Family Reunion Favors

Family Reunion Favors - 23 Ideas that Will Bring Your Loved Ones Closer Together

Planning a family reunion can be a lot of fun. Sometimes, it can bring some stress as well. Finding the perfect favor ideas for a family can be a little challenging, especially with COVID-19 affecting how we do things. Fortunately, these inexpensive family reunion favors are sure to warm your family’s hearts. 

Family Reunion Favors: Arts and Crafts

Family Reunion Favors: Arts and Crafts

1. Family Scrapbook

Gather pictures from various years and make each family branch a scrapbook. Be sure to ask for help from all members of the family to gather pictures. If you’re very crafty, you could spend time decorating the pages with stickers and quotes. Otherwise, simply use small scrapbooks that have sleeves to hold the pictures and don’t require decorating. Make sure to add descriptions for each photo, including the names of the people involved, the location of the photo, and the date! Another option is to purchase one scrapbook where every family branch adds to their own page during the reunion. Both of these ideas create the perfect family reunion keepsakes.

2. Save the Date Calendars

If you’d like to incorporate pictures into the favor but don’t want to make a scrapbook, then have a calendar made! Many photo studios can allow you to decide on pictures for each month and then print several copies of the calendar for you. To personalize the calendar even further, use colored pens or markers to mark dates to remember such as birthdays, anniversaries and other family events. These calendars make great gift ideas for families.              

3. Custom-Made Mugs

Have a craft time with your family while also creating fun diy family reunion favors. Purchase some unique mugs, goblets or snifters that your guests can make use of at the party, and then bring home as a memorable favor. You could even purchase some plain mugs and use paint to decorate for a more personal touch. Personalize each mug with that guest’s favorite colors, patterns or shapes.                

4. Designer Tees

These are a great take-home favor and also a great activity idea. Supply family members with plain T-shirts to decorate or ask them to bring their own. Provide fabric paints, stencils and tie-dye kits to design the tees.

5. Family Portraits

Purchase some adorned picture frames and place your favorite family picture or memorabilia inside to give to all your family members. Another great idea is to decorate your own picture frames with construction paper, ribbons, glitter, and paints. To be even more creative, use fake flowers, fabrics, buttons, and feathers. It is easy to find inexpensive picture frames at your local craft or dollar store for the party. If you don’t have a picture of the entire family, take one at the reunion. Have this photo developed and give out the copies in their own unique picture frames.    

6. Family Reunion Bags 

These small bags are perfect gifts for those active families. Whether it is going to an amusement park or taking a hike around the resort or who knows, these bags are perfect to keep all your stuff you may need during the adventure: extra shoes, snacks, towels, water, etc. So cute and useful. You can even get them customized, by adding the date and where the family reunion was located to keep the memories going. 

Family Reunion Favors: Decorations

Family Reunion Favors: Decorations

7. Family Tree Dishes

Create your own design of your family tree and place it on a platter. This favor is great because it’s both practical and adorable! Personalize it any way you desire by adding information about your family members under their names, such as silly nicknames.

8. Name Frame

Purchase picture frames for each family member to put pictures in from the reunion. You can find ones that simply say “family” or you can have them personalized with the family name and year of the reunion. If family reunions are a yearly tradition for your family, be sure to take a group photo of everyone present to send out to family members. This would be a great photo to put in their new frame!

9. Meaningful Bouquets

Use various herbs and flowers each with a meaning behind it to create a personalized bouquet. Use marjoram for joy, parsley for festivity, or pink verbena, which signifies family togetherness. Place the bouquet in a vase personalized with the year of the reunion. 

10. Tree Decorations

Giving your guests a tree ornament is an excellent way of being reminded of your fun reunion. Choose some that have a tree or heart design. Add your own personal touch by inscribing a short phrase, such as “Family Reunion May 2020” or “Family BBQ Summer 2020”. 

11. Footstep Memories

Thank your family for coming to your party by giving them a personalized stepping-stone with the relationship you hold with them engraved on it. Give your sister a stone with the words “Sisters” engraved. Another idea is to engrave these stepping-stones with the actual reunion date or location for your guests to remember. For example, you could write the phrase “Jones’ Family Reunion 2020”. These stones are neat family reunion souvenirs!

Family Reunion Favors: Unique to Each Family

Family Reunion Favors: Unique to Each Family

12. Trash to Treasure

Request that your family members show up with a few trinkets of their own to pass on to others. These can be items from around the house or donations from their own place of employment. Some examples include pens, key chains, stress balls, and more. Guests will love having a more active role in the reunion planning and will also love taking home some new goodies from fellow family members. These are super endearing and cheap family reunion favors.

13. Request Donations

An inexpensive way to have favors is to request donations from local businesses. Send letters out requesting any items they could donate for the reunion. Don’t ask for specific things, but let them know the number of people coming into town and their age ranges. Ask them to send advertising materials as well so you can pass the info out to family members. Businesses will support local families if it means more business for them in return!

14. Family Cookbook

You know everyone wants to get their hands on Grandma’s secret cookie recipe! With this favor, they finally can. Send out blank recipe cards to the cooks in the family and ask them to write up their favorite recipes. Copy enough recipes for everyone in the family. Laminate the cards, stack, and wrap with ribbon. You could also place the cards in a scrapbook for everyone to enjoy.

15. Old Family Photos CD

Gather all the old family photos and scan them into a computer. Then, load them onto a picture disk. Make copies of the disk to give to each family so that everyone can enjoy the photos. This will allow the collection of memories to be digitalized and passed to every member of the family at a much cheaper cost than printing them. 

16. Tree of Life

Use family members to compile a complete family tree. You can create the family tree on the computer or make a tree with hanging photo frames.  

17. Fun Family Attire

Create your own family design and have it printed on clothing items such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts, sweatpants or baseball caps. Add a silly slogan, such as “The Smiths were at it again!” 

18. Family FUNdraising

This is a great way to make family reunion favors possible. In lieu of giving actual favors, consider some fundraising ideas for your family to work on together. This can be a financial donation, a can drive, bake sale, white elephant auction, raffle, or any other donation type drive. You can choose to have the money go towards giveaways at the reunion or donate it to a charity of your family’s choice. Your family will love spending time together and giving back to others all at the same time. If your family is competitive, send challenge letters out to individual families urging them to fund-raise before the reunion. Recognize whichever family raises the most money by giving them a prize.

Family Reunion Favors: Treats

Family Reunion Favors: Treats

19. Family Recipe

If your family has a favorite recipe for a dessert, like cookies or fudge, bake a batch to hand out to each family member. Attach a tag with the full recipe so that each of them have family reunion favors to make. Another option is to have all of the dry ingredients already mixed in a fun jar so that each member can make their own family favorite recipe at home.

20. Chocolate and Candy Mixes

Create a mix of candies that range from chocolates to jelly beans, and present them to each family member in an appealing candy tin or coffee mug. You can use candies that are family favorites, or use local candies to add a unique flair. To go the extra route, personalize bars of chocolate with family reunion stickers, or order bags of miniature or coated candies.

21. Pie Slices

If you are serving pie at your reunion, simply make an extra one to be given out as prize giveaways. Cut it into slices and place it in a cute, decorated to-go box. You can make your own to-go boxes by drawing a pie-sized triangle on a piece of heavy-duty card stock. Then, draw a larger triangle around the first that is six inches wider on every side. This will create the sides of the box. Cut out the shape around the larger triangle and cut slits on each corner all the way down to the outline of the smaller triangle. Fold up the edges and glue or tape them together. 

22. Ice Cream Scoop with Ice Cream

A pint of ice cream is a delicious and easy reunion favor. You can make it personal by giving each family their favorite flavor. Attach an ice cream scoop to each pint with a ribbon to add an element that will last. However, only do this if you are confident that your guests can make it home before the ice cream melts, as a mess in the car isn’t much of a party favor.

The stress of planning parties can get to all of us at times. Now as we face planning events around COVID-19, that stress can be magnified. Some simple tips for favors can include, DIY-ahead for the favors–don’t leave it to a shared DIY table. Another way is to ship the favors ahead of time–along with guidelines for sanitizing if needed. Going with a virtual favor–such as the fundraiser–is another way to make your COVID-19 family reunion memorable. If you are struggling with anything from favor ideas to menu planning, visit EasyEventPlanning to explore the range of unique ideas compiled for you in one easy to use location. 

23. Lemonade Stand

Perfect for kids and adults. Water can be boring, and too much soda can be overwhelming; why not get lemonade. You can keep it non-alcoholic for the little ones or for those who don’t drink, while other guests can mix their favorite hard liquor with it. Everyone wins. If you really want to go all out, try different flavors: pink lemonade, raspberry lemonade, blue raspberry lemonade, etc. Grab a blender and blend some ice and the lemonades to get a slushy-typed drink. Perfect for hot summer days or fun drinks.

Written by Laura Sastre, Kristin Pocius and Jessica Clark

Edited by Becky Smith

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