Bridal Shower Favors

18 Creative Bridal Shower Favors

Are you searching for creative bridal shower favors that your guests haven’t seen at a bridal shower before? Want to give your guests mementos to help them remember your special day for months to come? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here is a list of fun favors for your guests, including both sweet treats and little gifts that your guests can take home to enjoy afterward. We can help with great food, drink, and game ideas!

Inedible Bridal Shower Favors

Inedible Bridal Shower Favors

1. Personalized Water Bottles

Design your guests a personalized water bottle with a picture or note from the couple. It’s reusable and perfect for after the wedding, too. Your guests will be able to use this on hikes, at work, and anywhere that they want to stay hydrated. It’s practical and unique, and you can even include a metal reusable straw! Pick a color that matches your wedding theme and have a matte or shiny finish to top it off.

2. High Tea

Buy individual teacups with fun designs and put different types of tea packets in them. Let guests choose a teacup and tea before they leave the shower. For additional detail, match a teacup with a corresponding type of tea. For morning tea, use bright yellow teacups, and use dark blue teacups for nighttime.

3. Beauty Secrets

Set up a counter full of beauty items, preferably those that the bride loves. Give each guest a fancy gift bag, and let them choose a set number of items from the counter. Make sure to supervise, so that all of your guests can choose something they want. You can also ask your makeup artist if they can provide samples of products for you and your guests. That way, each guest can try out a different makeup brand than they’re used to. 

4. Miniature Garden

Buy a mini planting pot for each guest, fill it with gardening soil and plant different types of herbs. Display the herb package in front of each pot so guests can make a choice. Alternatively, succulents are another trendy plant that can easily be used instead. These fun, hardy plants will be an easy and decorative favor that your guests will love bring home. 

5. Personal Recipes

With the RSVP card, ask each guest to write down their favorite recipe. Compile these recipes along with the bride’s favorite recipes into a personal mini-cookbook. As the guests leave, hand them a copy. These can be made easily with Microsoft Word and printed out beforehand. To make it extra special, include a picture of the recipe as well. Be sure to write the names of those who provided each recipe to make it memorable. 

6. Spa Day

There is nothing your guests will enjoy more than a kit that allows them to create an relaxing at-home spa experience. Fill a eco-friendly cotton bag with rose-petal bath bombs, a silk eye mask, velvet hair scrunchies, a sugar scrub, EOS lip balm, and a scented soap bar. Another great option is to choose just one of these favors to give to your guests. Go the extra mile by creating a personalized tag with a message or pun and attaching it to its tin container or small bag.

7. Smile For The Camera!

A great option to capture the moment and also remember it for time to come is to have a instant camera at your shower. Have each guest take a photo with you and give them a gold frame so they can take it home and put it on display. This is an easy way to incorporate a favor and special memory into one for your special guests.

8. Jewelry Holder

Give all your guests a heart-shaped trinket dish to hold anything from their special jewelry to loose change. These ceramic dishes also serve as cute accessories and are very practical. You could also include a simple ring or bracelet in the dish that represents you or your wedding.

9. The Perfect Match

Provide mini scented candles alongside a box of matches to give to your bridal shower guests. You can even choose the scent “wedding cake” or “champagne toast” to go alongside the theme. This is a great favor that will bring coziness and make the whole room smell amazing.

Edible Bridal Shower Favors

Edible Bridal Shower Favors

10. Summer Toppings

This is good for any season since ice cream weather is always around the corner. Hand out mason jars full of popular ice cream toppings like sprinkles, marshmallows and chocolate shavings. Ice cream cones or gift cards to ice cream shops work great as well. Include some fun tips on how to make the best sundaes or recipes on making your own ice cream.

11. Macaroons

If you’re looking for a trendy wedding favor, consider using french macaroons. These come in plenty of different flavors and colors, and are very aesthetically pleasing. Put them in a pretty box and complete it with a personalized monogram and wedding date.

12. Chocolate Truffle

Buy or make some chocolate truffles. Make sure to freeze them until you’re ready to hand them out. Get creative with the container that you present the truffles to your guests in – try to go along with the theme, season or colors of the bridal shower.

13. Handmade Fortunes

You can bake your own fortune cookies or pay a crafty person on Etsy to do it for you at a reasonable price. Come up with a variety of messages, maybe even one for each guest. You can also have guests write their favorite quotes or advice tips before the bridal shower on their RSVP. With these, you can have personalized messages for your guests. 

14. Chocolate Treats

Almost everyone loves chocolate, making it a perfect edible option for your guests. Dip strawberries, pound cake, or marshmallows into chocolate and place them in the fridge to harden. Wrap them up in a cute bag and hand them out to guests. If your bridal shower will be somewhere hot, be sure to ask about refrigeration options beforehand.

15. Pie Time!

Buy individual mini pies for all of your guests and tie a piece of ribbon around the box or create a personalized sticker label. You can even choose seasonal flavors so that your guests can take home the one that they like.

16. Donut Mind If I Do!

Who doesn’t love donuts? Use small paper sacks to hold a variety of fresh and yummy donuts. Let your guests pick out one to take home or to munch on at the shower. To spice it up, you could even have a donut wall that holds all of your donuts, and allow your guests to pick the one they want during the event.

17. I want S’More!

Package up this traditional yummy treat for all your guests. Include all the graham crackers, chocolate, and a marshmallow in a clear box or cellophane bag and tie it up with cute ribbon. This is a great idea if you plan on having a bonfire at an after-party or at the end of the shower. An alternative option to a bonfire is to use s’more heat fuel cans!

18. Just Brew It!

Whats better than starting out the morning with a fresh cup of coffee? Package all of your guests a specialty blend of coffee for them to enjoy at home. Put it in a small burlap bag with the label “the perfect blend,” or “love is brewing.”


No matter what you choose, feel free to get creative and make it your own! We offer great checklists and budgets to plan your event. Whether it’s a sweet treat or a thoughtful memento, your guests will love all bridal shower favors that remind them of this special memory. For more tips and ideas, check out for all of your event planning needs.

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