husband birthday ideas

35 Awesome Husband Birthday Ideas

When it comes to trying to pick out a birthday gift for your loved one, shopping for your husband is always one of the hardest decisions to make. It’s important to find something that shows that you care, while also picking a gift that won’t get shoved into the back of the closet after one week. Check out these perfect husband birthday ideas that any man will love!

Husband Birthday Ideas

Husband Birthday Ideas: Party Ideas

Husband Birthday Ideas

1. Birthday Bedroom Party

Turn your bedroom into the perfect party for 2! Whether choosing to stay in or not being able to go out, a birthday bedroom party is sure to give your husband the perfect birthday. Try decorating your room with candles and photos of the two of you for a nice romantic touch, and make sure to have his favorite board games and movies ready to go.

2. The Never Ending Surprise Party

Be sure to plan ahead with this idea, with a new surprise ready for your husband’s birthday every hour he is sure to stay on his toes all night. Whether these surprises be a gift every hour or a new destination your husband is guaranteed to love being showered in attention for his birthday. Get friends and family in on the fun too – the more the merrier! 

3. DIY Drive In

In a time where getting together with friends and family is limited, this idea is the perfect way to bring people together while staying a safe distance apart. Set up a white sheet or movie screen in a public parking lot and rent or purchase a portable projector. Invite your friends and loved ones to watch with you and bring a speaker if needed. Sit back, grab some popcorn and watch as your husband enjoys the perfect present.

4. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Make your husband find his treasure on a scavenger hunt for the day. Whether you choose to keep the perimeter small or take him all across town, this idea is something your husband will never see coming. Get other people to help you so that you can be with your husband throughout the whole experience and enjoy the fun together.

5. Themed Party

Choose a theme that you know would be a great birthday idea for your husband’s birthday. Integrate key elements of this into your party decor, food, and gift bags to go above and beyond. Having trouble coming up with inspiration? Check out our theme party idea blogs on our website!

6. Go to a Sports Event

With sports stadiums slowly starting to open up once again, your husband is probably one of many people itching to get back to sporting events. Try to find a sporting event you know your husband will love watching, whether it be major or minor leagues, and surprise him with his first night of live sports in what feels like forever.

7. Zoom Happy Hour

Make the best of your socially distant birthday by inviting your husband’s friends and family for a zoom happy hour. Plan special birthday games about your husband for everyone to participate in, and be sure that everyone raises a glass to him in honor of his special day.

8. Invite Friends to go Camping

Get in touch with the great outdoors by inviting a small group of friends on a nature trip for your husband’s birthday. Make sure to bring all your camping essentials including a sturdy tent, fire starter, and plenty of fresh water. Another thing to remember while planning this trip is to check for the weather so you don’t get rained out.

Husband Birthday Ideas: Thoughtful Gestures

Husband Birthday Ideas

9. Breakfast in Bed

Wake your husband up with a yummy breakfast of eggs, bacon, pancakes, and a fresh cup of coffee so from the second he opens his eyes he feels special. Remember to be stealthy when getting up in the morning so that you don’t wake him, and try to cook as quietly as possible so that he doesn’t leave the bed. Not a great cook? Look for a local vendor in your area on our website to do it for you!

10.  Birthday Video Message

For this birthday idea you will need to be a little tech savvy in order to be successful. Get as many of your husband’s friends and loved ones to send you a short video message wishing him a happy birthday and stitch them together into a movie of heartfelt clips. Add your husband’s favorite song to the background for an added personal touch as well. This is a super fun way to make a memorable present while also saving money.

11. Notes Jar

This idea may take some extra time and is easier the earlier you start. Get a large glass or plastic jar and a set of sticky notes in various colors. Color code the sticky notes so that each color is associated with a certain category (i.e. things I love about you, my favorite moments we have together, etc.). This way whenever your husband is having a bad day he can pick a sticky note as a reminder of your love.

12. Make a Piece of Art

Be creative with this idea and make a piece of art your husband will love. Art comes in many different forms, so don’t be afraid if you’re not the most skilled in one category. Try different things like painting or dancing and see what you do best. Learn your favorite song on an instrument or just sing your heart out. Even if you don’t think it’s good your husband will appreciate your hard work and effort, plus he may even have a good laugh.

13. Create a Trail of Love

Surprise your husband with this idea when he comes home from work by creating a “trail of love” from the front door to your location of choice. Go for rose petals and candles for a more romantic touch, and have the trail end somewhere equally as romantic such as the bedroom or bathtub. Not only will this catch your husband off guard, but it will set the tone for the rest of the evening. 

14. Become a Chef for the Night

Try recreating your husband’s favorite dish and treat him to a special meal for his birthday. Do your research ahead of time and be sure to find a recipe that works best for his personal taste and your cooking abilities. If you’re nervous about getting in the kitchen, try taking a cooking class ahead of time or ask a friend for help. Your Husband will love the effort you put into making a special meal and be impressed by the time you spent trying to get it right.

15. A Romantic Getaway

One of the best birthday ideas anyone can do for their significant other is to take them on a trip to a romantic getaway. Hotels and resorts are a more traditional option, however with websites like Airbnb available now as well you can be sure to find a more affordable, local option for couples on a tighter budget. 

16. Try One of His Hobbies

Take the time to get to know more about your husband and what he likes to do in his free time. Whether it be trying a new sport, going to a museum, or trying a new restaurant, your husband will be impressed with your interest in his hobbies. If you’re nervous to try something your husband likes to do, try asking his friends and family to come along to alleviate any stress you may have.

17. Create a Cinema in Your Living Room

This idea is simple and cheap, however it can end up being one of the most fun birthday dates your husband and you will have. Take the time to transform your living room or bedroom into a personal home theatre so that you can go to the movies without having to leave your home. Details like a popcorn machine, surround sound speakers, and 3-D movies are perfect to elevate the experience even more.

Husband Birthday Ideas: Practical Gifts

Husband Birthday Ideas

18. Shaving Kit

A shaving kit is perfect for any husband who is constantly getting rid of scruff on his face. Shaving kits that come with multiple products in the same set are especially nice as they keep the smell of your husband consistent and clean. This present is something that he’ll keep on using.

19. Wallet

If your husband is like so many other people, chances are he’s in desperate need of a new wallet but never has the time to buy one. Try getting him something classy and modern like a brown leather or sleek black wallet. Some wallets even have features that allow you to track them if lost, perfect if your husband has a tendency of misplacing his.

20. A New Wardrobe

Treat your husband to a new set of clothes for his birthday this year! Try buying him things that push him outside of his comfort zone and elevate his style. If you can’t afford to buy a completely new wardrobe, try testing the waters with one or two pieces to see what he thinks. Another alternative is buying accessories that will change his wardrobe, even with the clothes he already has.

21. A Tool Set

If your husband is into building or crafts that involve tools, a new tool set is sure to be something he would love for his birthday. If you want to take this gift idea to the next level, try finding a project that he can use his new tools on that you can build together. This allows for him to use the gift right away and give the two of you something to do for his birthday.

22. Skincare Products

Most men tend to not focus on their skincare as much, as it’s not as highly advertised to men in general. This doesn’t mean that men’s skincare isn’t important though, and buying him a set of skincare products can be the perfect reminder for him. 

23. A New Gadget for His Phone

In the technological world we live in people are constantly looking for new gadgets for their phones. Whether it be a wireless set of headphones, charging pad, or new phone case, a phone accessory is worth getting as a husband’s birthday gift. 

24. A Bottle of His Favorite Drink

If you and your husband enjoy trying different drinks and appreciate the flavors of a good liquor, wine or beer then consider purchasing a bottle of his favorite drink for his birthday. If you can, try splurging on a really nice brand to make the experience that much more special. 

25. Blue Light Glasses

Lots of people have recently been purchasing blue light glasses as the average screen time continues to increase for people of all ages. If your husband is one of these people, then blue light glasses may be the key to stopping headaches and tired eyes he experiences. Try finding a pair that frame his face well and will add to his style!

26. A New Watch

Watches are a classy accessory that will never go out of style, even with the introduction of the smartphone. Try finding a watch that best fits your husband’s look so that you know it is something that will match almost anything he wears. For a more modern look try a Fitbit or apple watch with a digital screen and additional features such as heart rate and sleep monitoring.

Husband Birthday Ideas: Just for Fun

Husband Birthday Ideas

27. Video Games

Video games are a great option if your husband is constantly glued to his Xbox or PlayStation. Ideas including getting the latest updated version of a game, or something that the two of you could play together. If you can’t think of any new games he may like, try looking for other accessories you could purchase like controllers or headsets.

28. Gag gift

If you and your husband are a more laid back, goofy couple then a gag gift may be the perfect birthday idea to get as a gift. Gag gifts can include a funny t-shirt, car accessory, or just a silly joke. Make sure your husband has a good sense of humor before going this route. 

29. Beerspiration

Another less serious, funny gift your husband might prefer is anything with beer as its inspiration. This can be more expensive ideas like a built in beer tap, or silly gifts like a beer helmet or tipsy beer glass. 

30. Go Through Your Camera Roll

Fun, out of the box ideas for your husband can be taken right from your camera roll and turned into a beautiful creation. Simple ideas include turning photos into a custom blanket or pillow that you and your husband can cuddle up in. Other, more old school photo ideas include a photo box or retroviewer.

31. Home Decor

Home decor is a fun way to add elements of your husband into your house that can create more of a comfortable atmosphere for him to live in. This is perfect if your husband always complains about the way a certain room in your house looks, giving you the chance to have a mini home makeover. By allowing him to have lead in the decision making but taking on the bulk of the responsibilities, you can show your husband you truly care about making the space both yours.

32. Sporting Gear

A great husband birthday gift idea would be to get him sporting gear for his favorite sports team. This is an especially good idea if a new player is drafted for their team, giving you the opportunity to buy him new merch you know for a fact he doesn’t have yet. 

33. Shop Local

If you and your husband appreciate your community and enjoy watching it thrive, trying shopping local this year for his present. Lots of local stores offer merchandise that is specific to your location, creating a more personalized touch on a gift that will always remind him of home.

34. Gift Baskets

For a more simple gift idea, gift baskets are the perfect way of showing that you care while also not going overboard. If your husband prefers more low-key birthday gifts and doesn’t like to do a lot to celebrate a gift basket may be the safest way to go. 

35. King for the Day

Make your husband “king for the day” so that he can feel special throughout his whole birthday. Get friends and family in on it and treat him like royalty by bringing him food, following orders, and bowing down to his majesty. Your husband will love the attention and have a good laugh at the same time.


Husband Birthday Ideas

We hope that these husband birthday ideas give you the inspiration you need for the perfect birthday celebration. Whether it be through intangible gestures or funny gifts, we’re sure that your partner will love these ideas when celebrating their perfect day

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