Frequently-Asked Questions on Google Sheets for EEP Tools

Frequently-Asked Questions on Google Sheets for EEP Tools

We at Easy Event Planning truly believe that event planning needs to be quicker and easier. To that end, we believe our users will find Google Sheets to be easier to use for helpful tools so you can share with others helping you to plan and even download these tools to your device directly instead of being forced to our site.

Using Google Sheets for our Checklists and Budgets

Do I need to make an account on EEP to use a checklist or budget sheet?


I accidentally deleted a task or line item.  Can I get it back? 

If you just deleted it, you can undo the action (ctrl +z). You can also check the last edited version on google sheets and find the version before you deleted it.

Does Easy Event Planning have access to my checklist or budget sheet?

Once you save your own personal file of this document, it is private to you and whoever you share it with.

Can I use Excel instead of Google Sheets?

Yes, you can download the document and use it as an Excel file.  If you do so, you can’t edit it in real time with contributors.

What if I accidentally delete the checklist or budget sheet?  

If you are using it within Google Drive, you can find deleted files in the trash.  You can retrieve the file there.  

If you are using it in Excel, you can find the deleted file in your computer’s recycle bin and retrieve it there.

Where can I find the checklist or budget sheet after I created my own version? 

If you downloaded it as an Excel file, you will find the document in your downloads.  From there you can rename it and save it somewhere else.

If you created a copy in Google Drive, you will find it in your drive files.  

Can more than one person make edits at the same time? 

If you are using it within Google Drive, you can edit it at the same time as any of your contributors. 

In Excel, you can only edit it one at a time.

How do I share documents?

You can share documents if you are using it in Google Drive.  Open the file in Google Sheets and click the share icon at the top right of the screen.  It will give you a menu to choose from, and you can either add people by using their emails, or share it by allowing anyone with the link to use the sheet, and it will give you a link to share with your contributors.

Do you have similar checklists and budget sheets for other events?

Yes!  We have checklists and budget sheets for many different events, spanning from Valentine’s day to Company Holiday Parties and Birthdays.

Can I create more than one version?

You can save the document as many times as you like and create variations that way.  Once you save the document to your Google Drive or as an Excel file, you can create a copy, save it as a different name, and have more than one version.

How can I assign someone else to a task or line item? 

You can change who is assigned by simply overwriting the name that is currently in the cell.

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