Flower Girl Dress Buying

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5 Easy Flower Girl Dress Buying Tips

Do not turn down this flower girl dress buying guide! Many brides spend countless hours worrying about where to find their wedding dress and their bridesmaids’ gowns but don’t forget about the special little girl who will be leading the procession down the aisle. The flower girl will be one of the first people your guests see. Although they’ll definitely think she looks adorable no matter what, you’ll still want her dress to make an impression! Use this flower girl dress buying guide to help you find the right dress

Flower Girl Dress Buying Guide

The Right Place

When looking for a dress for your flower girl, start by searching for local bridal shops and boutiques that specialize in formal wear for young children.These smaller businiess are a great resource because you will most likely find something very original and unique. Bridal salons that specialize in a wedding or ball gowns may be able to help, but you might be better off purchasing from a shop that is well equipped with attire for your mini bridal party member!


Keep in mind that this dress is for a little girl. You will want to make sure that you purchase something that she can be comfortable in for a long period of time. While adults might choose a dress for style over comfort, your little flower girl will need something comfortable and breathable. This will help her stay in a good mood throughout if she is uncomfortable in any way this might cause some distress.

Look for something that won’t restrict her movement, and keep an eye out for softer fabric that will not itch or irritate the skin. It may also be a good idea to let her wear her dress around the house prior to the wedding day so she can get used to it, just be sure to keep it stain-free! 

A “Mini Bride” 

Many little girls like to dress up like princesses so you may want to consider choosing a dress that is a smaller version of yours. Many stores will help you select a dress that looks similar to your bridal gown or even create a mini replica. This stimulates a good attitude because she will notice the importance of her role and younger girls tend to enjoy having the attention.

You can think of creating a dress that gives that princess look if that is what your mini bride prefers. All girls have different styles so don’ t pressure them to be someone they are not. Pro tip: You can add hoop slips to the dress to create the “princess” look. 

Dress Length

Long dresses can be hazardous for anyone, especially children! Your best bet is to go with a tea-length or knee length dress. Anything shorter than a floor-length dress can assure that the dress won’t trip up your flower girl.


The formality of the flower girl’s dress will depend upon the location and theme of your wedding. For instance, if you are planning your ceremony on a beach, you can dress the little girl in light colors and even allow her to wear flip-flops or go barefoot to help her feel more comfortable. If you are planning your wedding in a ballroom setting, however, you may want to go with a more traditional route with a little white gown. The decision is ultimately yours; just remember that comfort is key when it comes to dressing your flower girl.


With these tips, we hope that you’ll be able to find the perfect flower girl dress! If you aren’t sure where to begin shopping, check out easyeventplanning.com to find local bridal salons and any other wedding planning items you may need. 

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