Wedding Drinks

42 Creative Wedding Drinks - Tips Included

Every couple wants their wedding reception to be memorable not just for themselves, but for the guests they invite on their special day. What better way of doing this than by coming up with some creative signature wedding drinks for all to enjoy. Whether it be stapled fancy cocktails known to experienced drinkers or a whole new mix tailor suited for your party, it will add a nice touch of decorum to the night.

Here is the burning question: how does one create and choose from the vast range of creative wedding drinks for their list of fun cocktails to serve? If you invest too much time in looking for the perfect cool cocktail menu, it might add stress and take up time. Here are some of our wedding drinks to make your process quicker and more enjoyable.

Names for Wedding Drinks

Names for Wedding Drinks

With all the other numerous party matters to attend to, it might be difficult to invest the time and energy to come up with creative new ideas to spice up your special day. Therefore, we have compiled a list of various assorted wedding drinks that are sure to amaze and captivate your guests or aid you in creating your own unique cocktails.

  1. Marry Me Martini 
  2. Bloody Marry Me
  3. Blushing Bride
  4. Whipped Manhattan
  5. Love Potion
  6. Marry Me Mimosa
  7. Side by Side (Sidecar)
  8. Dark and Stormy
  9. Honey Moonshine
  10. French Kiss
  11. Darling Daiquiri
  12. Honey I Do Martini
  13. Grooms Gimlet
  14. Call Me Old Fashioned
  15. Between the Sheets
  16. White Wedding (White Lady)
  17. Groomsman Gin
  18. Cosmopolitan Kiss
  19. About Thyme
  20. Floating on Cloud 9
  21. Starry Night
  22. Wedding Bellini 
  23. Pink Passion 
  24. Apple of My Eye
  25. Sweetheart Sangria 
  26. Cranberry Kiss
  27. Oh My Darling
  28. The Southern Gentleman 
  29. Mint to be Mojito
  30. Mai Guy
  31. The Perfect Pear
  32. Matrimony Margarita
  33. Lucky Lady
  34. Spirit of Adventure
  35. Bride’s Bellini
  36. Tai the Knot
  37. Drunk in Love
  38. Grooms passion
  39. The Blushing Bride
  40. Honey I Do Martini
  41. Just Rosemarried
  42. Tall and Handsome

Wedding Drinks: Serving Tips

Having drinks at your wedding reception is just as important as having the party food. You can see if the catering companies or wedding caterers you’re interested in hiring provide bar services. You can also visit wineries or liquor stores on your own to pick out the wedding drinks you want to serve. Make sure to account for the size of your wedding and your budget beforehand. Here are some simple wedding drinks with serving tips.

Wedding Drinks: Serving Tips

Matching the Theme

Look at the theme and style of your wedding. Whether you’re planning a classy vintage party or a chic modern celebration, you can have your wedding drinks match your celebration.

Try searching for fun drinks either online or in cocktail books beforehand. If you’re having a catering company help serve drinks, ask if they could do a few specialty drinks. Look for wedding drinks with name puns that go with your theme or relate in some way to your specific wedding, and print the names out on themed wedding drink menus. It will be a hit with your guests. You can also print out the recipes you found on small note cards so that your guests can take them home with them and recreate them later. 

Newly Weds Drink

Along with matching the themed wedding drinks, you can see if the catering services will let you provide a special drink for your guests based on a drink both the bride and groom love. You can name the drink whatever you like (usually, it’s the name of the couple) and make sure all your adult guests get to try it. If you want some more specialty drink ideas, include a drink that you prefer and include a drink that your spouse prefers. Name them after yourself and your spouse by trying to use alliterations or fun qualities that you have. 

Cash Bar

If you really can’t afford or simply don’t want to put a budget toward an open bar, then consider using a cash bar. Ensure your guests know that it is a cash bar at the reception (so they can prepare and bring cash).

The only limitation this has on guests is how much money they have in their wallets, so make sure you’re prepared if some of your college friends start thinking of your wedding as a college party, things may get messy on the dance floor. Cash bars can be a great idea if you have a lot of guests as the bar tab could get very high for you and your spouse. This way, people will still be able to order whatever wedding drinks they want and the amount they want without having to worry about your budget. 

Open Bar

If you’re interested in having an open bar, however, and you don’t have the budget to provide several drinks for everyone, you can always limit drinks per guest. Make sure the bartender from the wedding caterer knows that you are only giving each guest X number of drinks.

This allows your guests to choose their drinks while also letting you stay on your allocated budget. Be sure to discuss how many guests will be at the party beforehand to figure out how much of your budget will be going towards drinks. If you’re having a smaller wedding party, an open bar can be a good idea because there are fewer guests and won’t have to worry about carrying money. 

Picking the Adult Drinks

You can visit local liquor stores, wineries, or winery shops to figure out how many types of alcohol you want to use, what it will cost, and compile a wedding alcohol list. This will further help you figure out your budget and continue to give you an idea of how much you’ll be spending. As a rule, you should always serve the good wine first, then the cheaper wine once guests can’t taste the difference.

Discuss the types of drinks that will be at your wedding if you’re purchasing the alcohol to make sure you have all the ingredients. For some specialty drinks, you may need to buy some other items from a grocery store, like limes, but most items can be found at the liquor store. 

Be Punny

Weddings are a time of celebration and a good way to show a little of your goofy side. It is your time to shine and don’t let others tell you differently.

Are either of you serious movie fans? Do you both have a favorite sports team you support passionately? Are either of you exceptionally proud of your job? Whether it is a jest at your partner’s passions or using sappy wordplay it is all fair game. Make use of both your hobbies and preferences to make zany cocktail names for your wedding drinks to get a few chuckles out of your guests. It will not only elevate the mood of the room, but release some of the jitters you might be feeling as well.

Ask a Professional

Not a very cocktail savvy individual and neither is your partner? Not a problem! Just speak with someone who is one. I highly recommend speaking with your bartender that will be serving the alcohol about creating signature cocktails for your wedding. Not only do these individuals have in-depth knowledge about vast quantities of sweet cocktails and hard liquor they might even have some in mind that may suit your theme and taste.

A second recommendation I would advise on taking is to speak with your event planner about cocktail ideas. In most cases, event planners have already managed and successfully planned numerous wedding receptions. Ergo, these individuals will have keen insights on what wedding drinks may suit best to your party so it may go off without a hitch. 

It’s Your Wedding

Remember this fact! This will be the truth that gets you to finalizing your cocktail list within a reasonable time frame. Many of your family members and friends may want to butt in into the logistics of your planning by inputting their preferred drinks and how you should have them at your wedding. I’m here to say that is a load of rubbish. Don’t let outside opinions determine what is best for you. Especially if you are working within the confines of a strict budget.

When all is said and done it will be the opinion of your partner and yourself that will matter most and result in a cocktail list of wedding drinks both of you will love.

Have A Variety

Your guest want to sip on their favorite drinks! If you have a small menu, guests may take the wedding drinks as a courtesy and leave them at the nearest table. You don’t want your guests to waste a drink! If you want to serve a few options, make it a simple staple that guests would order when they are out, like a margarita or batch cocktails. Remember to keep the name simple so your guest knows exactly what they are drinking.

Make Name Tags

If you create an easy signature cocktail, add a name tag so guests know what they are drinking! Make it festive and add “Just Married” or “Newly Weds” tags that describe what the drink is. This lets you have a cute, creative name and you don’t have to worry about guests being confused.


Remember that creating a list of wedding drinks is all about you and your wedding. Have fun with it! These were only suggestions to help get your mind rolling with fun and creative drink names. Between these tips and drink name inspiration, you can come up with the perfect wedding drinks for your special day! We make it easy to plan weddings in no time. Our checklist is a great starting point for all things wedding. Happy planning!

Written by John Cortes Perez; Contributors: Chelsea Muzar, Caitlin Connell, Kei’Shjuana Dowd, Sam Magyar