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Ties or Tutus Gender Reveal Party - 26 Great Ideas for Your Big Announcement!

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Gender reveal parties are a trend that has taken the world by storm in recent years. It seems as though each day someone finds a new theme or method for finding out the gender of their expected child. Though there are many ways to celebrate this important moment in your life, it can oftentimes be a bit daunting figuring out which route to go. 

There’s one theme, however, that you can’t go wrong with: Ties or Tutus! This cute and easy party theme is sure to be a hit with your friends and relatives. Now that we have a theme, it’s important to start figuring out ideas that you’ll use for the party itself. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled 26 great ideas for your “ties or tutus” gender reveal party. From decorations to invitations, there are so many great possibilities for you to work with. This is such an important day for your family, so let’s make sure this party is the best it can be!

Ties or Tutus Gender Reveal Decorations

Ties or Tutus Gender Reveal Decorations
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1. Ties or Tutus Decoration Set

A ties or tutus full decoration set is a great place to start when planning your gender reveal! There are pins, stickers, balloons, and more. Having all of these different decorations covered in one purchase is sure to ease your stress when planning and allow you to focus on other necessities for the party.

2. Pink and Blue Tablecloths

Choosing a color theme for your party is step one of planning, so why not keep it simple and easy. Pink and blue are the most common colors to represent a boy or girl, so definitely invest in some colored tablecloths. You can alternate pink and blue to make this reveal party feel all the more exciting!

3. Ties or Tutus Banner

A “ties or tutus” flag-style banner is an extremely cute and easy way to emphasize the theme. Your banner can either include alternating pictures of little ties and tutus, or spell out “Ties or Tutus?” with a cute font. There are tons of online retailers that have these decorations, so be sure to choose the one you love most.

4. Ties or Tutus Confetti

Ties or Tutus Confetti
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This confetti is great for decorating your tables and making them stand out! They feature little ties and tutus, which is a great way to compliment the pink and blue tablecloths. Try finding a small centerpiece or decoration and sprinkling the confetti around it for an even better look!

5. Ultrasound Pictures

This unique idea will help bring even more excitement to the party! If you have copies of your expected child’s ultrasound photos, hang them on the wall! You can even separate the photos into two groups, and write the question “Ties or Tutus?”. To be even more creative, draw a picture of a little tie and tutu instead of writing it out!

6. Prospective Names List

This is a classic decoration for gender reveal parties. Use a chalkboard and write all of your name ideas that you’ve been thinking of for the past few months! This will be sure to get all of your friends and family excited, wondering what you will choose to name your child! For added decoration, draw a few ties and tutus to go along with the theme.

Ties or Tutus Gender Reveal Favors

Ties or Tutus Gender Reveal Favors
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6. Gender Reveal Party Favor Bags

Having bags to fill your party favors with is an absolute necessity. Getting cute pink and blue gender reveal favor bags helps you organize the different goodies you’ll be giving to your guests! You can add some treats or stickers to the bag on top of other favors recommended further.

7. Silly String and Bubbles

A great party favor is pink and blue silly-string or bubbles! This is great for the children that are going to be at the gender reveal party, and will help keep them distracted and entertained while you’re preparing for the big announcement. Just be prepared for a bit of a cleanup afterwards!

8. Dishwasher Safe Ties or Tutus Cups

Plastic dishwasher safe cups are a great party favor. Pink and blue stadium style cups that have either a tie or tutu on them are perfect for friends and families to take home and use at home! Reusable cups are a great reminder of the awesome time they had at your gender reveal!

Ties or Tutus Gender Reveal Menu Ideas 

Ties or Tutus Gender Reveal Menu Ideas
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9. Ties or Tutus Cupcakes

To supplement or replace the idea of a cake, try making little cupcakes! You can once again cover half in blue frosting and the other half in pink frosting. Also, try finding little toothpick decorations of ties and tutus to stick on top of the cupcake! It’s a quick and easy way to help the theme come together.

10.  Tie and Tutu Shaped Cookies

This is a perfect little snack to put out for everyone at the party! Make cute cookies of your choice in the shape of ties and tutus, and let everyone enjoy! You could frost the cookies, covering the ties in a blue colored frosting while putting pink frosting on the tutus. These cookies are sure to be a hit, especially for the kids that will be there!

11. Ties or Tutus Cake 

A cake is probably one of the first things on your list when planning your party. There are so many ways to customize your cake to go along with the ties or tutus theme! You could split the cake into half pink frosting and half blue frosting, and add a little message or picture of ties and tutus! Not only will it be delicious, but it’ll help make your day feel even more special.

12. Blue and Pink Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is a great little treat for the children coming to your gender reveal. The pink and blue goes along with the existing color theme, and the kids will love it! It’s easy to get and comes in large quantities, so save yourself the hassle and get these sweet treats for your party!

13. Pasta Salad with Bow Tie Pasta

For a more savory dish, make some delicious pasta salad. Pasta salad is a great party food, and is super easy to make in large batches. Try using farfalle (otherwise known as bowtie pasta) instead of regular pasta to accentuate the ties and tutus theme! Your guests will love this little hidden decoration and the pasta salad as a whole!

14. Pink and Blue Drinks

To help go along with the theme, try making pink and blue drinks for your guests! Pink lemonade is a great and delicious way to represent the “tutus”, while blue punch will help represent “ties”. The guests will love these delicious and refreshing drinks, and you could also add alcohol to them for the adults!

Ties or Tutus Gender Reveal Games 

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15. Gender Guessing Game

Guessing games are a great way to get everyone all the more excited before your big reveal! You can use a chalkboard or whiteboard, draw a line in the middle, with one half of the board representing a boy and the other half representing a girl. From there, get tie and tutu shaped magnets, and have you and your friends cast their vote to what they think the gender will be! Another idea for a guessing game would be to use custom cards with different questions about your baby for your guests to answer!

16. Baby Name Word Scramble

This is a great puzzle game for the older children and adults at your party! Jumble up the letters for your prospective baby names and have everyone try to figure them out! You could even give whoever completes the scramble first a small prize! This fun activity will help keep everyone engaged and entertained.

17. Bowtie or Tutu Scratch Off Card Game

As a great way to reveal the gender of the baby, try this scratch off card game! Beneath the surface of the card lies the gender of your child with the picture of either a bow tie or tutu. Everyone will scratch the card and find out at the same time! This is a great and exciting game to reveal the big news to all your closest friends and family.

18. Guess The Due Date Game

This is an awesome game to play with everyone at the gender reveal! You can either use a calendar for people to mark their guesses or have people write their guesses on a piece of paper! This could be a fun idea for after the reveal and will get people even more excited for your little boy or girl!

Ties or Tutus Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Ties or Tutus Disposable Cups
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19. Ties or Tutus Disposable Cups

These cute little cups are perfect for your party! Instead of plain red solo cups, these double as a decoration with the ties and tutus on them! Also, they’re clear, allowing for you and your guests to see the colored drinks you might prepare!

20. Pink and Blue Plates

These beautiful pink and blue watercolor plates will go great with your color scheme! They’ll love eating their tie and tutu treats on these colorful dishes. Also, these plates are disposable which make for an easy cleanup.

21. Pink and Blue Napkins

What better napkins to pair with the watercolor plates than these matching ones! The watercolor design makes these stand out more than classic pink and blue napkins, and won’t make it feel like you’re overdoing the pink and blue colors.

22. Pink and Blue Utensils

These plastic utensils are perfect for the party, and are easy to discard! The pink and blue again goes along with the overall theme, but if you’d like to go a different route you can always go with clear or differently colored utensils.

Ties or Tutus Gender Reveal Invitations

Ties or Tutus Gender Reveal Invitations
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23. Tutus or Ties Colorful Invitation

Ties or Tutus Colorful Invitation
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These are colorful and vibrant invitations for your big announcement! The font is eye-catching, and is sure to put a smile on all your guests’ faces when they receive them! And don’t worry, can put all your own information on the card!

24. Tutus or Ties Landscape Invitation

Ties or Tutus Landscape Invitation
Source: Etsy

This is another very cute invitation that shows off your ties and tutus theme! The little tie attached to the onesie makes this invitation even better! The pink and blue colors can also pair well with the overall theme of the party. Again, you can put all of your own information on these cards before purchasing them.

25. Tutus or Ties Invitation

Tutus or Ties Invitation
Source: Etsy

These ties and tutus themed invitations have a bit more sparkle than the previous ones, but aren’t too overpowering! The pink and blue would again match nicely with the decorations suggested above, and the font is very easy to read. There are two different card sizes to choose between, and you can write in all your custom information and wording before buying.

26. Tutus or Ties Chalkboard Theme Invitation

Tutus or Ties Chalkboard Theme Invitation
Source: Etsy

This last invitation has a different style than the others. It resembles a chalkboard, with some really playful and vibrant font to excite all of your invited guests for the party. With either a digital file or a hard copy to choose between, you’ll love sending out these cute and fun invitations.  


Planning your own gender reveal party can certainly be stressful, especially while Covid is still a major problem in the world. With that in mind, it is important to first realize where you will be having your celebration. During these times, having an outdoor party is the best and safest option. For precaution, you can ask your guests to get tested for the coronavirus a day or two before coming. Lastly, make sure the number of people invited is in line with your state or country’s guidelines for outdoor or indoor gatherings.

We hope that some of our ideas were able to inspire and guide you while planning your big gender reveal! Ties and tutus is such a great and fun theme for your party, and opens up the floor to so many possibilities in terms of decorations, food, games, and more. For other helpful gender reveal party ideas, continue to look through our website and other blogs!

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