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13 Best Teen & Tween Birthday Party Ideas

Teen Tween Party Ideas

Updated on: Feb 11, 2024

It can be tricky to throw your almost-teen a birthday party. Throwing an age-appropriate party for a tween or a teen can be challenging because they are in a period of transition. Do you throw them an extravagant party? Or do you invite their close friends over for a sleepover? Luckily, we have generated a list of 13 of the best teen & tween birthday party ideas that your child will love!

Tween Birthday Party Ideas

1. A Slumber Party… But Better

Slumber parties are a timeless party idea! They are a great way to have fun and keep the party going all night! Elevate your slumber party by decorating the room with fairy lights and colorful blankets to make a trendy teen scene. You could even buy each party-goer a matching robe, which will double as a party favor after!

2. Outdoor Movie Night

Elevate your typical movie-night experience by setting up a projector outside and decorating your lawn with blankets and throw pillows. Set up a popcorn bar with an assortment of fun toppings so that everyone can customize a popcorn bag that they will love! Serving popcorn and slushies will enhance the movie-going experience. This party idea can be fun for the whole family!

3. Pool Party!

If you have access to a pool, a pool party can be a great idea. It takes away the stress of searching for a venue and is fun for all ages. All you need is cool floaties, a clean pool, and some snacks to create a memorable experience for every guest.

4. Add A Photo Booth

Photo booths are essential for every great birthday party. Cramming yourself into this little box and taking pictures with your closest friends is always a fun time. Setting up a photo booth can take any party to the next level. Plus every party-goer will be happy to bring home a visual memento from the night.

5. Video Game Themed Party

It isn’t uncommon for your tween to spend hours on end playing video games. Throwing a party based on their favorite video games would please any gamer. Create a space your child will love by setting up some gaming consoles, arranging a tournament, and setting out some game-themed cake pops.

6. Luau Or Beach Theme Party

Say aloha to your next extravagant birthday bash. Luau-themed parties are perfect for any tween who loves bright colors, palm trees, and the sand. Amazon has a variety of blow-up palm trees, tiki torches, and rainbow leis, that'll make any Luau party a more enjoyable experience. Pro-tip: Mix Sprite and Hawaiian Punch Polar Blast, and place some Swedish fish at the bottom of the glasses it creates the perfect underwater-themed drink.

7. Everyone Is An Artist Party

Whether your child draws in their free time or takes art classes, being creative is a vital form of self-expression and fun, so why not make a party out of it? Try setting up each person with an easel, paint brushes, paint, and a water cup. Have someone take pictures during the activity, get some nice candid shots, and mail them to each guest as part of their thank you card. Not only is this experience fun but it is also memorable since each painter will get to take home their masterpiece.

8. Cupcake Decorating Party (Yum)

Decorating cupcakes, cookies, or cake pops is a delicious and fun treat for your guests. Create a cupcake decorating station by laying out some pre-made cupcakes, piping bags, and sprinkles. Then have your guests use their imagination and creativity to create some amazing sweet treats. You could either suggest a theme for your baked goods or give them full creative freedom. Having a decorating competition could also be a fun activity! Pro tip: It's good to check for food allergies before buying certain ingredients.

Teen Birthday Party Ideas

9. Glow in the Dark Party

Get a UV black light to create the perfect ambiance. UV light highlights white and neon colors in the dark, have all your guests wear white to the party so they can shine in the dark! You can get a bunch of fun neon decorations, glow sticks, and hula-hoops to enhance the neon-party experience. Have a neon face-painting station so all the guests can decorate themselves in glow-in-the-dark colors! Get a good playlist going and you'll be set to dance the night away.

10. Spa Themed Birthday Party

*Places cucumbers on eyes*... Everyone needs a self-care day once in a while. Layout some face masks, face steamers, and nail polish, and create a serene oasis for your teen and their friends. Self-care is always important!

11. Scavenger/Treasure Hunt Party

Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt and a little competition never hurts anyone! This party idea is sure to engage all the guests and get everyone moving! Clues can be as difficult and creative as you want them to be. There is a full range of clues you could make like hiding the next clue in a word search or writing a witty poem. You can easily set up little obstacles in and around your house at each station. For example, sticking a clue to a Jenga piece and having teams pull out pieces until they find the clue.

12. Visit Their Favorite Restaurant

Not all teens want a big birthday bash, some prefer a more private party with one or two friends and close family members. For them, celebrating their birthday by going out for a nice dinner could be the perfect birthday celebration. Don't forget to book your reservation ahead of time and get a headcount prior to going.

13. Game Night!

Another great lowkey party idea is hosting an intimate game night with close friends and family. There are tons of teen party games to play that will surely be a hit. Play some charades on the "Heads Up" app, print out Truth or Dare questions, board games like "Codenames" and "Monopoly" are classics, or you can spice it up by creating your own game that has fun trivia about the birthday teen! If the weather is nice, consider having outdoor teen party games to change up the scenery.


These were all the tween and teen birthday party ideas included in this article. We hope these ideas help you make your child's birthday party the best that it can be. Don't forget to keep a party checklist so you don't miss anything for your party. At the end of the day, parents just want to make their children happy and comfortable on their birthday. Whether it is a small private get-together with a few close friends or an extravagant party with lots of decorations and activities, your tween or teen will love what you create for them.

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