5 Helpful Tips for a Socially Distanced Business Meeting

Are you looking for hotel conference centers in the area to hold your next business meeting? While the U.S. continues to recover from the impact of the corona-virus, your most important job will be to ensure the safety of each and every guest. These Socially Distanced Business Meeting tips well become your new best friends for future meetings and your effort to keep everyone safe will not go unoticed.

Socially Distanced Business Meeting Tips

1. Safety Regulations

Ensure that the venues you look at are up to code when it comes to safety. Some venues might have their Covid-19 response and related services. Be sure to double-check both state policies and the venue’s policies regarding safety, health, and accessibility. Once you’re assured of any regulations, you can make an educated choice on how best to ensure the safety of your guests.

2. Floor Plan:

Ask the venue to provide you with an up-to-date floor plan of the rooms you will be using, and make sure there will be enough space for your guests to maintain a distance of at least six feet between them. You may want to mark off different spots on the floor to ensure that your guests will maintain their distance from each other.

3. Asses the Area

This may seem like tedious work, but it is incredibly important. Walk through the meeting room spaces several times and identify essential safety issues such as exits, placement of fire alarms and extinguishers, and sanitation stations. You will also want to establish any issues that may seem hazardous to your event, and be sure that handicap access is available.

4. Use Your Best Judgment

There are many questions that you want to ask yourself when ensuring the safety of all of your conference attendees. Is the space large enough for the event? Is the room up to code when it comes to safety equipment? Do your best to assess the situation and determine if the location will be adequate for your event, and be sure to choose the option that will not risk your attendees’ health.

Try to get your guest to RSVP because it is possible not everyone will feel safe to show but asure them that there is a space large enough for the original number of invites you send out. Only do this if you have found a place big enough for the orginial number of invites. It will not look good if you anticipated people not come and everyone shows up in a space that will not work.

5. Warn your event-goers about virus prevention:

Send out emails to all of your attendees with tips on how to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Remind them to get tested when necessary, wear a face covering when attending, and make sure every attendee is educated and prepared for your event.

If you are offering forms of prevention also let them know in the email. This will give guests a more sense of security and admire your effort.


Overall don’t forget to Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize! Are there hand sanitizing stations located throughout your meeting space? Most hotels and convention centers will have these provided throughout the building. However, if you do not see them in the area that your meeting will be held, you should inquire as to how to go about getting them in time for your event. Be sure to prepare disposable gloves and sanitizing wipes to distribute to all of your guests, especially in all available restrooms.

This will give a good impression on how seriously you are towards this pandemic because the worse thing you can do in a busniess meeting is shrug off the importance of this pandemic wheather you believe it is or night.

Written by Vanessa Marsocci on May 2, 2013
Co-writer Amy Chiang
Edited by June Park

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