22 Amazing Futuristic Theme Party Ideas

Forget the present––fast forward into the future! Invite the crew “25 years into the future.” Use Zoom to take your guests to the future and fill the night with ultramodern virtual games and activities. If you want, you can still accent your home with some futuristic elements, just make sure they show up on your camera. Warning! When you plan a futuristic theme party, your guests may never want to return to the present!

Futuristic Theme Ideas

1. Blade Runner

When people think of the stereotypical future they jump to Blade Runner. The movie is an absolute classic and whether it’s the newer film or the original you are sure to get plenty of comments.

2. Back to the Future

Instead of the serious and dystopian feel go for a more retro and fun one! Back to the Future is a cult classic and with its 80’s inspired future it is easy to replicate for your party.

3. Star Wars

Who hasn’t seen Star Wars? With popular shows like the Mandalorian making headlines, a Star Wars theme is surely going to draw attention.

4. Star Trek

Star Trek does a lot of leg work for you! There is plenty of music you can use and the costumes are simple as they come.

5. Terminator

Want to wear that leather jacket and aviator sunglasses? Of course! This dystopian future ensemble can be found in any closet.

Futuristic Theme Party Décor

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6. Party Palette

Stick to a color scheme of neon colors like green, orange, pink and yellow. If you aren’t a fan of neon, you can also decorate with all metallic colors.

7. Light Up The Night

Take Christmas lights and string them around your party area. Then take the light bulbs out of your lamps and replace them with colorful ones. Also, place black lights around your party area. This will create a very colorful and moody backdrop for your Zoom call. 

8. Silver Streamers

If you chose to decorate in metallic colors, keep your theme going and hang silver streamers from your ceiling.

9. Colorful Balloons

Buy a bunch of neon-colored balloons for your party. Hang them on chairs, table legs, plants, and/or ceiling fixtures, for a fun, floaty pop of color. 

Futuristic Theme Party: Activities

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10. Predict The Future

One great activity is to have each guest write down their predictions/plans for 25 years in the future. Collect all the answers and send them out to your guests. These will be fun to read 25 years from now.

11. Crazy Costumes

Have your guests join the call dressed in futuristic costumes. These costumes can be as creative as your guests wish them to be. These could be homemade out of materials such as plastic wrap or tin foil. They could also be neon retro outfits such as colorful leggings, a tracksuit or mini dress, and a matching headband. You can also ask them to shoot a creative futuristic video to introduce the costume’s many details. Share your screen to play the videos on the Zoom call, then hold a vote and reward the best-dressed guest with a prize.

12. Futuristic Music 

Play futuristic music such as the soundtrack of Star Trek in the background. If you’re not a fan of that electronic music and dubstep are great ways to set the tone of any future themed party.

13. Movie

You can watch a movie that takes place in the future such as  I Robot, Men in Black, or Star Trek. The best part of watching a movie together on Zoom is that you can still have real-time conversations about what you are watching in the chat! 

Futuristic Theme Party – Invitation and Food

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14. Stylish Silver

Make futuristic invitations by taking silver sheets of paper and writing your party details on them with a metallic sharpie

15. Neon Invite

Make a vivid ultramodern neon invitation for your guests. Take neon colored pieces of card stock paper and write or print your party details. Ask your guests to “Join Us 25 Years In The Future!” or say, “Let’s Party The Futuristic Way.”

16. Tin Foil 

For added metallic shimmer, take your invitation and glue decorative tin foil on the front and back. This will help your guests understand the theme of the party by reminding them of robots and flying cars. 

17. Virtual Invitations 

Edit together some sci-fi movie clips with futuristic music to make a super cool video invitation! If video editing is not your cup of tea, it’s also easy to use photo editing apps to design digital invitations.

18. Mouthwatering Menu

Since it may be difficult to make metallic or neon-colored food, here a few “futuristic” recipes you could try:

  • Truffle Mac and Cheese
  • Southern-Fried Chicken Bites with Chili Aioli
  • Mini Turkey, Brie, and Cranberry Sandwiches 
  • Gingerbread Brioche with Poached Pear and Blue Cheese

Because this party is taking place over Zoom, you can send the recipes you will be using out to your guests a few days before the party. They aren’t required to make the food, but if they would like to fully participate, it could be another way to feel as though you are celebrating together. 

19. Colorful Cupcakes

You could also send dessert recipes to your guests. One option is to make Funfetti cupcakes and add food coloring to the icing. This will create a very colorful cupcake that fits your neon theme. You could also make cookies and decorate the tops with silver icing. To make silver icing, simply mix white frosting with small amounts of black food coloring

Futuristic Theme Party Favors

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20. Sunglasses

Some funky-looking neon sunglasses would make a funky, futuristic gift. These will need to be mailed to your guests before the party actually takes place if you would like them to have the glasses during the party. 

21. Glow Stick Bracelets

Give out multicolored glow stick bracelets to your guests. You can mail these out and invite your guests to wear them during the festivities.

22. Silver Cookies

Take some of the silver cookies you’ve made and place them in tinfoil to send to your guests. Of course, if you choose this option, be sure your baking station is completely sanitized throughout the baking process. You would never want your guests to become sick because of something you sent to them. 


Even if you can’t get together with your friends physically, there are still many ways in which we can spend time together with those we love. Zoom parties are one way we can do this. If you find yourself dreaming about the future where we can gather together, why not host a futuristic theme party through Zoom set 25 years in the future!? For more party ideas, check out the other blogs on easyeventplanning.com

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