venue and Decor

For the venue, you should consider a place with an open area so the kids can run around and play Easter day activities. One suggestion is to use your house if you have a big front yard. However, if you do not have a front yard, you could ask other family or friends attending that have a spacious front yard if they could host the party at their house. Another suggestion is to rent a table at your local park that has a grill for you to cook some of the food. The park is a great alternative because it has a spacious grass area where the kids can participate in Easter day activities.

The decor of the Easter party is what sets the atmosphere that will make it a memorable experience for the kids. The thing to consider are streamers, balloons, Easter baskets, Easter cardboard cutouts, Easter-themed accessories, and Easter-themed plates. One detail that will excite the kids is filling the Easter basket to the brim with candy! A unique thing that you could do that adds to the atmosphere is to have someone dress as the Easter bunny to play with the kids.


The most important activity to do for an Easter Party is to have an Easter egg hunt. You should spice up the Easter egg hunt by putting a special surprise in one of the eggs. One idea is to put a few dollars inside the egg. Another activity is having an egg painting context for the kids! This activity will let the kids express their creativity while competing with their friends.

Some suggestions for activities that can be played with the whole family are tug of war, two-hand touch football, frisbee, and soccer. A less physically taxing option would be playing board games such as Monopoly or Connect Four. One special activity you can add for the kids is a pinata that they can all take turns trying to break!

3. Visuals

Our template was created with a special feature that will help you easily spot tasks that are a higher priority. This feature will ensure that you don’t miss any task on your Easter party checklist!

  • Found a location with a spacious area? Check the box in the row for choosing a location, and it will turn green to show you completed it. This helps you visually spot which tasks still need to be completed.
  • Are you caught up with other tasks? When it gets close to the due date the row will turn yellow. If it passes the due date it will turn red to notify you which task needs to be prioritized.

4. Shareable!

Unlike other checklists that make it difficult to collaborate with friends or family, ours was built with sharing in mind! If you are planning with your friends or family you can share your Easter party checklist with anyone through Google Drive. This enables everyone to work simultaneously so you and the other planners will be on the same page.

5. Helpful Links

The Easter party checklist template helps budget your time and connects you with the right resources. The resources we linked in the checklist will help you schedule a time to hold the party on Easter day. It also provides you with a worksheet for easter parties to help you budget the finances, services for finding the perfect venue, and links to find supplies for the party. Another benefit is that it links to other articles with fun party tips and ideas as well!

How to Use our Easter Party Checklist

Simply click the download button below to get started. We have created a step-by-step guide to take you through using our checklists: how to share your checklists with fellow planners, how to add/edit/delete tasks, how to sort/filter/reorder tasks, and more.

Easter Party Checklist: Conclusion

Easy Event Planning believes that planning an Easter party shouldn’t be stressful and a chore. Our customizable Easter party checklist template will help you get everything in order for the Easter party! We hope also hope that it makes planning for your Easter party a fun experience! If our checklist amazed you, you will also love our planning tools for other events as well!

Written by Bryk Li; Contributor: Jack Leduc