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37 Fun Tennis Theme Party Ideas

Tennis Theme Party

Updated on: Feb 11, 2024

A tennis theme party is a perfect event for adults, all ages, and at any time of the year. Make your party a major “hit” by making your tennis party decorations, favors, food ideas, games or activities, and invitation ideas really stand out! Follow these homemade or inexpensive tips to keep the excitement alive off the court and ensure that your party is a grand slam! Be sure to download our comprehensive budgeting tool to help make planning a breeze.

Tennis Theme Party Decorations

1. Tennis Theme Party Centerpieces

These tennis party centerpieces are perfect for decorating your party table. You can even find sets that have stickers so you can easily incorporate the theme to any item!

2. Balloons

You can't call it a party without balloons! We recommend using green, yellow, and white balloons. You can even get creative by making a balloon arch. This would make for a perfect backdrop.

3. "You Got Served" Tennis Paper Tassels

These chain link paper tassels are a great addition to your "smashing" tennis theme party. They are easy to assemble, and you can get super creative with their placement by wrapping them around tables or hanging them across the tennis net.

4. Serve Em Up

Put away your old traditional trays and serve guests with mini tennis rackets instead! Take plastic wrap and cover the whole racket, then artistically arrange an assortment of appetizers on top. This makes an easy, yet creative, decoration element for your parties!

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5. Beaming Bouquets

Buy a bouquet of white and yellow daisy flowers or roses, the colors of the tennis ball. Or if you want a Wimbledon-themed garnish, purple and green flowers would be ideal.

6. Game, Set, Picture!

Photo booths are an excellent way for guests to capture moments and share their excitement on social media. You can use tennis photo booth props to add a fun element to the picture or use real tennis equipment.

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7. Lovely Vases

Take a large glass vase (or multiple vases) and fill it with tennis balls as centerpiece decorations, and if there’s enough room, add rackets too. You can also fill the vase with water in addition to the tennis balls and top it off with floating candles.

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8. Favorite tennis player

Decorate your party with your favorite tennis players: Roger Ferderer, Rafael Nadal, and Serena Williams. You can either print small images or have a life-size cut out of them!

9. Tennis Ball Place Settings

Cut tennis balls in half and make a slit at the top of the head of the ball. Stick name cards in each of the tennis ball halves for great tennis ball decorations!

Tennis Theme Party Favors

10. A “Key” Chain

Buy tennis-themed key chains, like a ball or racket, and attach a note to them like “Thank you for making my party a hit” for these athletic prizes.

11. Tennis Sunglasses

Everybody loves a good shade especially if it’s on a hot sunny day or you are having your party outdoors. Gift your guest cool, useful sunglasses and it will make your party that much more memorable!

12. Pivotal Accessories

Hand out face towels, sweatbands, or cheap visors to guests as giveaways, perfect for any game of tennis.

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13. Festive Cookies

Bake sugar cookies and decorate them with yellow and white frosting to make a tennis ball. Place them into small clear cellophane bags for guests to take home and enjoy. Not much of a baker? You can also order these beautiful and delicious tennis theme cookies from etsy.

14. Winner Trophy

Everyone attending the party will leave with a trophy in their bags feeling like a winner. Customize each trophy with your guest’s name.

15. The Tennis Court Must-Have Bag

Go to the grocery store and stock up on Chap Stick, sunscreen, colorful Band-Aids, mini deodorants, sweatbands, and other inexpensive athletic prizes. Place these items into a green cellophane bag labeled "The Tennis Court Must-have Bag" and tie it with this decorative tennis racket ribbon. You could also add some refreshments to the bag, such as a Gatorade, a package of mixed nuts, a candy bar, and gum.

16. Personalized Tennis Tumbler

These 160z tumblers are made with high-quality material and are the perfect party favor for any tennis player. You can personalize these individually with names and add some candy inside.

17. Getting Personal

Use personalized tennis balls as place settings for your party. Write on the balls the guest's name and add in an inspirational quote about tennis, ideally from a professional tennis player. Encourage guests to take their ball home with them as party favors.

Tennis Theme Party Food Ideas

18. Lemonade

After an intense game of tennis, lemonade is always a good refresher. Outline your clear cup with a white liner in the shape of a ball and watch it transform into a tennis ball.

19. Tea Sandwiches

Finger sandwiches made with cucumber and cream cheese are traditional, delicious refreshment ideas that hold well. Place them delicately on food tier trays to make a beautiful display.

20. Quiche

Whip up a homemade fontina and mushroom quiche for a delectable, savory snack.

21. Champagne

Serve your guest chilled glasses of some delicious bubbly. If there are any children at your party, serve them juice or sparkling cider. We recommend using plastic champagne flutes for easy use and clean up.

22. Strawberries and Cream

Nothing screams Wimbledon more than the classic treat of strawberries and cream. The preparation is rather inexpensive and simple. Just slice fine ripe strawberries and serve them with a dollop of cream.

23. Tennis Cake

Bake a cake, or cupcakes, and decorate them with yellow or green frosting. Then, take white frosting and make two curved lines on the cakes to make them look like tennis balls. You can even finish them off by using black frosting to write “Penn” or “Wilson” on them for the real deal.

24. Tennis Ball Cake Pops

Not much of a baker? Don't worry! These tennis ball cake pops are handmade and freshly made delivered to your door. They will surely be a "hit" at your party.

25. Pimm’s Cup

When viewers aren't popping bottles, they're indulging in Pimms Cup, a gin-based cocktail with ginger ale, cucumbers, and a sprig of mint.

Tennis Theme Party Games & Activities

26. Photo Booths

Photo booths are always a big hit. It is a great way to hold on to the memories. Set up a prop table with tennis racks, tennis balls, sweatbands, etc. next to your photo booth.

27. Game, Set, Match

If you have any or are able to find any of the infamous tennis matches, like Bjorn Borg vs. John McEnroe in the 1980 Wimbledon final or Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal in the 2008 Wimbledon final, dig them up and play them during your party. Consider getting a projector and projector screen so you can play your favorite awesome tennis matches! Also try checking out portable projectors if you don't want to invest in something too big.

28. Wimbledon Quiz

What infamous call caused John McEnroe to throw his famed tantrum on the court? What tennis player has the most Women’s Singles titles at Wimbledon? What does the Wimbledon logo consist of? Reward the guest who has the highest number of correct answers with a trophy.

29. Guessing Game

Take a tennis ball can and empty it. Fill it with candies and have guests guess how many there are. Give the candy can to the person who has the correct estimation, or the closest guess. You can also decorate the candies with stickers with.

30. Tennis Tournament

If you’re near tennis courts, a perfect party activity idea is to hold a round-robin among the guests, playing either singles or doubles. Honor the winner (or winners) with a prize, like a brand new tennis bag.

31. Smash Hit The Piñata

While piñatas are great additions to all kinds of parties, in this case, purchase a tennis ball piñata and fill it with lots of yummy candies. Instead of breaking it open with a bat, give guests an old tennis racquet to match the activity with the theme.

32. Tennis Table Games

Spark your guests’ competitive sides by holding a beer pong tournament. Guests must toss ping-pong balls into cups filled with beer, organized into a triangular shape. Whichever team makes the ball into all of the cups first wins! For those under 21 years old, exchange beer for soda.

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Tennis Theme Party Supplies

33. Tennis Party Tableware Kit

These tennis tableware kits come with paper plates, napkins, and cups. They are designed with tennis balls and tennis rackets to make to match your party's theme.

34. Tennis Court Tabletop

Here is a fun DIY project to transform a regular rectangular table into a tennis court with just a tablecloth and tape! Cover your table with either a vibrant green tablecloth, construction paper, or other supplies. Then, using a roll of white masking tape, lay a piece of tape down along the center of the table to divide the “court.” Next, add the other lines that make up a tennis court. Then, place your delicious food and drinks on this table.

35. Table Runner

If you are pressed on time or looking for a simple alternative. This table runner is perfect for the occasion and can be customized with a personal message.

36. Dessert & Cupcake Toppers

Try decorating your sweets and cupcakes with tennis-themed dessert toppers. Find the perfect shape and size to fit to perfectly style up your sweet table! You can even go ahead and place them on top of finger foods and appetizers. You can also find food-grade plastic and high-quality material toppers to ensure you have the best quality food decorations.

32. 3-Tier Food Trays

Show off your amazing appetizers and desserts in a 3-tier food tray. They are simple, yet elegant and your guests will be blown away by your presentation.

Tennis Theme Party Invitations

37. Have a Ball

Make your own invitation by hand by cutting out neon green card stock paper in the shape of a tennis ball. Write your party's details in a thick white or black font, the tennis ball’s trademark colors. Don't forget to add a gift registry or gift ideas for your guests!

38. Game, Set, Match!

This invitation set is available to be customized to your liking. All you have to do is input your event details: day + time, location, RSVP, etc. it is also available in two background colors; green or white. Simple, but beautifully crafted and will surely get your guests excited for the event!

39. Play on Words

Get imaginative with your invitations and execute a play on words, like Let’s have a smashing time as we celebrate Sam’s Birthday! Or, We would love for you to join us for a tennis party! Or Let’s Have a Ball! This tennis theme invitation allows you to download edit on your phone or computer. You can print them or send them out straight away!

40. Teal And Yellow Tennis Invitation

Perfect for girl's tennis party. The colors are beautiful with sophisticated design.

41. Let's Hit The Court

Like most invitations found on Etsy, this is also customizable and perfect for birthday parties or any tennis party occasion.

Tennis Theme Party: Conclusion

As we wait for sports to return from their long hiatus, throwing a tennis theme party can be the best thing to get everyone prepared. Due to the extended absence, some people can forget what having sports feels like and this party is exactly what they need. Wear masks and follow social distancing protocol to have a fun and safe party to celebrate the sports that we love! Check out our other birthday party ideas that you will love!

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