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Mardi Gra Party Checklist

Mardi Gra Party Checklist

Updated on: Apr 15, 2023

Traditionally, the day before Ash Wednesday is the day before the season of Lent, when Christians fast and give up all their worldly luxuries. So what better way to spend this day than to party as hard as you can? This is Mardi Gras, possibly the wildest party in the Christian tradition. Have the best experience by using our Mardi Gra Party Checklist. To fully celebrate the joys of Fat Tuesday, you would need to organize a huge party to match the hype. Understandably, this task may appear super daunting to you, but here’s where we at Easy Event Planning can help. 

Our Mardi Gra Party Checklist will be sure to help you throw the best party you can. We’ve provided a step-by-step guide on how to plan a perfect Mardi Gra party as well as a countdown on what needs to be done 5 minutes before its party time. With this efficient template in hand, you will be guaranteed to host a Mardi Gras party for the ages.

5 Reasons to Use Our Easy Mardi Gra Party Checklist

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1. Automatic Timeline

Let’s say that you’ve started planning your Mardi Gras party sometime in November, around the tail end of fall. You then search for checklists only to find that most of them involve a year-long planning schedule. Other checklists are inflexible, which can lead to cases where you’re already behind before you’ve even started. Thankfully, with our checklists at EEP, you don’t have to worry about this. Just enter the scheduled date of the next Mardi Gras into the event date, and all the other tasks will be automatically scheduled to fit with your deadline.

2. Easy Viewing

To help you keep track of your tasks, our checklists will also color-code their dates based on their completion. For instance, if you’ve already listed everyone you want within your guest list, click the checkbox next to that task and it will be marked green for completion. If you need to prepare some king cake within the next week or so, the due date for that task will turn yellow to alert you. If you haven’t gotten any masks by the due date, then the date will turn red to Mark that task as overdue.

3. Resource Links

  • There will be several links provided to aid you in the respective tasks. These links include:
  • Links to online applications like a Save-The-Date e-card
  • Links to vendors like a jazz band to hire
  • And the respective budget sheet for this event

4. Easy to Share and Edit

Our checklists function from Google Drive. So they can be shared with and edited by anyone who has a Gmail account.

Additional Mardi Gras Party Checklist Instructions

  • Let’s say you want to group the “get masks” with getting beads under a new task labeled “get accessories”. Just overwrite “get masks” with “get accessories” in that specific task box. The deadline for the overwritten task will still apply to this one.
  • Now say that one of your relatives is coming over by plane. You would need to arrange some guest transportation for them. To add this task to your checklist, all you need to do is this:
    • Right-click on the number of the row directly above or below where you want to insert this task. Then you can just click “insert one below/above” respectively.
    • Then to make things uniform merge the three cells within the task box area.
    • One thing that’s important to note is that the task will still need a due date applied to it. Once you enter your deadline, the date will be color-coded accordingly. Now all you need to do is assign the task to someone and you’re golden.
  • Now say you just found out that some of the guests you invited turned out to be skilled jazz players and they can take care of the music for you. Since you don’t need to hire a jazz ensemble anymore, you can get rid of that task. Just right-click on that task’s row number and click “delete row”.
  • Assigning tasks to people is easy. Just enter their names in a task’s “person assigned” box.
  • Numerous filtering techniques can also be used to check on specific parts of the checklist. If you need to see what still needs to get done, just click the triangular button on the ‘DONE?’ heading and select ‘FALSE’. If you want to see how your aunt is going with her baking, click the triangular button on her name in the ‘Person Assigned’ heading. If you want to check on all tasks related to music, click the triangular button on ‘Task Type’ and select ‘music’.


The hype for Mardi Gras is always high, so it’s understandable for you to think that you might not do the holiday justice. However, with EEP’s easy-to-use checklists, you barely have to worry about a thing. Just relax and let the party move you.

If you enjoy using this checklist, then make sure you check out our planning tools and checklists for other events too.

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