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What to Wear to an Event: 12 Great Tips on Clothing and Occasions for Men

Tuxedos and Men's Attire

Updated on: Nov 17, 2023

It is always hard to decide what to wear to an event. When it comes to formal wear, you want to stand out. Whether you need tuxedo rentals for a prom, wedding, or a special dinner, make it a personalized outfit. Let your style shine through! Don't blend in with the other black and white men's suits. Please give it some color and know when it's best to use the proper attire. When you use a wedding tux correctly by looking for the right accessories and fabrics at formal wear shops in the city. Take a look at these tips on what to wear to an event for some help.

What to Wear to an Event: Clothing and Attire

1. French Cuffs

Add a fancy touch to your sleeves by creating the French cuff. This is a great style choice for wedding tuxedos. Nowadays, men customize their last stitches to their buttonholes by using colors to bring more life to the wedding. A tip can be to use the color of the bride's dress depending on which she uses.

2. Vest

These are a great alternative to cummerbunds, where you can add your sense of style. Vests add a lot to prom tuxedos. This is where you can get colorful. From bright greens to dark maroons to purples, make your outfit pop. Vests can come in lace, stripes, solids, and other personalized patterns. Take this as an opportunity to coordinate with your partner, friends, family, or whoever.

3. Handkerchief

Satin, silk, or woven polyester. Blue, black, autumn, or blush. Handkerchiefs come in various fabrics and colors. Handkerchiefs can also come in a variety of patterns. Match this accessory with your eyes, the event, your date's dress, or simply your favorite style. They will jazz up any prom tux rentals.

4. Bow Tie

Unless you have plenty of practice tying the bow tie, go with the pre-tied version! No one will be able to tell, and it'll save time. This is a classic and fun look. Search your nearest men's suits stores and have a sales associate help you pick out the right one to top off your outfit. Or, search online if you're looking for a specific color or pattern.

5. Stylish Socks

Add some flair to those prom tuxedos when you're walking with your date by choosing complementing socks. The best colors to stick with are black, white, red, or pink. You will be able to tell which option is best for your outfit once the actual tux is picked out. Make sure you choose socks that also go well with the shoes – a critical aspect to remember.

6. Suits

The style of tighter suits is back and we see more men into health and fitness. The tight tailored and tampered suits can show the nice silhouette of the groom. Men now are dressing in more of a playful and colored way. They are bringing colors to the wedding, which can count as a new trend for 2020.

What to Wear to an Event: Occasions

7. Cocktail Attire

The five dress codes for men are the casual style, smart casual style, business casual style, professional business style, and cocktail attire style. The cocktail attire is somewhere in between your business look and some classy elements for a formal setting. A tip is to style with garments and accessories to elevate the standard suit. A jacket, shirt, and dress shoes are perfect for pulling off the look.

8. Wedding Attire

If you are going to a wedding, you should be styled in a more elegant and standard tuxedo. It's always best to show your respect to the bride and groom by dressing appropriately. The simple tuxedo also helps not to make you stand out and get some uncomfortable looks from the groom. Like how female guests shouldn't wear a white dress to a wedding, try not to take too much attention away from the happy couple.

9. Laid Back Party

In these party settings, you can pass by with jeans and sneakers. You do not want to over or under dress for these occasions. Maybe a nice shirt can overcome the jeans and casual shoes. This makes you look sporty, but also clean and elegant.

10. Semi-Formal

Tuxedos are not a requirement, but a dark-colored suit (black, blue, or gray) would be appropriate. Women can wear short dresses or two-piece suits. Don't feel too much pressure preparing your outfit for this occasion. Anything that looks classy and flattering will do. However, this is one step above casual, so do not show up in jeans or khakis! More colors and patterns can make the look semi-formal.

11. Formal Attire

The formal attire can extend to more earthy colors since they are back in fashion. The slim and fit style can be considered formal attire, but some do find it uncomfortable. We do want to be comfortable when we are going out to a lovely event. Trainer shirts are now in fashion to wear with a suit. A good option for some shoes can be derby style shoes; these give it a good touch, and you can never lose with them!

12. Black Tie Attire

Black tie events call for a tuxedo or dark suit! A classic white shirt and tie are a great staple for under the suit. Some events that are considered black tie are charity fundraisers, weddings, and political dinner parties.


Depending on the occasion, weather, or holiday, the required attire can change, so work around these tips on what to wear to an event. Dressing appropriately and in your style can allow you to express yourself and look fantastic. The critical point of all the styles and elements we've shown in this list is to dress in what makes you comfortable and happy. Don't be afraid to experiment and have fun!

Written by Stephanie Roy; Contributors: June Park and Jack Leduc