23 Fun Ideas for a Magic Trick Theme Party

Let all of your guests be magicians for the day with these great tricks for hosting a magic trick theme party. Throw a mystical birthday bash your little magicians will never forget with our super fun and magical party tips!

Magic Trick Theme Party Favors

1. Magician Gloves 

Give your guests some magician gloves so they can really feel like illusionists when performing magic tricks! If you have a costume shop nearby, you may be able to find gloves as an accessory to a magician costume!

2. Beans 

Grab a small tin and fill it with jelly beans. Hand it out to your guests and tell them that they are magic beans, but leave it up to them to decide what type of magic they do!

3. Stuffed Rabbits 

Go to your local kid store and see if they sell stuffed bunny rabbits. If so, grab some for your guests! They can pull them out of hats like real magicians!

4. Cards 

Hand your guests a deck of cards for an inexpensive way that they can practice their own magic tricks at home! 

5. Top Hat 

Give them a gift to go with their stuffed rabbits – a top hat! This is a staple of any magician outfit and can be bought cheap at most costume stores!

6. Wands 

All magicians need to have magic wands so that their tricks will work! Go to your local party store and buy some magic wands to give to your guests as prizes. If you’re looking to save some money, make the magic wands yourself!

7. Cape 

Another thing that all illusionists need is a cape! Many magicians throw their capes to cover a trick just before they reveal the big finish. You can either go to your local costume shop to buy capes or you can make them yourself! It might save you money if you just go to a fabric shop and ask them to cut out specific measurements. 

8. Tricks 

If you’re lucky enough to live near a magic shop, see if they have any small magic tricks! There are lots of gag gifts that are sold at magic shops that you can buy for a good price. If not, look online!

Magic Trick Theme Party Games

Magic Trick Theme Party Games

9. Poof! They’re gone! 

This illusion game is actually a team game consisting of about three to four players each. In the game, one person is the disappearing one, while the others are the “wrappers.” Hand each of the wrappers a roll of toilet paper and when you shout “go!” they have to try and wrap the disappearing person as fast as they can. Once the person is completely covered with toilet paper, the first team to scream “poof! They’re gone!” wins!

10. Magician 

An obvious activity to have at your magic trick theme party, hire a magician! Magicians can be hired from all over the place. You can go online to look for some or ask some friends. If you’re looking to save some money on your party, try looking up ways to perform magic tricks online and try performing them yourself!

11. Make a Wand 

Set aside a table at your party for kids to make their very own wands! You can do this by providing wood dowels for all your guests as well as black or brown paint. Tell the children to paint their wands however they would like and then let them dry. When they are finished drying they can decorate the tops with glitter or white paint.

12. Balloon Trick 

A great trick idea for you to perform at your party is the unpoppable balloon trick! All you have to do for this trick is put a piece of scotch tape on an inflated balloon. As long as you put the needle through the part with the tape, it won’t pop! This trick is guaranteed to wow your guests!

13. Taste Test 

Take some magic beans (jelly beans) and place them in a jar. Then, give each of your guests a paper and tell them to number the paper from 1-10. Pass around the same flavor jelly bean to each guest and ask him or her to guess what flavor it is. After you have finished with ten different flavors, announce the answers. The guest with the most correct answers wins! 

14. Card House Building

Each kid gets a deck of cards and a three-minute time limit. Once the game starts, the kids have to start building the card houses. The highest card house building wins the game. Consider making the time limit longer to see how big the card houses can actually be.

15. Sneaky Magician

You will have to choose a kid to be the Sneaky Magician and let him/her sit in a chair blindfolded. Place a special magical item beneath the chair (top hat, wand, magic eight ball, a deck of cards, etc.), which the Sneaky Magician must protect. Only one thief can try to steal from the magician at one time. This game relies on the magician’s sense of hearing. The magician must touch the thief before they steal the item, and if they get caught, they become the next Sneaky Magician.

Magic Trick Theme Party Decorations

Magic Trick Theme Party Decorations

16. Magical Sign

Place a sign at the entrance of the party that looks like a sign at a theater. The sign can say something such as, “Are You Ready to Have a Magical Time?” or something similar to that.

17. Table Centerpieces

Get creative with the tables! Place the different types of items associated with magic, such as a black top hat, a magic wand, a deck of cards, and a pair of white gloves in the center of each guest table.

18. The Walls

A way to make the room really come to life is by taping individual playing cards to the walls, tables, and chairs. You should alternate the cards to show the card’s face, and others are showing the back. You can also use fishing line to dangle cards from the ceiling in the party room.

19. The Tables

Use black and white table covers for the guests and food tables. Try adding red accents, like a red bow, to the backs of the party chairs at tables.

Magic Trick Theme Party Food

Magic Trick Theme Party Food

20. Magic Wand Food

Make stick pretzels into magic wands. This can be done by dipping one end of the pretzel into chocolate and roll the other part in white sprinkles. Other foods that resemble magic wands because of their shape are fish sticks, chicken fingers, french fries, and hot dogs!

21. Magic Rabbits

First, you have to make sandwiches. Use a bunny-shaped cookie cutter to shape sandwiches into little magic rabbits for a fun spin with the food.

22. Magical Potion Punch

Create a punch that is colorful and has edible sparkles in it. Tell the kids that this is a magic potion and watch as it brings the party even more to life.

23. Magic Party Cakes

These cakes can range from a white rabbit appearing from a magician’s hat to a cake in the shape of a magic wand, a magician’s hat, or white gloves laying on a hat.

Written by Shannyn Apolaro and Mercedes Loescher

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