21 Exciting Medieval Theme Party Ideas

Did Game of Thrones get you excited about the medieval genre? Well if you are we got some great ideas for a medieval theme party! We thought of everything from favors to decorations. These ideas should help inspire you when planning for a medieval party.

Medieval Theme Party Favors

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Party favors are an excellent way of giving your guests their very own piece of the party to take home. Allow yourself to be creative and gather some of your favorite items that remind you of medieval times. Below is a list of medieval theme party favors that will help you gather ideas your guests will be raving about long after they’ve left your party.

1. Costume Garnishes

Need garnishes? Provide your guests with royalty accessories such as wands, armor, hats, helmets, crowns, or shields. These giveaways may be handed out at the time of arrival so they can be used immediately, or given out afterward as something that will remind your guests of the party. You can also use some of these accessories as favor holders. For example, give your guests helmets that are filled with candy or sweets, such as cookies or brownies.

2.Medieval Finger Puppets

These toys may be found at a variety of toy stores. Children especially love these, along with theme pinwheels.

3. Royal Goblets

If you are hosting an adult medieval party, you may want to give guests royalty goblets as drink holders. Set these on the tables so your guests can use them at the party. For a children’s party, you could give out decorated plastic goblets, or perhaps have the children decorate them as an activity for the party. No matter the occasion, these medieval goblets serve as excellent favor holders. For the kids, apple cider is a fun “medieval drink.” Otherwise, adults could be served something a little more interesting.  

4. Jewel Explosion!

Provide your guests with royalty giveaways such as plastic jewels in the shape of diamonds. These inexpensive items can be found in a large variety of party stores. Perhaps you may want to fill a small bag with these jewels for your guests to take home.

5. Chocolate Currency

Purchase some chocolate coins of different sizes and give them to your guests as delicious party favors. You may want to fill up the theme goblet with these treats, or perhaps give them out in small baggies. 

Medieval Theme Party Food 

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To get into the Medieval spirit try some of these semi-authentic recipes.  

6. Dragon Fireballs

An easy snack to start your party off for the kids and adults. Simply put cheese-balls into a glass container with a nice label to set the mood for an easy medieval feeling.

7. Stuffed Eggs

These delicious hard-boiled eggs are stuffed with cheese, spices, and egg yolk. 

8. Payn Fondew

This delicious dessert is an ancestor to the modern bread pudding.  

9. Beef and Red Wine Stew

When it comes to a full and hearty meal, nothing quite beats a beef stew.  Plus you can easily increase or decrease the portions based on the number of guests. 

10. Smoked Turkey Legs

Nothing fits better in a medieval themed party than smoked turkey legs. An easy meal that will leave your guests impressed even when the party ends.

11. Caudell

For an adult party, your guests are sure to get a kick out of trying this early attempt at a cocktail.  

12. Sparkling Cider “Mead”

If you need a party themed drink for the younger crowd, Mead is a fun alternative the kids will love.

13. Klein Krebs

For those of you who prefer seafood, try making this fried shrimp dish from Germany.   

Lancelot and Guinevere Medieval Theme Party Decorations 

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Get into a medieval groove by throwing a party for your fellow knights and princesses! There are so many characteristic Lancelot and Guinevere theme party decorations that can be added all around the venue! We’ve put a list of medieval party ideas that will help you get started!

14. Golden Coins

Back in the medieval days, it’s said that people used gold coins as currency. Use these items as decoration for your party! Fill vases, jars, and bowls with them and place them around the room. These will add color and sophistication, as well as show off your creativity. 

15. Candle Lighting

Hang wall candle holders to provide extra lighting. These will create the perfect medieval atmosphere. You can even purchase some that are battery powered and flicker on their own!

16. Green Outburst!

The color green is associated with Lancelot and Guinevere themes because of the green girdle that Guinevere gives Lancelot. Use green decorations, such as balloons and streamers, to represent this important symbol. It’s also a great idea to pick items that are different hues of green and make an arrangement out of them.

17. The Beautiful Fairy Queen

Guinevere is known as the Fairy Queen, so use fairy accessories to decorate the party! Hang fairy cutouts on the walls or make streamers out of them. Be sure to use lots of glitter and sequence to enhance these decorations! 

18. Majestic Torchieres

Purchase some antique stand up torches to assimilate the experience of being in a real medieval castle. Place white or cream-colored candles on them so that their flames can flicker with the candles on the walls!

19. Knight Gear

Use typical knight gear, such as swords, metallic helmets, and shiny armor. Display these on the walls or lay them on tables for your guests to admire. 

20. Mystic Castle

Host your party in a mystic medieval castle by decorating the area with candles, gleaming armor, and other traditional medieval items! You can even hang large pictures of long staircases on open walls to make it look like a huge castle.

21. Medieval Escape room

Decorate your party with a bit of a twist by creating a medieval escape room themed party! Fill your environment with written clues and hints to finding the way out or to find the secret treasure stored for a lucky participant.


Who says you have to wait around for the Renaissance Festival to come around to celebrate? Host your own Medieval theme party to enjoy this time period all year round. I hope these ideas have inspired a great party for you and your friends! Don’t forget to have a great time. 

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