Fun with Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

24 Easy Fun with Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Ideas

Theme parties are a great way to show your guests how to have a good time, especially when the theme is from the wild imagination of the iconic Dr. Seuss himself! This list features a few different ways to have fun with Dr. Seuss baby shower ideas. It’s important to have fun and be creative when throwing a baby shower, and almost no one had a mind more silly and imaginative than the great Dr. Seuss.

From legendary characters like the Grinch, Horton, and The Cat in the Hat himself, you’ll have everyone at the baby shower thoroughly entertained and are bound to have a party they’ll never forget! Here are some ways you can plan to have fun with Dr. Seuss baby shower items and ideas.

Fun with Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Fun with Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Invitation Ideas
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1. Cat in the Hat Invitations

Not too many characters are more iconic than the lovely Cat in the Hat. So why not have him greet your guest to a wonderful baby shower with these custom Cat in the Hat invitations! Fun with Dr. Seuss Baby Shower.

2. Thing 1 and Thing 2 Invitations

These cute cards have both Thing 1 and Thing 2 on the cover to stand out and capture your guests’ attention. The card is 5 x 7 inches so it is easily mailable and can be transported swiftly.

3. Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Diaper Raffle

A Diaper Raffle is a perfect way to get your guests more involved to participate and incentivize them to bring a diaper in order to win a special prize.

4. Twins Baby Shower Invitation

On the rare occasion your planning to have twins, this twins baby shower invitation card is specifically made for such a joyous occasion with bright red, blue, and white colors.

Fun With Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Decoration Ideas 

Fun With Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Decoration Ideas
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5. Cat in the Hat Balloons

Nothing screams a good party as much as balloons do. These Cat in the Hat balloons are great with the Dr. Seuss theme and are bound to be a joy for the kids. 

6. Truffula Tree Table Decorations

The table you use to eat can be almost important as the food itself at an event as grand as a baby shower. To really get your guests excited for their meals you can decorate the tables with homemade Truffula Trees from one of Dr. Seuss’ most famous stories called the Lorax. The trees range in many different colors from ruby red toed tortoise blue. These colors are especially perfect for the occasion whether the baby is a boy or girl

7. Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Banner 

Every party needs a banner like this Dr. Seuss baby shower banner, to be bold and show everyone from the moment they enter the room that they will have a great time. It would be best to hang the banner above the entrance where the guests will walk through to enter the party, but depending on your venue, this setup can change.

8. Artificial Candy Land Decorations

While your guests wait for food, a great way to get their taste buds tingling is to display artificial candy land decorations like lollipops from Dr. Seuss’s imaginary candy land in some of his books. These ornaments will be a treat to look at and bring excitement for when the real candy comes out later on during the event. 

Fun With Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Food and Beverage Ideas

Fun With Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Food and Beverage Ideas
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9. Lorax Nutter Butter Cookies

These Lorax-inspired cookies are just as tasty as they are adorable! They are traditional bite-size Nutter Butter snacks decorated with yellow frosting as the Lorax’s mustache. These cookies in particular also feature a set of edible googly eyes that are bound to put a smile on everyone’s face. 

10. Cat in the Hat Chocolate Pop Set

The Cat in the Hat will quickly become the Cat in your Stomach when your guests see the sight of this magnificent chocolate dessert pop. This Cat in the Hat chocolate pop set includes solid white chocolate while the outside features a familiar face in the Cat in the Hat waiting to be devoured. They can be eaten after being refrigerated or at room temperature depending on your preference. 

Cat in the Hat Chocolate Pop Set

11. Green Eggs and Ham 

You can turn a classic like Dr. Seuss’s green eggs and ham into a more appropriate food choice for the baby shower by disguising it as something else. In this case we would use an Oreo covered in cream as the egg whites and place a green jelly bean or M&M on top for the green part. The ham will be a simple fruit roll up or fruit by the foot. It has to be cherry flavored or some shade of red for the full effect. 

12. Character Themed Cupcakes

It can’t be a proper baby shower without any character-themed cupcakes now can it! For these delicacies, you’ll want blue, red, or white frosting to go along with any type of cupcakes you want to serve. Then to top it all off, you can add Dr. Seuss-inspired cupcake toppers to really show off accessories like the Cats hat or his friend the Fish. 

13. Cat in the Hat Slurpee

You’ll need to wash down all these treats somehow and what better way to do so than a classic 7-Eleven Slurpee style Slurpee. To pull this off you would of course only need the blue raspberry and cherry flavors for the signature red and blue coloring. Make sure to fill them evenly as possible, each taking up half of the space in the cup. Top it all off with some foam and viola! A delicious Cat in the Hat theme drink. 

Fun With Dr. Seuss Baby Shower: Party Game Ideas

Fun With Dr. Seuss Baby Shower: Party Game Ideas
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14. Pin the tail on the Cat

Everyone has played some version of this game in their life, but you can’t beat classics like pin the tail on the donkey, or in this case the Cat. This game is simple to set up so it will save you time and hassle. All you’ll need is a blindfold, a Cat in the Hat cardboard cutout, and a tail to pin it. 

15. Cup Stacking Competition

A cup stacking competition is where two people are each given 10 Dr. Seuss Plastic Cups and have to make the cups stack into a tower and back into each other in the fastest time possible. To support the Dr. Seuss theme of the party you can color traditional red party cups with a pattern of white stripes to give it the iconic look of Cats actual hat.

16. Ring Toss

In this party game everyone will take turns tossing a ring around the designated cones to earn points to win. The great part about this game is that you can play in teams or have everyone fend for themselves to claim the title of “Best ring tosses at the baby shower!” You can place certain cones close or further back to add a greater challenge and have the cones farthest away count for more points to make things interesting. 

17. Baby Bingo

Baby Bingo is perfect for a baby shower because there really is no age limit to play, and it’s simple enough for the whole party to play and understand. The rules are straightforward, try to match 5 items across your board based on what item is called and hope to get a match. You can incentivize participation with some extra prizes or more items from the party favors that will be handed out after the baby shower. 

Fun With Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Party Supplies

Fun With Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Party Supplies
Source: Etsy

18. Dr. Seuss Table Cover 

Every table needs a table cover to show off the theme of their party to their guests. This Dr. Seuss Table Cover in particular features a range of characters from Horton the elephant to the Cat in the Hat. The cover itself measures 54 x 96 inches to comfortably cover a medium-sized table.

19. Dr. Seuss Cups and Straws

These character-themed Dr. Seuss Cups and Straws have a vibrant design and come in different colors like red, yellow, and blue to match the rest of the color scheme for the baby shower. Drinking is always more fun with Dr. Seuss’s baby shower exclusive straws!

Dr. Seuss Cups and Straws

20. Party Dessert Plates

If you want to get technical you “could”  eat cake and all the other treats with only your hands, but trust me you don’t want to turn this into that kind of party. It’s nice to have colorful utensils and paper plates that set the tone of the party like these Party Dessert Plates.

Fun With Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas

Fun With Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas
Source: Etsy

21. Face Masks

It’s great to give your guests something they can wear while remembering the great time they had at your baby shower and a Face Mask allows you to do this perfectly. It shows safety for others while still being unique because let’s be honest, who else is going to be rocking a Cat in the Hat mask at Walmart?

22. Dr. Seuss Keychain Wristlets

A Keychain wristlet would be a great party favor gift because they can be added to an already well put together set of chains that your guest will have on their keys. There are many different Dr. Suess characters as options for keychains such as the Cat in the Hat, Things 1 and 2, and the Grinch. Some options even have multiple characters on the same chain, so you can’t go wrong with either 

23. Stickers

While keychains are a great idea for the older adult audience, it’s important to keep in mind the children that will be attending and what will interest them. You can’t go wrong with stickers of the many Dr. Seuss characters that they can put on their backpacks, lunch boxes, and other items they may have.

24. Cat in the Hat Party Bag

When they receive their other party favor items, one of the best gifts will be the Cat in the Hat party bag itself! A custom Cat in the Hat bag has a creative design featuring the character all around it. The bag is also a comfortable size to hold all the other items previously mentioned above. 

Cat in the Hat Party Bag


There are many ways to plan a baby shower, but there are also only a few things in this world that a Dr. Seuss creation doesn’t make 10 times better. And your baby shower is definitely not one of those few things. All of these suggestions can help you have fun with Dr. Seuss baby shower ideas. The games, food, and decorations you choose will be sure to amaze all of your guests regardless of age.

Even though the younger kids may be more excited than most, the adults of the party can have a blast enjoying great food and party games with their loved ones. When the event is all over don’t forget to give your guest their parting party favors so they’ll never forget what a great time they had!

Written by Michael Stewart

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