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36 Best Kids Party Places

Kids Party Places

Updated on: Feb 12, 2024

Having a kid’s party can be a little overwhelming. Between being budget-friendly, making the kid happy, and keeping all of the kids safe, planning a kid’s party can definitely cause a headache or two. Here’s a list of some possible venues to host a kid’s party, to make your planning experience that much easier.

Kids Party Places: Indoor Venues

1. Indoor Pool

An indoor pool is great for a party any time of the year! The kids get to have fun swimming and playing pool games with their friends. Make sure to bring the beach ball and all of the inflatables to make it that much better!

2. Movie Theater

The movies are a great idea. It is a relatively cheap option, especially if you bring your own Kit Kats and M&Ms from the $1 store. The kids are sure to be occupied the whole time and will be satisfied watching the movie with their treats. This is an awesome idea safety-wise as all the kids are sitting in one spot.

3. Bowling Alley

Bowling is always a fun activity, so why not have the birthday party there? It’ll keep the kids occupied and you can even rent out multiple lanes if you want the kids to wait for less for their turns to bowl. Bowling alleys often have a birthday package so it is an awesome option budget-wise. Some bowling alleys will even get a bowling pin for all of the kids to sign as a present for the birthday boy or girl!

4. Bounce House / Trampoline Parks

A fun option that lets the kids use all their energy! You can either rent a bouncy house to blow up at a home or bring the kids to a trampoline park to have several options of where to bounce! Trampoline parks are typically more expensive than renting a bouncy house, however, they typically have birthday packages that may include things such as cake and other food. This idea is sure to put a smile on the kids’ faces.

5. Ice Skating Ranks

A great option for those active kids. Ice skating is a fun activity that most kids don’t get to do very often. You can either let the kids skate on their own or rent out the rink for some private skating lessons.

6. Laser Tag Facilities

A great activity that the kids will love! Laser tag lets the kids get their energy out and get their competition on. They’re sure to enjoy playing this game with their friends and bragging about their team’s record!

7. Restaurant Birthday Party

Host a birthday party at your daughters’ favorite restaurant! You can decorate the table with balloons, confetti, goodies for your guests, and top it off with a cake. Each guest will receive a party hat and a necklace to wear throughout the duration of the party. This serves as a chill, unique, and fun party for all ages.

8. Ice Cream Parlors

Who doesn’t like ice cream, am I right? An ice cream parlor is a simple venue to have a party at that will guarantee to make the kids happy. Most ice cream parlors offer all types of ice cream, such as vegan ice cream, no matter their diet restrictions they’ll be able to enjoy it!

9. Build-A-Bear

Almost everyone has gone to Build-a-Bear and almost everyone loves it. Building stuffed animals is a fun activity for the kids but they love it even more because they’ll be able to bring their own stuffed animal home! Build-a-bear offers party packages where the kids all sign a stuffed animal for the birthday boy or girl to take home.

10. Art Studios

A great option for those creative kids. There are various types of art studios that offer classes for the kids to make art. Whether it is a pottery studio or painting one, if the kids love art class they are sure to love this!

11. Fire Stations

Kids love firefighters, and when they are little so many of them say that’s what they want to be when they are older! This makes a fire station a great venue for a birthday party. The kids will love seeing and maybe even going in the truck, and having some pizza with all of the firefighters! This is sure to be a party that they will always remember!

12. Science Center

Science centers are great for kids’ parties. Not only do they have fun but they are learning at the same time! Science centers often have interactive exhibits so the kids can have some hands-on activities. This can be a little pricey but some science centers do have a party package that may help you save.

13. Aquariums

Another hit with the kids! They are sure to love seeing all of the ocean life and maybe even getting to pet some of them too! Aquariums often offer shows that the kids are sure to love and also learn from. This venue can become pricey so it is always important to see if they have a party package.

14. Karate Facilities

Great for those athletes! The kids can show off their karate skills, or learn some if they’re new to it. This lets the kids use their energy in a fun way! Who knows, maybe they’ll get a white belt and have found a new hobby?

15. Rock Climbing Gym

A fun activity that the kids may not have even tried yet! This is a unique venue that is loads of fun! The kids are strapped in so it is very safe as well.

16. Chuck E. Cheese

I think almost everyone has gone to a party at Chuck E. Cheese one time or another, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great venue option! Any kid will be so happy to go play some games, eat some food and watch some animals sing!

17. Video Arcade

Kids, especially nowadays, love video games, so why not let them do that at a party! Video arcades let kids choose from hundreds of games to play so they’re sure to be happy! They might even get to play some older games they have never heard of before, and play some classics they’ll come to love! This idea can become a little costly depending on how many games you let the kids play, but it’ll be sure to entertain them.

18. Wax Museum

A unique and very fun venue! Many kids probably have not gone to a wax museum so they’ll get to see something new! It’s sure to entertain the kids as well as the adults!

19. Karaoke Facilities

Whether they love to sing or just like being the center of attention this is a great choice! The kids can sing karaoke with their friends and show off their singing skills, or lack thereof. Either way, it’s guaranteed to be a fun time!

20. Kids Cooking Class Venues

Not only does this provide a great experience but a great treat (hopefully) at the end! Cooking classes are a fun activity for the kids that can also help them learn a thing or two. They’ll love the taste testing and the treats at the end!

21. Music Studios

Great party for the music lovers! Have the kids go to a music studio and they can not only listen to people play some music but learn how to play some instruments! This is great for any kid that comes home talking about how much fun music class was!

22. Gymnastic Centers

Gymnastic centers are great for kids' parties! The kids get to learn and show off their gymnastic skills and the parents get to watch. These venues typically have a room that the kids can open a present and have some cake in as well!

23. Spa Day

Who doesn’t love a spa day? Why not create it at home? Host a spa day at home with your daughter and her friends. Ask your guests to wear their favorite cozy robe and slippers! Include face masks, manicures/pedicures, and cucumber eye masks. Send your guests home feeling refined and refreshed with a goodie bag that includes their own face mask, nail polish, and a nail care kit!

Kids Party Places: Outdoor Attractions

24. The Park

Kids get very excited, so don’t think you need to go somewhere expensive for a venue! A park is an affordable way for the kids to have fun, especially if there is a playground! Throw in some cake and ice cream and you have a successful party and some happy kids!

25. Miniature Golf Course

Another fun activity that can host a kid’s birthday party. This is great for a summer party but you could do this any time of year if you have an indoor miniature golf course near you! This will keep the kids entertained and is very affordable.

26. Paintball Facilities

A fun idea for those older kids. Paintball is a fun game that gets the kids so excited. They get to get their competitive side on and get some exercise while doing so as well!

27. Amusement Parks

A venue that the kids are sure to love! An amusement park is sure to make all the kids happy because there are so many things to do. The rides, the games, the food all make for a great time. This may get a little pricey but it is sure to provide a party to remember. Just remember to eat the food AFTER the rollercoasters!

28. Zoos

Zoos are so fun people of all ages go! Kids will love being able to see so many animals and maybe even petting a few! Zoos often have areas where you can pet small animals such as goats that are sure to make the kids’ day. Zoos also run many small shows during the day that kids are sure to love! This venue also typically offers party packages to make planning the party much simpler.

29. Beach

A great option for any summer party! And this is sure to entertain both the kids and the adults! Beaches usually have gazebos that you can rent out (sometimes even for free) and you can decorate them for the party.

30. Campground

Sleepovers are always a big deal when you’re younger, so having one at a campground would be so much for them! Whether you're in a tent, camper, or a log cabin, the kids are sure to love staying up late with their friends and telling scary stories! And who could forget the campfires and s’mores!

31. Horse Ranch

Great for the animal lovers! Horse ranches are a unique kids' party venue but a fun one! The kids will be able to ride horses which is sure to provide an unforgettable experience!

32. Go-Kart Facility

Who doesn’t love real-life Mario Kart? The kids are sure to have a blast and a smile on their faces the entire time!

33. Waterslide Parks

Another great idea for a summer party! The kids can choose from several activities so they’ll be sure to find something to do that they love! They get to show off their cool new goggles and test out some waterslides they may have never tried! This is another costly venue but is sure to create a memorable party!

34. Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes

Great for any fall kid's party! Pumpkin patches offer a fun time between picking pumpkins and painting or carving them after! The kids are also sure to love the corn mazes and it can even become a fun competition of who can finish first. These venues often offer fun photo stand-ins to take some pictures so you can always remember the day!

35. Concerts

A venue that is guaranteed to make the kids happy! There are so many groups and people kids would love to see in concert. This is a pricey option but one they’ll remember for a long time!

36. Professional Sporting Events

This is a great option for those sport-loving kids. Going to a professional sporting event is lots of fun and can be very affordable as they often offer party packages. The kids probably will get to be on the jumbotron which is sure to make their day!

Kids Party Places: Conclusion

Kids' parties are very fun but it can be hard to find a venue that fits all of your needs. Making sure it is the right budget, holds the correct amount of guests, and includes something your kid likes can be hard to find. Hopefully, you enjoyed this list of kids party places.

Don’t forget to make sure there are enough chaperons so the party runs smoothly and you don’t start getting grays that day! It is also very important to look into the party packages at whatever venue you choose. We briefly talked about it in this article, but it is a good way to save some money and they typically offer some benefits that will make the party that much better!

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