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TV Night Checklist - 5 Great Tips to Liven Up Your Night!

Movie - TV Night Checklist

Updated on: Feb 17, 2024

Going to the movie theater can be so much fun and a great outing for everyone, but sometimes you want to stay right in the comfort of your own home and have the same amazing experience! Use our TV Night Checklist to help you plan and budget the perfect TV Night with friends and family. Want to see some fun and creative ideas for how to spice up this seemingly normal night? Need some inspiration on how to get your loved ones excited for these nights? Using our checklist you’ll feel like you aren’t just sitting on the couch and in fact at a fun, relaxing event if you follow all of our steps! Here's a quick guide on how you can use our checklists efficiently.

5 Reasons to Use our TV Night Checklist

1. An Automatic Timeline

How long does it necessarily take to plan a TV night? When do you need to start telling your guests about this event? Easy Event Planning is here to help you every step of the way with our automatic timeline! Simply add the day you want your party and when you want to begin planning, then each task in the checklist will automatically assign itself a date! You can even start planning the event the day of, for all you last-minute planners out there! This timeline can save you from stress and anxiety leading up to your event, and will also ensure you don’t forget anything as time goes on.

2. Event-specific

It can be difficult sometimes to find event-specific instructions when your event is in a more narrow category. Thankfully, Easy Event Planning has got you covered! We have an extremely wide variety of events and your TV Night is included!

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3. Visuals

We have designed our template so it is easy and satisfying to look at. It can be overwhelming looking at a task list that contains so many you don’t even know where to start. Our template is visually appealing and color-coordinated so it is extremely easy to know where to focus your time. Once you complete a task simply check the box in that row and it will turn green! Tasks that have not been completed and are approaching their due date will turn yellow, and those due dates that have passed will turn red. You can easily prioritize tasks with our method!

4. Shareable!

Planning an event with friends and loved ones can be so fun! Our template is easily shareable and can be shared with whomever you like via Google Drive. Everyone will always be up to date on what others are doing and what needs to be done. There can also be multiple people editing at once, so there are no limitations on who you can collaborate with!

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5. Helpful Links

While the TV night checklist template helps you prioritize your time and delegate with friends, it also connects you to amazing resources we have personally found. We can connect you to projection and speaker rentals, florists, photographers, and so many more! Sometimes you just need some inspiration to get your creative side going, we have links to every article you need!

How to Use our TV Night Checklist

Click the download button below to begin the planning and the fun! Simply click the download button below to get started. We have a step-by-step guide to teach you about every element of our checklists!

Movie - TV Night Checklist: Conclusion

TV Nights don’t have to be the same every night and with the tv night checklist, we can show you exactly how to switch things up. Let us help you plan the most fun night possible that everyone is going to be talking about! Everyone will be sure to want to recreate this fun and easy event. Checklists can be used for so many different parties and events, so make sure to also consider using our guides to assist with your planning!

Written by Bryk Li; Contributor: Avery Patterson