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18 Unique Garden Party Ideas

Choosing to have a party in the garden is a good way to gather in this time of social distancing, and even a party in the garden could use some favors and decor! This is why we have unique garden party ideas. Although a garden party will utilize the flowers in your garden, they don’t have to be your only decoration. If you’re stumped on what other sorts of decorations to use, don’t worry, there are many themes to choose from. Here are some garden party ideas on decor and party favors to welcome your guests and help them enjoy themselves. We can help plan your event with an easy-to-use checklist.

Garden Party Ideas for Favors

Garden Party Ideas for Favors
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1. Gardening Tools

Give your guests mini gardening tools* as a thank you for coming! To keep it fun and colorful you can give them kids versions of garden tools found at most children’s toy stores and convenience stores.

2. Seeds

Why not give your guests the chance to plant their own garden this summer? Give your guests seeds* as a thank you for coming to your party! You can give out a variety of seeds, or keep it simple with just one type. This flowery favor will help remind them of your party for a long time!

3. Gift Basket

A small basket decorated with vines and flowers* can be a fun favor for your guests. You can have small treats and candy on hand for them to fill their baskets or they can just use it as a beautiful theme décor basket!

4. Bird Feeders

Birds are often one of the favorite parts of being in the garden. To encourage birds to visit your guests’ gardens, give your guests small bird feeders* to take home.

5. Candles

Floral scented candles* are a perfect gift to give to your guests! Another great idea is a flower-shaped candle*. Candles are a beautiful gift that will help your guests remember the party long after it ends.

6. Mini Plants

Another party favor you could send home with your guests is a miniature plant*! These are normally smaller plants that come in mini pots. This will allow your guests to take the garden into their own homes. Most home improvement stores have inexpensive miniature plants.

Succulent Garden Party Ideas for Favors

Succulent Garden Party Ideas for Favors
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7. Herb Centerpiece

When spice gardens flood with more than is required in any kitchen, why not utilize the additional yield in a fragrant focal point? Blend shapes and surfaces, and add tone with palatable blossoms and spice blooms. This plan, which incorporates mint, hot chives, lavender, and rosemary, sits in a high-sided vessel.

8. Fruits and Vegetables

Give your guests some homegrown fruits and vegetables to take home from your party. To make it more special, provide fruits and vegetables grown in your own garden!

9. Flower-Filled Cocktail

Cheers to the season! Carry the nursery to your glass when you glide eatable bloom blooms in these reddening gin-and-grapefruit mixed drinks. Lillet Rose, an invigorated wine mix of Sauvignon Blanc and Muscatel, has the fragrance of blossoms and ready berries—ideal for a springtime aperitif.

Garden Party Ideas for Decorations

Garden Party Ideas for Decorations
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10. Flowers

If your garden isn’t already full of flowers, drape it in flowers! You can put them on the tables, the chairs, everywhere! If your garden is already overflowing with flowers, try adding different colors and varieties or even flower potpourri*!

11. Extend a warm welcome

Appeal garden-party visitors at the entryway with an all-singing, all-moving presentation. Cause them to feel immediately invited and prepared to party with a carefree welcome on appearance. Something other than an incredible method to state welcome, a message board is ideal to feature in case you’re commending an event. Compose a glad birthday message or commemoration devotion for all to see to establish the nursery party’s pace. You can change any surface into a message board with a basic layer of writing slate paint.

12. Canopies

Hanging a canopy *in your garden will create a seating area and give the garden a special feel. Plan the seating in a shaded area to keep the guests cool and comfortable at your parties.

13. Streamers

Streamers* are a popular party decoration. Try and weave the streamers through branches for a beautiful effect! You can find more party supplies here.

14. Lights

Outdoor fairy lights* can add a bit of twinkle to your garden party! You can hang these from the canopy, in the trees, or lay them on the bushes. A little bit of elegant light can create a mood for an evening garden party.

15. Tablecloths

Bright tablecloths* can help your tables blend in with the beautiful flowers in your garden. Try to utilize colors that are already present in your garden, for example, if you have many pink and yellow flowers, use pink and yellow tablecloths*.

16. Cushioned Benches

If you would like to provide seating for your guests to socialize with their friends, vintage cushion benches are a great option. When choosing this option, using bright colored cushions* on the benches can make them more comfortable and charming!

17. Flower Vase Napkin Fold

At every visitor’s place setting, leave a cup of newly picked blossoms enveloped by a fabric napkin. They can utilize the napkin during the formal dinner, at that point bring home their sprouts toward the finish of the night.

18. Ladybugs

Do you have any large stones in your garden? These can easily be turned into a decoration! If you spray paint these rocks red* and let them dry, you can then put black spots all over them and give them little faces! Now you have large ladybug decorations! They’ll look just like the little creature you come across while gardening. This could also be an enjoyable activity for your guests.


These great garden party ideas will have your guest feeling comfortable! Outdoor garden parties are great in times like today where social distancing exists.

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