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Party Decoration Ideas

Party Decoration Ideas

Updated on: Mar 20, 2024

The right decorations for your event will bring it to life. We made a list of the best party decoration ideas to make planning your event easier. Not only will it help you brainstorm how you would like to decorate your party, but it will help you remember all the decorations you will need. Whether you are planning a birthday party, anniversary party, baby shower, bachelorette party, bar mitzvah, backyard BBQ, brunch, prom, or wedding we have decoration ideas for you.

21st Birthday Party Ideas and Decorations

Celebrating your 21st Birthday is a great milestone. Celebrate this right to passage by having a wild night out at the bar or club with friends. There are several activities you can do during the day as well like going on a road trip, a cruise, camping, hiking, a spa, an escape room, and much more!

No matter where you plan to host your party it’s important to have the best decorations as well. Rum or Jello Shot Towers are super cool. Add a photo booth or photo backdrop for some selfie fun with friends. Check out all the exciting 21st birthday party ideas and decorations in our ideas list.

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Source: 35 Exciting 21st Birthday Party Ideas and Decorations

DIY Party Decorations

Get creative with DIY Party Decorations. Create centerpieces and personalize your decor to honor the person you are celebrating. There are many DIY decorations you can create with lights and balloons and making your pinata is super fun. You can find ideas for any occasion with our 45 DIY Party Decorations list.

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Source: DIY Party Decorations

50th Anniversary Party Ideas

For 50th Anniversary Parties, gold is a common theme for decorations because it symbolizes a fruitful and long-lasting relationship. It looks elegant, is a romantic color, and pairs perfectly with gold champagne to celebrate the occasion. Being married for 50 years is a phenomenal achievement so make sure to celebrate it with the best party ideas and decorations.

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Source: 50th Anniversary Party Ideas

9 Must-Have Baby Shower Decorations

A baby shower is never complete without these must-have baby shower decorations. No matter what the theme of your baby shower is, balloons, backdrops, tablecloths, and centerpieces will make your theme stand out. You can also implement food as decor such as having bee-shaped cookies for a what will it bee baby shower. Use this list as a checklist to make sure you add these to your baby shower.

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Source: 9 Must-Have Baby Shower Decorations

25 Fun Bachelorette Party Decorations

There are so many fun bachelorette party decoration ideas you can use at your bachelorette party. You can create a collage of you and your significant other and your gal pals. Add a photo booth or props. Create a swimming cocktail if your bachelorette party has a swimming pool or beach party theme. All the ingredients you need for this idea are in our featured list.

If your bachelorette and guests have a raunchy sense of humor you could incorporate some X-rated gag decorations for an uncensored party. If you are going to be drinking adding glass markers would be a good idea so your guests can keep track of their glass. This list has so many unique and fun ideas that no one will be wanting the bachelorette party to end.

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Source: 25 Fun Bachelorette Party Decorations

Bar Mitzvah Decorations - 22 Strong Ideas To Liven Up Your Party!

Bring the spirit of your bar mitzvah party to life by incorporating the star of David lights to string on the ceiling with ceiling drapings. Scatter Mazel Tov confetti upon the tables and add personalized bar mitzvah banners. Get candle holders for the candle lighting ceremony that matches your bar mitzvah’s theme. Whether you are going for a traditional or more unconventional Bar Mitzvah these decoration ideas will make your event come to life.

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Source: Bar Mitzvah Decorations- 22 Strong Ideas To Liven Up Your Party!

44 Festive Backyard BBQ Ideas

Backyard BBQ Ideas

A festive backyard BBQ always needs good lighting, especially if you are having guests stay for a bonfire. Stringing lights over an outdoor table looks cool. If that will not work for your yard, you could also use tiki torches to light up the yard when it starts to get dark.

Get some summer-themed tablecloths or the classic picnic pattern and match your napkins and plates. Add a flower centerpiece or a glass dispenser of fresh lemonade or sweet iced tea to your table. Having a case for your condiments will keep them organized. Having a case for sunscreen is a good idea too- just make sure not to put it near the condiments- and make sure to add a canopy or table umbrella for guests to take a break in the shade if they need to.

Source: 44 Festive Backyard BBQ Ideas

20 Creative Brunch Decorations That Are Practical and Artful

When hosting a brunch using custom-made menus, is a fun way to set the brunch theme and get guests excited about what they will be eating. Add tablecloths, napkins, and placemats that fit your theme. Using a cake stand or a tiered cupcake stand for desserts is a great way to display sweets for after the main course or buffet. Add floral centerpieces to decorate the table. We have several ideas for how to arrange a floral centerpiece in our creative brunch decorations list.

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Source: 20 Creative Brunch Decorations That Are Practical and Artful

Easy 6 Step Kids Birthday Party Decoration Checklist

Before you do anything pick a theme for your party and then begin to brainstorm for the right decorations. What are all the essential decorations you will need? No birthday party is complete without Happy Birthday banners or balloons. Use your theme to get the right tablecloths, cups, plates, napkins, and silverware. Use this kids birthday party decoration checklist to make sure you have all the essential decorations you need to make a kids birthday party come to life.

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Source: Easy 6 Step Kids Birthday Party Decoration Checklist

29 Unique Prom Decorations

Planning a prom? We have a list of unique prom decorations. This will help you create a fantastic experience for your students. From ideas for streamers, banners, candles, table decor and centerpieces, wall decorations, and much more we have it covered. Once you have the idea of the prom planned with all the decorations planned out, send invitations with the prom’s theme to the upperclassmen.

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Source: 29 Unique Prom Decorations

17 Charming Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Centerpieces are an important part of wedding décor. They make your guest’s tables look element and will be featured in photos that your guests take at the reception so you will want to make sure that they match your theme. We have 17 charming wedding centerpieces ideas from vase ideas, floral ideas, candles, mason jars, dessert platters, lanterns, coasters, and more.

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Source: 17 Charming Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

9 Captivating Balloon Centerpieces

Balloons are a common decoration for almost any event. They can also be used as a centerpiece creating bouquets. Hot air balloon centerpieces are an especially unique idea. By hanging a balloon with an attached basket over the table, you can place party favors or candy for your guest’s table in the basket. To create this cool idea for your event or see our other balloon centerpiece ideas check out our captivating balloon centerpieces list.

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Source: 9 Captivating Balloon Centerpieces


There are so many unique and fun decorations you can add to a party. We hope that our lists of ideas have helped you plan what decorations you want for your event. We are always adding new ideas for various events and you can find them on our blog page.

If you need more assistance with planning your event or would rather have an event planner take care of it for you contact us today for a free quote. We have decades of experience in the event planning industry and would love to help bring your party to life! We make party planning fast and easy!

Written by Jack Leduc