12 Creative Party Favor Ideas for Adults: DIY & Edible

Adult birthday parties are all about celebrating a person’s progression to new and exciting stages of his or her life, and what better way to celebrate than with some personalized birthday party favors? Even in the midst of COVID-19 restrictions, everyone loves good party favor ideas at an adult party. It doesn’t matter what event – 21st, 30th, 50th, or 40th – birthday party favors can be as creative and unique as you want! Plus, we have ideas for some edible goodies that your guests can enjoy as well! For more information on party planning, we have a budget worksheet, ideas to help you save money, adult birthday party ideas, and more.

Party Favor Ideas: DIY

party favor ideas: diy
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1. Memorable Mugs

Coffee and tea aficionados alike will adore mugs as party favors. They conveniently come in all colors and designs, so you can match your theme. Go as many as you want or use basic designs (available at pottery/retailer stores for low prices). Paint the mugs with special elements (i.e. the name and birth date/age of the guest of honor) and fill them with candies. Mugs make a practical gift since guests will make full use of them and not throw them away. As for those non-morning-drinkers, mugs can make nifty toothbrush holders!

2. Phunky Photographs

During the festivities, snap pictures of each guest using a Polaroid camera. This can be adapted for a virtual party or for physical distancing by having the guests take selfies with a sign or photos of the guest of honor, and contribute them to the party site. Print off the photos ahead, and add stickers and a title on the photo. You could also use photo editing software such as Picmonkey to make the edits. Add colorful ribbon through the sides with a hole punch and you have a flipbook to remember the party with! This is a fun idea that can be used for any birthday.

3. Playful Pots

party favor ideas: playful pots

Your plant-loving friends will adore their custom-painted pots. Use acrylic paint to create beautiful designs on flower pots, and hand out seed packets to your guests. They will be able to grow their own flowers and herbs at home. Your guests will love having the little decoration around their house, and you get to be as creative as you want!

4. Custom Coupons

Design personalized “coupons” for your guests, offering a favor that is unique to each of their needs. For instance, for a 21st birthday, present a best friend with “Lunch is On Me” or “Free Beer, Good for a Friday Night.” For some visual flair, add different clipart images pertaining to each offer. The possibilities here are endless. Be creative! To be COVID-safe, consider sending these to your guests in the mail.

5. Mesmerizing Magnets

Transform ordinary refrigerator magnets into colorful, exciting ones to award as game prizes. Frame round or square photos (they can be of the guests, birthday honoree, or just random, wacky images). Make sure to include the birth date and the birthday girl/guy’s name. Decorate the frames with metallic paint, rhinestones, feathers, googly-eyes, etc.

6. Kooky Koozies

Give your guests something to remember with a custom beer koozie! Print out custom logos or name tags and decorate the koozies to dazzle your guests. They’ll be able to use it at all their future parties, and will help them remember your event! Get creative with colors and logos. You can even make each koozie specific to your guests, for an added personal touch. Koozies are cheap and easy, and will be the life of your party!

Party Favor Ideas: Edible Favors

Adult Birthday Party Edible Favors
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7. Gumball Goodness

Hand out miniature gumball machines at your party. They can be filled with classic assorted gumballs in a variety of flavors and colors, your favorite bite-sized candies, or even mints. Award the machines as individual prizes or have guests take their prize from a single, large gumball machine

8. “Bake Sale on a Plate”

This may be more difficult to manage in a COVID-friendly way. Typically you would create a “mini bake sale on a plate” favor by arranging bite-sized cookies, cupcakes, pies, brownies, and other pastries decoratively on a platter. Bake your own treats, or find them at any grocery store or bakery. To make it more COVID-friendly, prepackage the treats and let your guests choose their favorites. While this favor is ageless, a guest at a 30th or 40th event would love this.

9. Candy Jar Clues

Using food safety practices, fill a clear jar with your favorite candies (jelly beans, chocolates, etc.). Award the candy jar to the guest who correctly guesses how many candies are in it. For a mysterious twist, cover the jar and have guests guess the kind of candy inside based on clues. Be sure to have more favors available for the guests who didn’t win.

10. Bottle Bonanza

As a special prize, award bottles of your wine/spirit of choice to guests. Tie decorative ribbon around the bottles or even create your own mock bottle labels. Be sure to wipe the bottles down with sanitizer before you award them.

11. Custom Brews

Take guests on a beer/wine brewing experience they won’t forget. Reserve a private event at your local brewery or winery and have a blast! You can create your own custom bottle labels, too. This is a great giveaway for 30th, 40th, 50th, and 21st parties! Call ahead to ask about the procedures involved in making this COVID-safe.

12. Oh, Goody!

Make a youthful “goody bag” with bags or small baskets and fill them with vintage chocolates and candies from your childhood. Birthday party favors that are edible bring out everyone’s inner child!


Even though COVID-19 has put a damper on many of our favorite activities, it is still possible to celebrate that special birthday and make your guests feel welcome as well. Using some imagination and the party favor ideas included here can make your virtual or in-person celebration fantastic and safe!

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