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Top 20 Unique Kids Party Favors

Children normally get amused by parties, so why not go all out by creating kids party favors to match that excitement? Below is a list of various suggestions of fun favor ideas that will make your party guests leave with just as much excitement as they came with!

This is a COVID-19 edition of a traditional take on party favors. All of the favors can be bought online as they encourage social distancing and safety. It is up to you, however, to encourage other safety measures as well – from wearing masks to the 6-feet-apart rule, ensure that everyone at the party remains outside of the high-risk zone! With that being said, the kids party favors mentioned below are Covid-19 friendly and wonderful to gift to your guests.

Kids Party Favors: Toys and Games

Kids Party Favors: Toys and Games

1. Bottle of Bubbles

Purchase some bubble bottles so guests can all blow bubbles after the party. If kids are wearing masks during the event, it won’t work all that well. If they aren’t then blowing bubbles will increase the risk of contracting COVID-19. Let the kids stay safe and enjoy the favors!

2. Small Squirt Guns

Find small plastic water guns for the guests to have water gun fights or make up their own water games on a hot summer day. To all their traditional perks, today they help ensure social distancing.

3. Small Play Cars

Depending on the guests’ individual preferences, these might be great OR might not work at all. Make sure that the kids find them fun before buying and they will walk away from the party as happy as ever. There are many options online, from simple and shiny to original and intriguing.

4. Mini Puzzles

Puzzles are great with a group effort. They’re even better solo! This is also a great take-home gift. Simpler puzzles are fun to complete alone, bigger and more complex ones can bring together the entire family. Overall, just make sure that the guests are old enough for a challenging toy like this and it will be an amazing favor.

5. Tiny Bouncy Balls

These little things can be a bunch of fun for kids. They come in many sizes, designs and colors. Look online to find the perfect fit!

6. Play Doh

This inexpensive putty for kids can last forever. It is mildly interesting to look at and to play and create with. They come in a variety of sizes and colors as well, so take your time to pick the one that goes best with the party theme!

7. Frisbee

During Quarantine, going outside for kids is as crucial to their overall wellbeing, and this will encourage them to spend more time in the sun, with friends and family members. Choose lighter, cheaper frisbees – they will be easier to catch and throw for the guests.

8. A Scientific Blast

Kaleidoscopes, Pinwheels and magnets are semi-magical for younger kids. If your guests fit into that age group, these should be on the top of the favor shopping list!

9. Foolery

Rubber chicken, whoopee cushion, glasses with noses attached, plastic cockroaches and snakes, fake dog poop and many others will ensure that kids will walk away extremely excited and with lots of good vibes. They don’t make a long-lasting impression but offer a lot of fun for the first few days. 

Book, Art, and Crafts

Book, Arts and Crafts

10. Stickers

You can pass out coloring books, crayons, or some cool stickers that go with the theme of the party. This is another quiet activity that will keep the kids occupied for a good stretch of time.

11. Coloring Books

Great for younger kids, but there are certain books that older kids will enjoy too! Trying to pick the ones that would go with the party’s theme would be the best. Additionally, try not to pick big brands like Disney – their books are made in great bulk and low variety, and might turn out boring for the kids. Support the smaller, but awesome brands!

12. Mini Children’s Storybooks

Children’s stories can be told from one person to another. It’s a safe social-distance interaction. Each guest can go home with a new bedtime story to read. You can find awesome children’s books in a wide assortment online or at dollar stores. 

13. Colorful Sidewalk Chalk

Pass out a small box of sidewalk chalk to each of your guests. A fun idea to do before guests leave the party is to ask them to draw one picture of a certain theme – plants, ocean, etc., and ask them to send a picture of their completed artwork. Then you can make a collage with all the pictures together so the kids can feel more unified with this activity.


If the kids at the party are into reading, these would be great. Bookmarks aren’t as abundant in the stores as they used to be but they do make an old-school, original favor.

15. Expandable Water Toys

They come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Completely safe during these unprecedented times and are extremely exciting to kids of all ages!

Miscellaneous Kids Party Favors

Miscellaneous Kids Party Favors

16. Cookie Cutters

You can buy a variety of cookie cutters in different shapes and have each kid choose one. Additionally, pass out a unique cookie recipe to every kid so they can ask and share with each other – the more the kids will continue interacting with each other after the party, the stronger their friendship will be.

17. Sunglasses

If it’s summer, these will come in handy. There is a countless variety of sunglasses available online or in stores. It helps to think about what color, shape or theme you would like to go with beforehand.

18. Theme Hats

If the party has a specific theme, these would be the best pick right away. There is a variety of quality, quantity and pricing – so choose whatever fits you best. 

19. Sports Bottle

For this idea, you may want to check in with the guests’ parents. Are the kids into exercise and sports at all and do they have a water bottle already? If everything sounds good, order them in bulk and you can decorate them for more style.

20. Nighttime

Glow-in-the-dark toys, accessories, flashlights and hanging lights. These are all great options as long as parents are okay with their child playing in the dark. 


These were the top 20 kids party favors you can use for your next kids celebration. They are Covid-19 friendly, exciting for kids, and simple yet classic ideas you can work with. Hopefully you found these ideas helpful and easy-to-use. Good luck to you and your next party favor endeavor!

Written by Chelsea Jung

Co-Author Matvei Mozhaev

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