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How to Measure Ring Size: Find The Perfect Fit for You

How To Measure Ring Size

Updated on: Feb 10, 2024

So it’s finally that time, you two have been going steady for the last few years and you decide that now is the best time to pop the question. Well slow your roll, do you even know what size ring your partner wears? No or Maybe? Well, don’t worry about it, that's why you're here reading this article about how to measure the ring size. Don’t you worry, we got you covered - from different methods to measure your ring size and to answering commonly asked questions.

So you don’t have to fret about cutting off the circulation to your partner’s ring finger when the time is right. There are many methods and tips that you can use below, hopefully, you find one that works for you!

How to Measure Ring Size: Basics

Environmental & Health Factors

Did you know that there are thousands of biological factors that can cause your fingers to change? They can range from pregnancy to diet to room temperature. If this fact makes you feel like some sort of monster, don’t, it's completely natural. When you go to measure your or more importantly your partner’s finger just keep these kinds of things in mind and try to keep them constant.


The width of your ring of choice will also directly affect the feel of it on your ring finger. Typically wider rings fit snugger than a thinner rings. Make sure to keep this thought in the back of your head before settling on engagement or wedding rings.


Of course, the shape of your finger will affect the measurement and feel of your ring. The general rules are that more tapered ring fingers will feel much tighter towards the button of the finger and can lead to them falling off more easily around the top. More knotted fingers will have the ring lose around both the top and bottom of the finger. For that scenario, you should take sizing beads into consideration when buying your rings.


Like I said before, there are lots of factors to consider when measuring your fingers for a ring. One of the most prevalent is temperature. So avoid exercising, taking a shower, going out to play in the snow, or anything that would make your body temp unnatural. You should also consider measuring your ring finger towards the middle of the day since your fingers can be swollen when you wake up in the morning.

Standardized Ring Sizing

The United States has ring sizes ranging from 3 to 13. This includes half way and quarter of the way sizes. Based on the ring’s circumference or diameter the sizes could be measured in millimeters or inches.

How to Measure Ring Size: Getting to It

Using a Professional

So first and foremost, if you want the end all and be all of measuring ring sizes, take the time to go to a jewelry store and see a professional. They are WAY less likely to make a mistake when measuring you or your partner’s ring finger. They have tools like sizing rings and try-on rings to really find your perfect size. If you really want to do it yourself, I recommend getting a ring sizer to reduce your odds of making a less than fatal mistake.

Using a Ring Sizer

If you opt to use the ring sizer DIY option, it's pretty straightforward. Most ring sizers you can get on Amazon are either these plastic bands that look like zip ties (trust me, they won’t lock on to your finger I promise) or a set of plastic rings. The set of rings option usually has the ring size plastered right on each ring so it's as simple as choosing the one that fits best. The band option is about the same amount of work. You tie the band around your finger till it feels right to you and then record the ring size.

Using Paper or String and a Ruler

If you really want to get DIY with your measuring you could use a piece of paper or a piece of string and then measure with a ruler. The first step is to wrap the cut piece of paper or thread around your finger like a ring. Make sure it fits how you would want a real ring to fit. Then mark the area where it overlaps with itself with a pen or sharpie. Then simply measure with your ruler and apply that number to a standard ring size chart.

The most common sizes for men are between 10 (19.8mm) and 11 (20.6mm).

Some common sizes for women are between 6 (16.5mm) to 7 (17.3mm).

Using a Different Ring

Probably the easiest DIYish method is to use a ring that you already own and you know fits you. Simply lay the ring flat, measure the diameter with a ruler and compare it to a standard ring size guide. You could also try printing a life-size ring guide and just place your ring on top of the size it is closest to.

Commonly Asked Questions About Ring Sizes

Q1: What if I accidentally bought a ring and it’s the wrong size?

A: Most jewelers will offer to resize your ring, this process includes adding or removing metal from the band and can visually alter your ring.

Q2: Can all rings be resized?

A: It really depends on the design, you should really look at the ring designer’s or manufacturer’s website or call them. There are also plenty of ring resizer products you could purchase that might be able to fix your problem.

Q3: Can I just guess my partner's ring size, I want it to be a surprise?

A: Simply guessing is usually a really bad idea, especially with something as precious as an engagement or wedding ring. Your best bet is to either ask their family or close friends if they know their size or make an educated guess using one of their older or current rings.

Q4: Does my ring size limit carat size or make a certain carat size mandatory?

A: No, not at all. This is a common misconception as a ring or finger size has absolutely no effect on carat size.

How to Measure Ring Size: Conclusion

Now that you understand how to measure ring sizes you can DIY your way right onto your beloved partner’s finger. Or if you are a more rational shopper and prefer to be safe than sorry, get a pro to do it. You can easily find a professional near you so the process won’t be too time-consuming. Either way, I’m sure both of you are going to be happy and your fingers will be too.

Don’t wait anymore and get out there and put a ring on it!

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