Bridal Shower Game Questions

119 Fun Bridal Shower Game Questions


Try not to feel overwhelmed. We understand you are planning everything. You have to plan the food, decor, guest list, flower arrangements, your dress, and everything else that goes into a pretty traditional wedding. A simple game you do not have to put an excessive amount into is a question game. They are popular because it’s friendly for everyone of all ages and they are fun. Do you know the small things about your spouse? You’re getting married, so must know every little thing about them, right?

119 Bridal Shower Game Questions

Test your knowledge with these 119 questions! No, you do not have to use all 119 questions for a question game. That would get boring after a while. Use these questions where you see fit and have fun! Grab a piece of paper and a pencil. Try to remember every little thing they’ve told you since you met. 

  1. What is their favorite color?
  2. Where did they grow up? Name the state, city, and neighborhood. 
  3. What is their eye color?
  4. Where did they live as a teenager?
  5. What if their mom’s name?
  6. What is their dad’s name?
  7. What was their first pet?
  8. What was their first pet’s name?
  9. Are they a cat or dog person?
  10. Do they have siblings? If so, how many?
  11. What is their favorite flower?
  12. What’s their favorite restaurant?
  13. What restaurant are they a regular?
  14. What is their shoe size?
  15. Are they the youngest or oldest?
  16. What is their first cousin’s name?
  17. What is their uncle’s name on their mom’s side?
  18. What is their uncle’s name on their dad’s side?
  19. Do they have a favorite number? If so, what is it and why?
  20. What was their favorite subject in school?
  21. How did you meet them?
  22. How long have you known them?
  23. What is their dog’s name?
  24. What is their cat’s name?
  25. Do they use Apple or Android?
  26. Where did they go to elementary school?
  27. Where did they go to junior high (middle school?)
  28. Where did they go to high school?
  29. What can they not live without?
  30. Who makes the decisions? You or them? 
  31. What was their favorite date with you?
  32. What was their worst date ever?
  33. Do they like karaoke? 
  34. Who is late often, you or them?
  35.  Do they drink alcohol? If so, what is their favorite drink?
  36.  What is their favorite food?
  37.  What is their favorite dessert?
  38.  What is their dream vacation?
  39.  When do they want kids?
  40.  Do they want kids?
  41.  What number of kids do they want?
  42.  Do they already have kids?
  43.  What was their first job?
  44.  How old were they when they got their first job?
  45.  What is their favorite Disney movie?
  46.  What is their favorite horror movie?
  47.  What is their favorite drama movie? 
  48.  What is their favorite action movie?
  49.  What is their favorite comedy movie?
  50.  What is their favorite midnight snack?

Tired of sitting and feeling like you are taking a test? Boo! That is not how you want to spend your bridal shower playing question games. Mix it up with (alcoholic) drinks and get loose! For every question you get wrong you have to take a drink. Your friends can get in on this too. Every time you get a question wrong they have to drink too. Make sure you have cocktails and chasers on deck. Please stay responsible and only allow 21 and older guests to participate and stay safe. Ultimately it’s a drinking game for everybody! 

  1. What is their guilty pleasure?
  2. What is their favorite activity to do with you?
  3. Name an activity they won’t do with their friends, but will do with you (they love making you happy!)
  4.  What is their favorite holiday?
  5.  Where do you spend your holidays? Your parents or their parents? Do you stay home instead?
  6.  How old are they?
  7.  Who was their first crush?
  8.  What is their favorite sport to play?
  9.  What is their favorite sport to watch?
  10.  Have they ever been to an amusement park?
  11.  Who is their favorite male superhero?
  12.  Who is your favorite woman superhero?
  13.  Who is their favorite super villain?
  14.   What is their favorite brand? (Gucci, Nike, Adidas, etc)
  15.  What is their favorite book?
  16.  What is their favorite genre of books and/or movies?
  17.   What were they wearing when they proposed?
  18.  Do they have a dream honeymoon?
  19.  Have they ever been out of the country?
  20.  What is their go-to fastfood place? 

No drinks? No problem! Play the popular shoe game. Have somebody ask you and your spouse questions (not too personal) and whoever does it the foremost, you raise their shoe to answer. You are doing this sitting and facing back to back, no peeking! This could be a traditional question game to indicate you recognize who you are marrying. 

  1. What is their middle name? 
  2. Who snores louder? You or them?
  3. What color is their hair?
  4. Who’s older, you or them?
  5. What’s their favorite flavor of ice cream?
  6.  Do they like rap music?
  7. Who’s their favorite artist? (rapper, singer, band, etc)
  8.  Who goes to the gym more?
  9.  Do they have a hidden talent?
  10.  Who apologizes first in an argument? 
  11.  Who cooks more in the house?
  12.  Who cooks the best within the house?
  13.  Who falls asleep quicker?
  14.  Who dresses the best?
  15.  Who is more hard-headed?
  16.  Who is more clumsy?
  17.  Who drives the best?
  18.  Who is more responsible?
  19.  Who asked to move in first?
  20.  Who kissed who first?
  21.  Who asked out who first? 
  22.  Who is more annoying?
  23.  What was their first car?
  24.  Who shops the most?
  25.  Who has the most shoes?
  26.  Who is cleaner?
  27.  Who parties more?
  28.  Who is better at saving money?
  29.  Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship?
  30.  What is their best quality?
  31.  Who gets mad easier?
  32.  Where do they desire to live in the future?
  33.  What is their dream car?
  34.  What car do they have now?
  35.  What did you notice first about them once you met?
  36.  Who is their celebrity crush?
  37.  Who is more of a hopeless romantic?
  38.  Who has a crazier family?
  39.  Who is quieter?
  40.  What movie can they watch on repeat?
  41.  What can they not live without?
  42.  Do they have a favorite piece of clothing? 
  43.  What college did they go to?
  44. Who is more willing to try something new? 
  45.  Who is more likely to get lost?
  46. Who does the grocery shopping? 
  47.  Who takes out the trash more?
  48. Who does the dishes more?
  49. Who said “I love you” first? 


By now with these questions at your convenience thinking of them will not be that mentally exhausting. You can either take these suggestions or make up your own way of having a question game. We hope that these 119 bridal shower game questions gave you inspiration for your own game and that you found these ideas useful. These questions dig deep into your memory of past conversations you and your spouse probably had at the beginning of the relationship. 

Keep the positive energy with the question game. It’s supposed to be a silly fun game with some poking fun at each other. Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Your guests will feel the love in the room and feel the connection between you and your spouse. No one knows you guys like you know each other. Have fun and congratulations!

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