6 Essential Bridal Accessories Shopping Tips

These bridal accessories shopping tips will be a lifesaver. Every bride has a unique style and wants different accessories for their special day. Some may want a crown, necklaces, earrings, veil, or all of the above. It’s very common to have a necklace, earrings, and hairpiece but after that, there is so much to choose from. Once you have decided what you want there are still things to consider when you are on the search. The accessories of your wedding day really pull everything together so we want to make sure you find the best accessories for you. Especially since there are so many options and things to consider before buying we have created Bridal Accessories Shopping Tips to help you out.

Bridal Accessories Shopping Tips

Bridal Accessories Shopping Tips

1. Don’t Break the Bank

Consider your budget and accommodate for your finances. If you don’t have the extra funds to spend on real stones, you can easily find faux diamonds, pearls, crystal beads, Swarovski crystals, and rhinestones as a suitable replacement at local shops or online retailers like Ross Simons. Added bonus: any jewelry purchased is just another excuse to accessorize your future ensembles!

Also, keep in mind how much you are willing to spend on accessories you may not wear again or if you plan to wear them again.

2. Shop Early

Start shopping early! Like a gown, the jewelry should not be a last-minute purchase. The easiest way to begin your pursuit is to browse online catalogs like Morilee for high-end options or David’s Bridal for more affordable prices, even if it’s just to check out what you like or dislike. Online ordering is the perfect way to search through hundreds of designers and make any adjustments, returns, or exchanges without leaving home.

3.  What to Wear with your Dress Type

Consider the neckline of your dress when deciding what style of jewelry to buy. For strapless dresses, opt for a shorter necklace to accentuate the accurate spacing between the jewelry and the dress. If you have a V-neck gown or deep neckline, go for a longer necklace with a larger pendant. For a lower neckline or a halter, a thinner drop-down necklace should be worn if you have a low neckline or halter to draw attention to the dip in your dress, while a closed-neck gown will pair best with a pair of bold dangly earrings. Remember that the more decorative the dress is, the less jewelry you should wear. 

4. Pop of Color

This is all about preference. Many brides don’t prefer to have any color other than white shades which are perfectly fine.

You may want to consider picking out jewelry that highlights the colors of your wedding, the tone of your skin, the color of your hair, or the climate and location. The simplicity of stones such as sapphires or emeralds will add that little touch to make your wedding one extravagant and cohesive celebration. 

5. Matching Jewelry to Hair

Once your gown is chosen, you can visit a salon in advance to finalize your hairstyle. If you’ve chosen an updo, they will match best with a pair of long and pendulous earrings. If you have alternatively chosen to leave your hair down, go for a comfortable pair of simple studs and a long necklace since your hair will be covering your ears throughout the day. 

6. Veil or no Veil ?

A veil will always give the timeless ‘bridal’ look and your wedding is the one special day you can wear one.  

Although veils are classic, the no veil option can show off an elegant wedding dress back and will not hide a jewelry piece, or hairstyle. The most important thing to decide is what is the best option for you and your wedding look. You can always compromise and wear a veil for your ceremony and take it off for your reception!

Incorporating your “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” into your Bridal Accessories Shopping

All 6 of these tips can be useful when deciding how and what to incorporate with your “somethings” of your wedding day attire.

Incorporating your “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” into your Accessories

Something Old

Accessorizing with your grandmother’s or mother’s hair clips or combs is a terrific way to include something old into your wedding day.

Something New

Creating engraved bracelets for yourself and your bridesmaids is a way to accessories and include something new to wear on the big day. While also being a great keepsake that you and your bridesmaids can wear even after the big day.

Buying something new to pass down for your future daughter is also something to consider when picking out something new. An item you buy new will be considered vintage by the time your daughter gets married.

Something Borrowed

Accessorizing with your best friend’s nail polish, sister’s wedding necklace, or your mother’s old veil are all great ways to incorporate something borrowed into your wedding attire.

Something Blue

The ‘Something Blue” items can incorporate as bold or minimal as you would like.

Blue Flowers are a fun and bold element of the traditional rhyme.

Blue-Soled Shoes is an option that is more subtle but also creative!  

Blue Stitching is perhaps the cleverest “something blue” idea. Stitch your wedding date or new last name into the material underneath your dress in blue thread.


These were just a few things to keep in mind. Of course, you may already have some personal preferences which are amazing. Go with what you want and what will make you feel special because this is your day. We hope these Bridal Accessories Shopping Tips help you find the right accessories for you.

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