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18 Great Birthday Party Venue Ideas

Birthday Party Venue Ideas

Updated on: Feb 18, 2024

A birthday party can be one of the best times of the year. As you get older it becomes harder and harder to find that perfect birthday party idea that hasn’t been done before. Whether you are planning your own party or surprising someone else we have these creative birthday party venue ideas.

Birthday Party Venues Ideas for All Ages

1. Costume Party

This is an easy idea to add some fun to this year’s birthday party. You could provide your guests with a theme to copy. This will also take some of the stress off you for decorations. Since everyone will be in on the theme it will help set the mood better.

costume party


2. Movie Screening

All of your friends love the movies. So why not host this year's birthday at a private movie screening. Pick out a funny movie that will fit everyone. There are plenty of movie theatre venues available for this idea as well. If you think your guests will really enjoy your party, think about a double feature.

3. Escape Room

You might have visited an escape room as a team-building exercise at work, but an escape room would work well with friends too. This would be a no-pressure birthday idea.

4. Photoshoot!

Celebrate this year with a photoshoot. Dress up and get your makeup done. Rent a rooftop location where the lighting would suit you and your friends. Hire a cameraman and you will have pictures that will last you a lifetime.

5. Go Glamping

Celebrate this year's birthday outdoors. This could be a weekend camping trip for you and your friends. If you are feeling outdoorsy, pitch some tents. If not you could rent a cabin near a lake and set up a fire!

bday glamping


6. Rent a Boat

No better place to celebrate your birthday than on a boat. Bring some snacks and beers and enjoy your day on the water. Dress up as the captain for your birthday and take some cute pictures! A good playlist and speaker is a must, and don’t forget to pack some sunscreen!

7. Run a Marathon

Make a pack get in shape this year, run a marathon on your birthday. It doesn’t have to be a marathon either- a 5k is good too! Choose a charity or fundraiser you feel passionate about and ask your friends to donate instead of buying your birthday gifts.

8. Go for a Hike

Plan a hike at a nature trail near your house! This is a good exercise for you and your guests. You could have a picnic, go for a swim and just enjoy the nature outdoors.

9. Scavenger Hunt

This is perfect for any age group. Be creative, leave some clues around the venue for a prize. Or leave clues at your house for your guests to find their way to the venue.

10. Have a Puppy Party

This is not how it sounds- it is not a birthday party for dogs. Some animal shelters will bring dogs to your house for you to pet and hang out with. Some of your guests might even fall in love and end up bringing one home- who knows!

puppy party


11. Talent Show

Host a live performance or talent show this year on your birthday. Instead of going out this year ask your friends to bring a musical instrument or a special talent to your party this year.

These ideas don’t require loads of effort. They just require a creative mind and a willingness to try something new. You deserve a great party because your birthday only comes around once a year!

Birthday Party Venue Ideas for Kids

Are you searching for the perfect venue for your Kid’s big event? After months of staying in, you are ready to get out, have some fun and relieve some stress. Why have the party at home? You know you will spend the majority of it cleaning anyway. Leave it up to your venue to take care of you. So you won't have to worry about cleaning the dropped cupcake and streamers.

Finding the perfect venue for your kid to celebrate is important, they deserve it, and so do you. So kick back and relax and allow the good times to flow. Finding the perfect venue doesn't have to drain your pockets either. Follow this guide to provide you with places to hold the event and even budget-friendly venue ideas.

12. Bowling Alley

Head to the nearest bowling alley for a party! Bowling alley parties work well for the younger kids. This hands-on event will leave the kid’s wanting more- and will even tire them out for the rest of the day. Bowling Alley’s usually allow you to decorate yourself, add party favors and even bring a cake.

bday bowling


13. Bounce Houses

Bounce Houses are the perfect party venue for your kid who cannot standstill. There are always workers there to keep your kids safe and out of your hair. Most of these party venues make parents sign waivers before, so don’t forget this step when parents drop their kids off!

14. Zoo

The Zoo is perfect for your animal-loving child. Take them to see the tigers, lions, and even the giraffes. Most zoos have an outdoor eating area! So bring some pizza, sandwiches, or your child’s favorite dish and have at it.

15. Amusement Park

If your kid likes adventure this is the birthday party for them. They will not forget to mention it in school the next day either. So bring some adventure to this party venue!

Budget-Friendly Birthday Party Venue Ideas

Holding your child's event doesn't necessarily have to break the bank. Follow below for some ideas on a budget. Most of these ideas are contingent on that you bring your own food, decorations, and cake! Planning a few games and even a themed party will keep the kiddos busy and having a great time.

16. Public Park

The Park is perfect for a budget-friendly birthday party. Bring some outdoor games, rent a pavilion and bring some food items to the grill. Most parks have grills accessible for free as well, so don’t worry about bringing your own. You can check out your local park beforehand to see the amenities they offer for parties.

bday park


17. Beach

Catch some sun rays and bring the beach toys! You and your little one are gonna have a great day at the beach! But don’t forget to bring sunscreen. The kids will also need a break from the sun, so I recommend finding shade for lunch.

18. Church Hall

Just because it is in a church doesn’t mean it has to be boring. There are plenty of games that you can play to spruce it up. Church Halls are a less expensive option with lots of space. Many Church halls allow you to bring your own food, cake, and even decorate to your liking! Let your kid pick his or her favorite TV show and make it a theme!

Birthday Party Venue Ideas: Conclusion

We hope you were inspired by these birthday party venue ideas. A birthday party can be anywhere with the right people and some decorations. These venues are great for any amount of people so we hope you enjoy your birthday party celebration. We also have venue suggestions if you’re planning some other type of event.

Written by Alexandra Pourby; Contributor: Jack Leduc

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