22 Easy Casablanca Theme Party Ideas

In the film, people flocked to Rick’s Café to do things like play card games and gamble. Recreate that environment with a Casablanca Theme Party by allowing your partygoers to participate in card games like poker and blackjack. 

Other games that are played in the film are craps and roulette. Set up different stations for all of these gambling games for a night of fun and entertainment. Try to set up a tournament for a charity or fundraiser depending on the main purpose of your event. Otherwise, set up prizes that guests can win from different games. 

Casablanca Theme Party: Menu

Food is a very important part of every party. Having food that also follows along with the theme is key. We’ve collected a few dishes, appetizers, and drinks for your Casablanca theme party. When it comes time to eat, here are some ideas for an authentic Casablanca menu:

1. Caviar

For those with a more refined palate, serve a platter with various kinds of caviar. Guests can have a sampling of these indulgent hor’ d’oeuvres while they mingle. 

2. Hummus & Pita Chips

For an Arabian atmosphere, serve pita chips alongside hummus. Hummus is a Mediterranean dip that consists of chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, and lemon juice. 

3. Couscous and Bisteeya

Couscous is the perfect side dish to serve with your entrée. Couscous is a grain product like quinoa or rice, and it’s best served beside bisteeya, which is a pastry filled with meat of your choice.  

4. Martini

A sophisticated concoction that would be perfect to serve during cocktail hour at your Casablanca party. 

5. Champagne

Serve sparkling champagne at your get-together. Mum Cordon Rogue champagne was the specific brand served in the film; so try to get this and make your party as authentic as you can. 

6. Mint Tea

In Moroccan culture, a hearty meal is usually followed by Moroccan mint tea. You can choose to serve this traditional tea as is or put in a twist and serve a different kind of tea following the meal. 

7. Coffee

Having a coffee option is a great choice for an afternoon party. It’s great for an after-dinner drink to help digest the great food. Sit around with friends and have a cup of hot coffee to round out the day. 

Casablanca Theme Party: Party Favors

8. Wine

Who wouldn’t want wine as a favor? You can opt for a regular-sized bottle of wine or a mini bottle. You can even add a personal touch by creating your own label to put on the bottles. Choose the wine that you served at dinner to give out as favors. Alternatively, Moscato wine is a classic option to hand out as favors. 

9. Pair of Dice

Sending each guest home with a pair of colored game dice is perfect after a night of gambling. You can order dice online and choose your own color combos. 

10. Dinner Mints

Dinner mints are an excellent favor to give out. You can order metal tins that say “Thank You for Coming!” You can also order decorated tins to go with your theme. 

11. Deck of Cards

Black and gold poker cards make perfect favors for your Casablanca party. You also have the option to personalize the deck of cards. Either way, guests will be sure to use their deck of cards in the future. 

Casablanca Theme Party: Decorations

12. Dinnerware

This party is set in the 1940s, so try to use vintage plates and silverware. This will add elegance to your dinner party. 

13. Palm Trees

Rent potted palm trees to place all around the venue. This will add to the Moroccan theme of your Casablanca party.

14. Propaganda Posters

To recreate the post-World War II atmosphere, use propaganda posters from and create that 1940s ambiance. 

15. Moroccan Tapestry

Rent or purchase Moroccan tapestry to hang on the walls. Moroccan embroidery is extremely bold and intricate, and it adds an ethnic flair that is fitting for your Casablanca party. 

16. Lanterns

Lanterns can accentuate the lighting for your party. Use short lanterns for tables, hanging lanterns, and tall lanterns for hallways and walkways. These supplies can be found at a local party store. 

17. Red Roses

Create sophisticated centerpieces by using an arrangement of red roses for each table. 

18. Gambling Tables

Set up gambling tables where guests can play different casino games just like at Rick’s café in the movie. 

19. Votive Candles

Votive candles can make the tables look alluring alongside the red rose centerpiece arrangement. Clump candles in sets of 3 and scatter them around the tables and wherever else that needs soft lighting. 

20. Tablecloths

For a chic look, use white linen or satin tablecloths for the tables at your venue. 

Casablanca Theme Party: Games

21. Craps

You can make wagers on outcomes of the roll on a pair of dice. If you don’t acquire the formal equipment such as the gambling table, you can play “street craps” in informal settings.  

22. Roulette

People can win by betting on successful numbers, odd or even, color, etc. You may need a croupier for this game.


The movie Casablanca is still loved by many people today. People fall in love with that aesthetic and time period so why not create a little world in which you can live it? A Casablanca party is the perfect way to do just that. I hope you’ve gathered some great ideas for your next party. 

Written by Tammy Tu and Vanessa Marsocci 

Edited by Yi Yang. June 2020 (party games)

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