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44 Romantic Date Ideas For You and Your Loved One

44 Romantic Date Ideas For You and Your Loved One

Updated on: Feb 17, 2024

In the time of quarantine, and being socially distant, dating can be hard. We get it. But that doesn’t mean that it's impossible. You and your partner can still find plenty of ways to spend time with each other and try new things. It can be tricky to think of ideas but don't worry because you came to the right place. Below is a whole list of romantic date ideas to inspire your next activity!

Indoor Romantic Date Ideas

1. Zoom Date/Double Date

If you and your loved one live in separate areas, and it's hard for you guys to meet up, and you're tired of the facetime calls, and the texts then fret not! Because we have the solution for you. Zoom Dates! Order from your favorite restaurant and have a virtual dinner with your spouse. It's as if you guys are right with each other, and you don’t have to worry about getting dressed or figuring out what to do. It's also a plus if you make it a zoom double date with your next favorite couple.

2. Board Game Night

Some of the best dates aren't the ones that are the most expensive, or the most extravagant, but the ones that are simple yet memorable. Honestly, what’s more, memorable than a little bit of competition between you and your spouse? Pull out some of your favorite board games and play them until you guys are ready to give in.

A Monopoly piece shaped like a man on a horse


3. Lights, Camera, Movie

Movie theatres closed? No worries, that just means that you and your spouse won't have to pay for the overpriced nachos and popcorn when you can just buy them from the dollar store. Snuggle up with your loved one on the couch, and put on your favorite movie(s). Simple, yet effective.

4. Bringing Back The Good Old Days

This is for the couples that have been together for some time. Take a walk down memory lane; pull out your oldest keepsakes, pictures and videos. Enjoy time reminiscing and reliving the experience of your first dates. Laugh, cry, dwell on and look how far both of you have come.

5. Book Night

Hear us out, if you and your spouse are both book lovers then pick out your favorite books, and read them to each other.

6. Babysitting

What better way to have an insight on your possible future with your spouse? If you have any older siblings, family members, friends or neighbors with kids, then give them a break and let them have the night for themselves. while you and your spouse babysit their kids. Observe how your future spouse handles this task, and how they treat the kids, and if they checked all of the boxes on your list, then they are a keeper!

7. Play Sims

Need we say more? Spend the day chilling at home with a desktop or laptop and create your own sims family with you and your spouse with the Sims game. You can go any way you want with this, you can make your characters complete strangers and watch them fall in love, or you can already make them in love, and make them start their own family. The choice is totally up to you!

8. Plan out your dream holiday

We get it, you're sick of staying at home due to the pandemic. We all are, and we all can’t wait for it to be over. But in the meantime, while staying at home, why not plan out you and your spouses dream holiday that you guys will have once this pandemic is all over? Have something to look forward to!

A large swimming pool in a tropical area


9. Cooking Date

Is it really a date without food? We didn’t think so. Instead of spending a lavish amount of money at restaurants, why not make your own dinner and dessert right at home, it will be good food and good memories.

10. Write Love Letters To One Another

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and your hearts out in these letters. These are letters that you can read to one another on the same exact night, you can save them for your anniversary, or you can leave them for your wedding day if you and your spouse plan to get married one day instead of the traditional vows.

Creative Romantic Date Ideas

11. Paint Night

Speaking of drawing, why not do a paint night? You and your spouse can paint whatever you guys want at home, or you guys could take it to the next level and go to a painting class following the required precautions. You can use acrylic or water paint if you're painting with a canvas at home. It's always fun to unleash the creative side of you, possibly a side that you or your spouse have never seen before.

12. Learn Something New

Getting tired of doing the same old boring things over and over again? Then why not try and learn something new with your partner. It doesn’t have to be something difficult, or that requires a lot of work to master, it could be something as simple as drawing.

13. Retro Date

Go old school. Do old school things. Dress old school. Have old-school manners, and just have a good time with it.

14. Customize Your Own Masks

You don’t have to be the best at sewing or arts and crafts in general. Buy a plain black or white reusable mask, some art supplies, and have a fun date with your spouse creating your own masks. It’ll be more entertaining if you guys hold a competition to see whose mask is cooler.

15. Start your own traditions

Why go for the same old boring things? when you can do your own thing, and later pass it down to future generations.

16. Dancing

Whether it's at home, or at a local pub, or even at a dancing class. Let the music take control, you won’t regret it.

17. Karaoke

There is nothing better than serenading your loved one, even if it's to the song Halo by Beyoncé. You can go to a karaoke place or sing at home with your own mic. Whatever you choose, it will be a fun night to sing and dance with your partner!

18. Recreate The First Date

Rekindle that spark. Go back and relive every moment, that can remind you why you fell in love with your spouse in the first place.

Romantic Nature Dates

19. Hiking

Nothing says teamwork and relationship better than going on a hike with your loved one. Turn off your phones, and just watch the road unfold before you guys.

20. Picnic

Grab a picnic blanket and a basket, make some sandwiches, pack some drinks and chips, and go to that park and just sit there and enjoy each other's company. Talk about anything and everything.

A picnic with fruits, crackers, and wine


21. Seasonal Activities

See here's the cool thing about each season. They all have a designated activity to do along with it. Summertime? Go to the beach/swimming pool with your babe. Fall? Go apple picking, and then make some apple pie at home. Winter? Go see some christmas lights. The cool thing about most of these activities aside from the fact that they can help you create great memories, is that they are cost effective, if not free most of the time.

22. Watching The Sunset/Sunrise

Honestly, there’s nothing more romantic than watching the sun set or rise, with your loved one. The beauty behind these moments is the fact that most of the time, during these moments, the world is quiet, and it’s only you, your spouse, and the sun.

23. Stargazing

Picture this, you and your spouse sitting in each other's company, just looking at the stars. No responsibilities. No distractions. No outside noise. Just you two and the stars.

24. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Picture this, you and your significant other, 500 feet in the air. Leaving all of your stresses, worries and responsibilities back down on the land.

Romantic Discovery Dates

If you and your spouse are sick and tired of doing the same exact things time and time again, why not try to discover something new?

25. Discover A New Restaurant

It doesn’t have to be the most exotic cuisine, unless you guys want it to be. It can be a restaurant that you and your significant other have never tried before, but are familiar with cuisine. Act like food critiques, compare it to other restaurants that have a similar cuisine. Are they better? Are they worse? What makes them so different from any other restaurant?

26. Taste Testing

Chocolate. Cheese. Chips. Wine. Cakes. You can literally taste test anything these days, why not make a full date out of it?

A table filled with dozens of sweets


27. Furniture Browsing

Go browsing for potential furniture items for your future household that you may build together someday.

28. Scavenger Hunt

Teamwork makes the dream work right? Spend the day with your significant other, trying to figure things out, working together as a team. This can end in two ways, either you guys make a great team together, or you guys learn that your teamwork skills need some improvement.

29. Go To The Zoo

This is a place that can definitely get you to know your partner more. Find out what their favorite animal is, what their least favorite animal is, the animals that they are afraid of, the animals that they adore. But of course before going on this date, make sure that your partner is okay with going to the zoo in the first place.

30. Go local

What we mean by this is be a tourist in your own city for once. Do things that tourists would. Go places that tourists would go to, and eat foods that tourists would eat. Once a week go somewhere new in your hometown that you’ve never been to before.

Romantic Date Ideas In The Car

31. Roadtrip

Get in the car and drive off to a destination unknown, or a destination that you guys have always wanted to go to. Listen to some music, eat some food, play some car games, take in all of the sights you might pass by on the way, talk about the future that you guys want to build together.

32. Escalating Dinner Dates

You're probably thinking what? But hear us out. Why not take a mundane day, and put a spin on it. Where you and your spouse take turns in deciding where you are going to eat not only for dinner, but for appetizers, drinks, and desserts as well. All the TikTok couples are doing it, why not you and your spouse?

Lots of set tables in a brightly lit restaurant


33. Drive-In Movie Theatre

We mentioned having a movie night indoors, why not go old school and attend a drive-in movie theatre. It’s definitely an experience that you and your loved one will remember.

Other Fun Romantic Date Ideas

34. Dream Date

If you're out of ideas on what to do for a date, why not surprise your significant other with their dream date? We are sure it’ll be a night you and your partner will remember. It’ll also give you brownie points for being a good and attentive listener, and we are all about brownie points over here.

35. Ta Ta Ta Ta TARGET

How much do you really know about your partner? I’m sure you’ve seen the TikTok trend, where couples/friends go to target, and they separate from one another for a period of time, while they go and get their partner all of their favorite things like something that is in their favorite color, their favorite snack, their favorite drink, something they may need. They then reunite after this period of time and have a big reveal at the house.

36. Go Out For A Cup Of Joe

Wake up, get dressed, and go to the nearest coffee shop with your significant other. There’s not really not much to it.

37. Visit An Animal Shelter

Spend your day with some furry friends, we are sure you guys won't regret it. And hey maybe you could end up taking a friend home with you.

38. Go Roller Skating

Whether you are a pro or not it doesn’t matter, just make sure to have a helmet and safety guards. The only thing we can’t guarantee is that you won't be leaving the arena without any injuries.

39. Spa Date

Truth be told, you and your spouse need a break. We all do. So why not check if there are any spa discounts and use them to your own advantage. Get a couples massage, hang out in the sauna. You know the deal. But of course, be mindful of all of the precautions that they may have. You could also decide to have your own spa date at home, dress up in bathrobes, get a couple of hydrating face masks, fill the house with some candles, use a couple of bath bombs, and take turns giving each other massages.

Massage oil next to folded towels

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

40. Fancy Night Out

Let’s not lie, we all like getting dressed up every once in a while. So set a date with your significant other, get dressed up, and spoil yourselves for once. And also take pictures for the gram!

41. Volunteer

There’s simply nothing better than giving back to your own community.

42. Plain And Simple

Sometimes some of the best dates are the ones that are not given much thought but are actually just going with the flow.

43. Amusement Park

Unleash your inner child. Follow the rules. Laugh. Run. Have fun!

44. Staycation

Who says you need a vacation to relax? Because we definitely didn’t. Plan a fun staycation in your hometown. You can go somewhere new but not far away from your home, it's still considered an adventure.

44 Romantic Date Ideas For You and Your Loved One: Conclusion

With all the ideas being listed and said, it's pretty safe to say, that even though human interaction can be pretty hard these days, it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen. As long as you're abiding by the rules and taking precautions you can still have a fun date night. This list of romantic date ideas can hopefully prove that and help you plan your next date.

Written by Nadeen El-Ansari; Contributors: Lauren Bolt and Courtney Ludwig

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